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Warnings: This fic is Dash X Sam, don't like don't read. Rated for language, violence, attempted suicide, and implied sexual situations.

Falling Ch. 1

I hate Paulina! That wretched bitch just had to push me didn't she! I'm going to kill her! Ok Sam calm down just go meet Danny and tucker for lunch and everything will be ok.

Sam Manson had just walked out of the locker room adjacent to the gym. P.E. was by far her least favorite class, especially when she was forced to participate. Today, Paulina had been particularly vicious for one reason or another, and had damn near drove Sam crazy. Apparently Paulina was sprouting some nonsense about Sam whoring herself to the football team, of course it didn't help that she had Kwan helping in her little game by saying he'd had her several dozen times. As Sam walked towards the cafeteria to have lunch with her best friends Danny and Tucker, she contemplated how long this rumor would last, and how many would actually believe it.

Pushing the heavy metal door open Sam made her way into the crowed cafeteria looking for sign of Danny and Tucker. Finally spotting them, she took note of the furious look on Danny's face. Oh boy here we go. Sam was beyond nervous, she had no idea what her friends would say about this whole mess.

Walking slowly towards their table, Sam noticed she would have to unfortunately pass by the "popular" table. This table consisted of the entire football team, every girl from the cheerleading squad, and Paulina and Dash's followers. As she stepped nearer she saw Dash glance up at her and give her an apologetic look. Sam was baffled, what in the world was Dash looking at her like that for? She chose to brush it off as a figment of her imagination and continued at a brisker pace.

She was almost home-free. Just as she passed the edge of the popular table she was grabbed roughly around the waist and jerked down into someone's lap. Danny and Tucker had shot their heads up at her shriek of surprise and were now watching wide eyed.

Speaking loud enough for the majority of the lunch room to hear, the jerk, one of Paullina's worshipers started leering at her. "Well well well look at what I caught boys!" At this the football team whistled and made cat calls. "Since you enjoy giving it up freely, how about you and I take a trip to the janitor's closet hmm?" Paulina laughed a high pitched shrill laugh. "Here you can use my bag from my lunch to cover her head, wouldn't want to have to look at that ugly face." By this point Sam was shaking in rage and humiliation, and she noticed much to her despair that Danny was glaring at her and Tucker was staring wide eyed. They weren't even attempting to help her.

Paulina saw the direction Sam was looking and saw Danny and Tucker. Grinning evilly she started to taunt Sam again. "Well it looks like your such a loser that not even your friends want to come near you." She laughed again in her sickly high pitched Spanish voice. "To bad Danny will never fall in love with you like you did with him huh loser. Nobody wants an ugly little slut like you!"

Sam snapped her head to look at Danny and gage his reaction. The intense glare he was sending directly at her made Sam want to cry. Fighting the well of tears Sam growled low in her throat, feeling her rage fly out of control. Sam launched herself towards Paulina, knocking the other girl to the floor and began viciously driving her fist into Paullina's face.

She felt strong hands grab her by the hips and pull her off and away from Paulina's shaking, sobbing form. Sam was pissed; she struggled with the hands, trying to get at Paulina again. She was turned around roughly and found herself eye to eye with a very pissed off Danny.

"Sam knock it off! I really thought you were better than this!" Sam looked at Danny and felt her anger melt away into a deep sadness. Fighting the oncoming tears, she managed to croak out "Why didn't you even try to help me out of that? I thought you were my friends!" She was shocked into silence when Danny glowered at her. "If you're going to start petty fight with Paulina I'm not going to help you out of them." He let go of her shoulders and glared coldly at her before walking over to check on Paulina.

Sam shook with barley controlled rage. How DARE he treat her like this! After all they've been through! Turning sharply she saw Paulina clinging to Danny and bawling her eyes out. Something in Sam just snapped. She Stomped towards the two and grabbed Paulina roughly by the hair, yanking the screeching girl from Danny and shoving her into the wall. She raised her fist about to start pounding into the girl again when she was jerked away and pushed by Danny. By this point Sam was to far gone to think rationally and rushed Danny trying to get to Paulina. After a few moment of struggle, Sam made a particular nasty comment about Paulina. She didn't notice Danny tense, but what happened next had stunned everyone into silence.

Sam blinked, large purple eyes filling with tears. She glanced up at Danny's angry features and let a muffled sob slip past her tinted lips. Before anyone could move Danny's was slammed into a wall and was punched in the stomach, Hard. Everyone was in wide eyed shock as the tall blonde boy glared heatedly at Danny before speaking in a sharp angry voice.

"Fenton! That was beyond low. How dare you hit a woman! Go near her again and I'll break you neck." Danny stared wide eyed at Dash. Dash let Danny's winded form slide down the wall. Casting one more glare his way, the blonde made his way over to Sam's sobbing form.

Kneeling down next to her he gently rested one hand on her shoulder and grasped her chin with the other. She turned her head to look into the gorgeous deep blue pools of his eyes. He tenderly brushed her tears away and gave her a light smile before scooping her up bridal style and swiftly walking out of the lunch room. Tucker walked over to Danny and kneeled down near his friend. "Danny, I am going to kick your ass later for hitting Sam you know, but right now I think you should see the nurse, Dash hit you pretty hard.