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Falling Ch. 4

Sam awoke to a stream of sunlight shining directly into her eyes. Turning over she smothered her face into her pillow and groaned loudly in annoyance. Last night she hadn't been able to sleep more than three hours.

'I can't believe I had THAT nightmare again. It's been months.'

The reminder of her nightmares caused a shiver to run down her spine as a strong sense of foreboding washed over her. Sam sat up slowly and cradled her face in her hands, trying to get the haunted thoughts out of her mind. "I hate those nightmares, I just want to forget." She felt tears gather in her eyes when she thought of who used to help her through those bad dreams. "I can't call Danny anymore though, not after yesterday." Danny was the only one who knew of the incident four months ago that had caused her terrible nightmares, and even he didn't know the whole truth, he just knew it was bad. It had taken two months for her to work through the dreams with Danny's help and it had been two months since her last one. With a heavy heart, Sam dragged herself out of bed and into the shower.

Thirty minutes later, Sam glared at her reflection in the mirror. She had very dark, black circles under her eyes from her lack of sleep and her skin was even paler than normal. She knew there was no way she could avoid Danny if he saw her like this; he would know what was up the second he laid eyes on her. Deciding that drastic times called for drastic measures, she pulled out the make-up kit her mother had bought her last Christmas. "God I hate foundation, it feels gross." With a grimace she carefully applied as little as possible of the liquid make-up, just enough to cover the dark circles and give a little color. Once she finished with that she figured she may as well throw on some eyeliner and clear lip gloss while she was at it. She wasn't in the mood for her usual purple lipstick today.

Sam walked out of her bathroom and over to her huge walk in closet. After a few moments of searching, she decided on her new purple plaid bondage pants and a form fitting black tank top along with pair of massive black combat boots. She quickly ran a brush through her now dry hair, deciding to leave it down before grabbing her bag and going downstairs. Pausing at the door she decided to skip breakfast this morning and walked out the door.


Dash was nervous. He had been sitting in his truck in the school parking lot for the past twenty minutes. He couldn't get a certain little Goth girl out of his head and couldn't stand sitting at home any longer. As he sat drumming his fingers against the wheel to some nameless tune on the radio, he noticed said sexy little Goth girl out of the corner of his eye walking towards the entrance gates.

He quickly turned off his truck and jumped out, rushing after the girl. When he finally caught up, he grabbed her hand to get her attention, causing her to jump in surprise.

"Geez Dash don't do that, your going to give me a heart attack here!" The blonde flushed a light pink and rubbed the back of his neck and laughed slightly in embarrassment. His chuckle died down however as he looked her up and down. This is the first time all year, save for last night that he had seen her in any form fitting clothes. He still couldn't believe how curvy she had become.

"Wanna walk to class together Sam?" She gave him a slight smile and nodded her consent before walking towards her locker. Dash quickly followed while glaring at every male that looked her way. When he noticed what he was doing he paused for a moment in confusion.

'What the hell am I doing, it's not like she's my girlfriend, and she does look really hot so I can't blame other guys for looking. So why do I feel so protective of her.'

Dash quickly shook himself from his thoughts and jogged after the girl.

When they reached her locker, she was surprised to see Danny and Tucker standing there. Dash saw her tense and laid a hand on her shoulder in a silent show of support. Giving the blonde and small smile, she lifted her head and walked up to her locker.

"You're in my way."

Danny and Tucker looked up, for the first time noticing Sam was in front of them. Danny gave a small smile and reached out as if to grab her shoulder. Dash watched silently as Sam flinched and took a step back. Danny frowned slightly at her and tried again. The blonde had had enough by the time Fenton tried to touch her for a third time and pulled Sam back against him chest, all the while glaring at the two boys in front of them.

"She doesn't want you touching her Fenton so back off." Danny's eyes narrowed in anger as he stared Dash down. Tucker was ignoring the other two males present in favor of looking straight at Sam. Her eyes were shining with unshed tears and she looked frightened. When she glanced his way, Tucker tried to convey just with his eyes how sorry he was over this whole thing. Sam stared at him for several moments before slightly nodding to him in acknowledgment. He knew he was not forgiven but she at least knew how sorry he was.

"Let Sam fight her own battles Dash, she has no reason to hide behind you!" Danny was livid. He wanted nothing more then to go ghost and pound the blonde into the ground. Dash returned the halfla's glare ten fold and gave a short laugh that held no hint of amusement.

"She has plenty of reasons to hide behind me! Like I'd really let you get your hands on her again, you'd probably beat her!" Danny and Sam both flinched at Dash's harsh statement. Danny glanced pleadingly at Sam, begging her with his eyes to not believe he would do that to her. When she turned her gaze from him Danny felt his stomach drop.

'She actually thinks I'll beat her? Oh man what have I done!' He couldn't help the small sob that escaped his lips as his eyes filled with tears. Without saying another word he turned and ran from the scene. Tucker gave one last apologetic look before chasing after his distraught friend.

Once the mild shock at seeing Danny so close to crying wore off Sam turned and buried her face into Dash's chest, not able to hold back her own tears. At a loss of what to do, he wrapped her in a tight embrace and rocked her slowly back and forth until she had calmed.


By the time Tucker found Danny, The boy was already having a total breakdown. He was afraid for his friend, considering he had never really seen Danny cry. He walked up to the boy a laid a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Yo Danny, Sam will come around just give her some time. You need to calm down so you can think clearly and figure out what you will say to her when she lets you talk to her again"

The black haired boy looked up at his best guy friend and tried to give him a small smile. However his expression just crumbled right back into that heartbreaking look as the tears continued with a vengeance.

"T-Tucker, I-I'm…I think I…." Tucker patted Danny on the back encouraging him to continue.

"Oh god I'm in love with her Tuck!" Was all he managed before breaking down once again. All Tucker could do was watch his friend suffer and it made him feel terrible.

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