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In Kikyou's POV

Dark and Light Makes A Whole

The dark and the light;

Each so powerful in ways,

Each so similar but so different,

Let it run as it may.

Some don't look around,

So they search for eternity,

Some don't even care,

So they can not possibly see.

More is less; can I find the way?

To get away from the dark?

And get away from the light?

To not scar the heart?

To see if it's true;

Don't know what to feel;

So perplexed by the dark and the light,

Which one is fake and which is real?

Can something so heartless and evil,

And something so compassionate and pure,

Can become one

And live without any fears?

I do not understand; so I try to run away,

Purity and contamination; a whole is what it's trying to make,

How can that be possible?

Is it real or is it really fake?

No matter how hard

I try to run,

The dark and the light

Will always be one.

Half and half will be rejoined

To form an complete soul,

Because the dark and the light must intertwine,

To make a whole.

The End

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