I am redoing this story so it's better. Sorry, but trust me, this will soon be full of Romy.

Summary- What is life without love? Is danger really the solution? If love is the answer, can you repeat the question? If love is meant to be Spring, then why am I cold? Can you love with no touch? Can Remy find out? Pure Romy.


Demon eyes VS emeralds.


"No Rogue, I can' leave you 'ere, you'll die!" shouted Remy as he was kneeled on the dirty ground. A woman was on the floor, covered in blood and dirt as Remy was.

"No Remy, ya can' stay 'ere, ah can' watch you die." she said, her voice sounding thirsty.

"Non, you are going t' make it Rogue, I won' let you die!" Bombs were going off in the background. Dead were all over the battle field.

"Ah have t' do this, ah can' watch everything we ever worked fo'…everything the professor lived fo' be thrown away in more than a second. Ah can' do that Remy." Rogue fought.

"But you can' even move let alone fight de whole world!" shouted Remy, his demon eyes burying into her deep emeralds she called eyes. "It's absurd!" He put his hands underneath her neck and pulled her up to his lap. He was nearly crying from the pain, not the pain he was feeling by blood, but by something more than that. Rogue weakly put her gloved hand on his cheek and wiped away the tears which were rolling down his cheeks. She barely had enough strength to even do that let alone fight. And Remy knew this, and he could feel her heartbeat getting slower and slower…

Rogue new that things between her and Remy were not simple, far from it infact. The care they shared for each other was deep, but they never showed it. Rogue new this day would be her last, and she couldn't help but think about her past, and how it led up to this moment…


The day was luminous and the birds were singing to the harmony of the breeze. The flowers blossomed and the people were positive. The air was ostentatious, and like no other, and if it were achievable, you would swathe the air up and take it home with you, so whenever you were disheartened, you could open it up and feel the love.

Marie was a simple Southern girl. She was cheerful, high spirited, loving, flirtatious, kind, feisty…but the only one thing that was so different about her, was her beauty. She was one of the most beautiful girls you could ever see. She had light aurban hair, with two white strands which framed each side of her delicate face.

Marie was only 14, but in 2 weeks, she would be 15 and she could hardly wait. Her foster mother Irene was planning a party for her, but only a few close friends and family. Even though Marie was 15, she had the intelligence of a 30 year old.

Marie woke up to the most annoying sound you could hear, the alarm clock for school. She groaned and reached for the alarm clock. It went off as Marie threw it into the wall.

"Marie get up now!" shouted Irene. Marie sighed and grunted again.

"Ah'm up ah'm up already, sheesh!" Marie climbed out of bed and headed straight out of the door into the bathroom.

When she cam out half an hour later, she wore a short white frilly skirt and a pink belly top. She wore her hair down, and only wore red lipstick.

She ran down the stairs and into the kitchen where Irene was. She was sat on a chair looking at the window through her black glasses. Marie looked at the window, seeing nothing.

"O…kay." Marie walked to the cupboard and opened it. She got put some cereal and then got some milk out of the fridge. She poured the milk into the cereal bowl and got a spoon from the draw.

Marie went over to the table where Irene was sat at.

"Morning Marie." Irene said.

"Mornin' Irene. Aint it a lovely day t' day?" Marie said as she looked out of the window where Irene's head was still directed to.

"Yes, if I could see it. But it always is in Mississippi."

"Don' worry Irene, you aint missing a lot." Marie said feeling sorry for the woman.

"No need to feel sorry for me my dear, I have seen the world in my own eyes." Irene said with a sigh. "And it's not all good." Marie looked confused but shrugged it off and carried on eating her cereal.

"Ah can' hardly wait, it's gonna b' mah birthday in two weeks, and in two weeks after that it's July and we're braking up fo' the Summer."

"So I have to deal with you 24/7 humm?" joked Irene. Marie laughed.

"Don' worry I will probably b' out with mah friends half o' the time."

"Marie I was only joking, I love you, course I want you to be here." Marie smiled.

"Ah know Irene, but ah do wan' t' go out with mah friends too." Irene nodded.

"I understand. You should be getting to school now darling, it's nearly nine o' clock." Marie looked over to the clock. She quickly eat the last of her cereal and lifted up the bowl to the sink. She bunged it in and grabbed her bag. She ran to the door.

"I'll see ya later Irene!" and with that she shut the door.

"And later will be a disaster…" said Irene sadly.


Marie ran down the street as fast as she could. She finally reached Mississippi High and went through the gates.

"Hey Marie!" shouted Lois. Marie turned to see Lois Dough, reporter at the school.

"Hey sugah." said Marie.

"Why are you so late? I've been waiting for you but you never turned up so I thought you were just not coming." Lois looked at her, Marie new she was sensing something.

"No Lo, ah'm fine, jus' really tired t'day." Lois nodded.

"Is that why you look so gloomy today?" asked Lois. Marie faked smiled.

"Ha, nothin' gets past you does it Lois?" Lois laughed.

"Come on we're not late yet. The bell rings in 5 minutes though." Lois held her hand out for Marie to grab and she did.


Marie sat down in the chemistry lab next to Lois. There was never an empty seat next to Marie, because most of the guys would want to sit next to her. Today though, it seemed everyone was taking seats somewhere else. Marie was confused by their actions but shrugged it off. Infact it got her a bit more freedom instead. Well, with Lois there was no freedom but Marie had pretty much gotten used to Lois.

Marie was enjoying her freedom until she saw a boy sit down next to her. He had a jocks jacket on and hid his face while he got a book from his bag. He put the book on the table and Marie saw his face. He had a nicely polished face, with the most adorable dimples when he smiled. His sweet blue eyes were so cute. He had some jeans on and boy was he hot.

"Hello Cody." said Marie to the blonde footballer.

"Hey possum." he replied. Marie's face went a light shade of red.

"How many times have ah tol' you not t' call moi that, it's embarrassing!" whispered Marie. Cody smiled at her, o lord that smile.

"Sorry Marie, It's an ol' habit from when we were youngsters."

"We still are youngsters." pointed out Marie.

"O' Christ girl, ya have t' complicate thangs!" Marie laughed at his outburst. "Well at least ah make ya laugh." Marie blushed and smiled at him.

"Hey when you two love birds have finished, ah would like t' get on with mah lesson!" shouted the teacher.

"Sorry sir." said Cody. While the teacher was talking, Lois decided to pass a note to Marie, since if she was caught talking she'd get done.

Marie looked at the note and read it, hiding it away from Cody because Lois would probably write something about him.

You and Cody huh? How some you never told me about this. I thought I was one of you're best friends?


Marie picked up her pen ad write back on the piece of paper. She then handed it to the smirking Lois.

Shut up! Me and Cody aren't going out together…yet. He hasn't asked me out yet!

Lois sighed and write on the paper she started. Marie grabbed it and read it.

Jeez Marie, do I always have to set you up with people? You southerners can be so incapable sometimes.


Well it's not my fault he hasn't asked me out, and I don't need you to set me up with people, I can do it myself. If you can recall, before you moved here and you some up for occasional visits, I set you up with Danny Mo'tez!


Yeah, but may I remind you that that only lasted 10 seconds, literally! Besides who said he has to make the first move?


Durr the book of dating does! It always has to be they guy Lois, always! And since he hasn't asked me out then I know how he feels about me!

Marie :-(

The book of dating? How lame are you? I swear if you weren't my friend I'd kick you're ass. So what if he doesn't ask you out, Cody is a shy guy you know that. After all you grew up with the guy.

Lois ;-)

I am so not lame that's more like you! And friend or not I'd kick you're ass! I know Cody is a shy guy and that's my point exact. What if he thinks that we're too good of friends to push it to the next level?

Marie :-(

You need to get a life. You and Cody have never been 'just friends' and you know that!


Look I just need to--------------

The teacher snatched the note from Marie and read it. Marie started to blush and Lois just put her hand on head and sighed.

"Miss Darkholme, if you have something to say about Mr Robbins, then please say it to his face instead of writing petty little notes like this!" Marie went so red she looked like a plum.

"Y-yes sir." she said. She looked over to Cody who didn't know what expression to make. "Cody…ah'm sorry." Marie whispered.

"It's okay…it wasn't nasty was it?" he asked.

"No it's jus' well…ah like you an' ah jus' didn't have the guts t' tell ya." Cody smiled.

"I like you too, always have." Marie's heart melted at that very point. She went a deep shade of red. "Are you always this red?" joked Cody. Marie blushed even more.

"Give up ya stupid river rat!" Cody laughed.

The day went by fast and Marie was already to go home. Normally Marie would be okay at school; she loved it, especially with Cody admitting he liked her. But today she didn't feel like being with a crowd. Marie, she wanted a quiet place, where she could just hold herself and be alone. Sometimes she wished that people just had a reason for people to stay away from her, but she knew that would never come true.

Marie walked along a quiet road, where know one spoke and could be seen. She loved walking down here; all you could here was the soft Mississippi breeze. She had lived in Mississippi all her life as far as she knew. She had known her adoptive mother Raven…who adopted her at 4. But when she was 10, Raven was never seen by Marie again.

"Nothin' like a nice peaceful day." said Marie to herself.

"Marie wait up!" shouted Cody. Marie turned and saw Cody run up to her. "Ah was wondering 'f ya wan' t' come t' this party with me. It's on now."

"What now?" asked Marie.

"Yeah, oh come on it'll b' great." pleaded Cody. Marie smiled at the blonde boy and looked deeper into his blue crystal eyes.

"Ah'd love t'. As long as you're mah escort sugah." Cody held out his arm for Marie to link with.

"It's b' an honour mam." Marie giggled and linked with him.


Marie and Cody had been dancing for at least 10 minutes now. She was having a hell of a time with him. Just letting herself go, not afraid to be who she was. Marie was starting to get tired though and quite thirsty.

"Hey sugah, could ya get moi a drink please, ah'm really thirsty." asked Marie. Cody hesitated for a minute and then smiled.

"Sure possum." he walked over to the punch table where there was a really long cue. Marie looked everywhere around the room and saw Dean talking to Kara, probably trying to make her dance with her. Kara was a beautiful girl, and had a lovely personality, but she always spoke of destiny what made people wonder. Marie walked over to them.

"Come on Kara please, you know I love you babe." said Dean.

"No Dean, I can't, it's just not meant to be."

Kara and Dean had a relationship going on and Kara always said it was destiny. But then one night she said she had a sort of dream and she knew that she and Dean weren't meant to be so there was no point in staying with him as it would only end in hurt.

"Kara please, just one dance, for old times sake." begged Dean. He looked at Wanda who was sat next to Kara. "Come on Wanda help me out here?"

"Are you kiddin' jack ass I wouldn't help you if my life depended on It." said Wanda. He saw Marie walking over,

"Hey Marie, can ya tell you're friend to dance with me." Marie smiled and looked to Kara.

"Oh come on Kara, he's totally in love with ya. D'ya remember when he declared his love fo' ya on the pinic table?" pointed out Marie. Kara smiled.

"Sorry Marie, what's the point of going through a break up and al the hurt." Said Kara.

"Jus' one dance is all he is askin' fo' sugah. It don' mean nothin'." Kara looked Dean up and down.

"Fine one dance and that's It." said Kara as she took Dean's hand. "Plus you are the host of the party." Kara dragged Dean on the dance floor while Marie took a seat next to Wanda.

"D'ya really think there meant t' b'?" asked Marie looking at the pair dancing. Wanda snorted.

"Why should I care?" Wanda took a drink. "And why do you care so much?"

"Ah dunno ah guess ah jus' think their cute together. Ah jus' wish Kara would see through the destiny crap."

"Well ya know what Kara's like. Hey where's little miss reporter anyway?" asked Wanda about Lois.

"Ah don' know, but ya know what she can b' like. She hates the party scene unless there's a scoop she can pick up." said Marie.

"So how does she know if there's a scoop?"

"…good question, b' sure t' ask 'er that."

"Where's Cody, I saw you two come in together?" Wanda asked.

"He's gone t' get some Punch." Marie replied.

"How's things going with you two anyway?"

"Ah thought you didn't care." pointed out Marie.

"Yeah I don't, I'm just a nosy Goth girl." said Wanda. "But seriously how are things between you two?"

"Well he knows how ah feel 'bout him an' vice versa, but he aint asked me out yet."

"Well I'm sure he will soon, or I'll kick his ass." said Wanda. Marie smiled.

"An' what happened t' the Wanda ah know?"

"She's me, but you're one of my friends and I don't like to see my friends get hurt."

"Aw, d'ya love me Wanda?" Marie joked.

"Shut up duck ass!"

"Duck ass? Ah do not have a duck ass!" shouted Marie offended. Wanda laughed.

"So that's you're weakness, you're butt, I can defiantly use that against you now." Marie growled and got up an went to the balcony.

"Stupid Wanda with her stupid mind an' stupid mouth!" Marie grumbled to herself.

"Um, Marie, ah got you you're punch." said Cody as he came up behind her. "Ah couldn't find you fo' a second then, ah got worried." Marie turned around and smiled.

"Ah'd never leave you sugah." said Marie.

"Hopefully not." he smiled. Marie took a sip of her punch and then gulped it down. "Wow ya drink fast."

"What d'ya expect, ah'm wth you ah don' wanna waste mah mouth on punch." said Marie.

"Marie Darkholme, are you askin' fo' a kiss from lil ol' me?" Marie put her body up against Cody's. "I'll take that as a yes." Marie smiled and leaned in. Cody kissed her passionately, his cheeks and hers burning up with lust.

But something wasn't right…

Something strange was happening…

It wasn't a nice feeling…

Infact it hurt like hell…




What was happening…?

Why was it happening…?

Marie finally pulled back and watched as Cody fell to the ground. Marie fell on the floor too, but only in shock. She looked at her hands and started to cry.

"What the hell? Who am ah…ah'm so confused." she clutched her hands on her head. She saw Dean coming to the balcony slowly.

"What the fuck?" he said.

"Ah…ah…" Marie got up and ran into the party and out of the door. There were too many memories…too may thoughts…she didn't know who she was…how she was…why she was…

"It was a simple touch…" she said to herself as she went into a corner of an ally. "A simple touch."

So what did you think? I told you it wasn;t going to be like Rogue, remember that the Rogue I'm doing is nothing like the evo Rogue or the comic Rogue, it's a total new version of Rogue.