Flowers for Sesshomaru

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Sesshomaru has raised Rin since she was about six years old. After he brought her back to life using his Tenseiga she followed him and has traveled with him ever since. Although Sesshomaru says he hates humans, he seems to have a special place in his heart for Rin. Now that Rin is older, her feelings for Sesshomaru are changing. Does he feel the same way?

Author's Note: Sorry if my chapters are short...I'll work on that. Just to let everyone know, I'm probably going to update daily... at least until school starts :(

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Chapter 1: My Lord Sesshomaru

"Lord Sesshomaru?" Rin called. "Lord Sesshomaru...where are you?Lord Sesshomaru!" "Rin" a gentle voice from behind her said."We are leaving now."

"Oh yes my Lord!" Rin said happily. She picked up Ahun's bridle and followed her lord, skipping happilt in the warm afternoon sun.

Sixteen years old Rin sat by the stream, remembering longingly how simple everything was when she was young. Traveling with her lord had been so easy then. Now, things were different.

Rin had grown from a cute, playful child into an attractive young woman. Her appearance had refined as she grew, becoming quite beautiful.

Her black hair was soft and smooth, her complexion perfect and her skin beautiful. It was her eyes though, that drew attention to her. Eyes so dark they seemed almost black, eyes that sparkled when the light of the sun or the moon touched them. Her lips were soft and full and her face a lovely shape.

Rin's body had also matured into a young woman's, thin, yet curved in all the right places. She had grown up quite splendidly.

Her lord, Rin reflected, had not changed at all. Sesshomaru was tall, slim and toned. His hair was still white and his face, Rin giggled, his face was as calm and expressionless as ever. But Rin was had begun to notice other things about her lord Sesshomaru's face. It was...handsome. It scared Rin a bit the way she felt, but she couldn't help feeling it.

"Rin!" Jaken yelled. "Hurry it up!" Rin rolled her eyes but started to walk back to where she had left Jaken and Ahun when she went to wash. "Lord Sesshomaru returns today" Jaken informed her. "I know that" Rin said. She was getting tired of Jaken always trying to order her around when Lord Sesshomaru was away. She forgot, however, all her anger when she spotted him, approaching their small camp. Rin quickly grabbed the large bouquet of flowers she had picked for him and ran to meet her Lord Sesshomaru.