Summary- What is life without love? Is danger really the solution? If love is the answer, can you repeat the question? If love is meant to be Spring, then why am I cold? Can you love with no touch? Can Remy find out? Pure Romy.

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Demon eyes VS emeralds

Chapter Ten Essence Part Seven The Key

Rogue opened her eyes slowly. She felt the pain in her chest and on her waist was not hurting as much as it had. She felt as though she was healed and could even fight again.

Rogue looked around the room with her emerald eyes and saw medical equipment. She had a questionable face. She looked to her body and found bandages wrapped around her chest and waist. There were blood marks on it, but there must have been stitches or something on the wound.

"Nice to see you're awake." said a voice. Rogue turned to the voice.

"Who are you an' where am ah?" Rogue asked as she put her hand on her head.

"I'm Donny Curb, I'm a doctor here." said Donny.

"An' where would 'ere b'?"

"I stitched you're wounds up, you could have died. It was a miracle you stayed alive this long." said Donny.

"Thank fo' the inquiry but ah've noticed you haven't answered mah question…where am ah?" asked Rogue again. Donny walked over to Rogue on the bed and looked at her face.

"You're in the base of you're so called enemy." Rogue's eyes widened.

"Oh no…no ah can' b'!" Rogue shouted scared. "They'll kill us all!" Donny nodded sadly.

"I know, but not yet, once hey all get there way with the world then they'll kill you."

"Thanks fo' the pep talk, you should b' a cicatrised." Rogue said sarcastically.

"Look, I don't want them to hurt any of you X Men, I'm big fans. You fight for the world even though the world hates you all, no offence." explained Donny.

"Non taken sugah. 'F you like us X Men so much then why do you wan' us t' b' killed?"

"Because if I helped you they'd kill me."

"So you'd rather go t' hell than heaven?" asked Rogue.

"Huh?" asked Donny confused on the question.

"Oh come on Doc, te X men are the good guys, there for 'f you'd help us keep all man kind safe, you'll go t' heaven. But 'f you help destroy all humanity…well ah think you know the answer to that." explained Rogue.

"I hardly believe in heaven and hell miss, I just don't want to die young." said Donny.

"Kid, ah've been through situations in life when ah was cold, alone, sad, nearly dead hundreds o' times. Bein' an' X Man is not a piece o' cake, we never get a reward but ah'm not complainin'. It's jus' sometimes in yaw life you are in situations where you know you could die or live…" Rogue remembered all the times when that had happened. She had been scared, very scared. But one time popped into her head…

Rogue glanced over Bayville on the roof top of the Xavier Mansion. Everyone she had ever loved and truly trusted were gone. She had never felt so alone. Sure she had Jean but she'd hardly call that company. Jean was a sweet girl but to much for Rogue.

She wanted the good times to be back. Even though she acted depressed and angry, inside she was happy with her family, despite her powers. Now she had no family to enjoy memories with, their were no memories to enjoy. Kurt, her brother, her only true family member was gone and would soon die just like Ororo did.

"Why us?" sje said to herself as she put her head in her lap. She didn't care about the tears that fell anymore, she didn't care who saw her cry, all she cared about was her family. And Jean was the only one left in her family. Rogue would make sure no harm came over her.

The question was though, how would she destroy this thing? She had tried the device that Hutch made to destroy it, but it didn't have all the energy, or it just couldn't hold the energy it had been given.

Remy had gone to SHEILD Rogue knew that, but they had probably caught him and wouldn't let him go. They'd use him for their experiments because they were sick little beings. Remy was tough though, he knew what he was doing. But the thought of Remy getting hurt was unbearable for her.

She did like him, she liked him a lot, she knew she did. But she couldn't let that get in the way with her powers, she couldn't let him get close even though he was pretty close. She had always known there was a strong connection between them, one which was hard to brake. But she wondered tha tin the end, would that be enough?

She wondered if he liked her as she liked him…if he wanted to protect her and hold her as she wanted to do to him. Life was never fair to Rogue, it was asthough it hated her. But she would never give up tryng to have a decent life, a life with everything she had ever dreamed of…a home, a family, children, a loving husband, everything…

It just made Rogue feel more depressed as the knew that it would never happen for her, no matter what Xavier tried no matter what she tried on her own, nothing could happen for her. She only wished that she had Xavier's mind powers so she could shut off her powers forever, though his mind power couldn't ever shut off powers…




That was it!

Rogue couldn't depend on Gambit to come back, so she could absorb Jean to get into Cerebro and find out where the Professor was or where the key to the Spirit's unleashing, because that might have the answer to the defeat of the Spirit.

Rogue didn't know what she was doing, but it was for her family.

She flew to the ground floor and entered the house. Jean wasn't powerful enough for this, but Rogue had more energy than anyone. Rogue ran into the med room where she knew she'd find Jean talking to the unconscious Scott.

Rogue crept in quietly and absorbed her.

Roguefelt the pain she was in, the pain of loosing Scott and the pain of never seeing her family again.

"Poor gal." Rogue said as se went to the danger room. She punched in the control system and the door opened. Rogue smiled to herself and walked into the room. There was know one there, so where was the Professor and Beast? Did they leave them?

Rogue walked to Cerebro. She wasn't a telepathic but she knew that she had to do this. She sat on the chair and looked to the helmet. She picked it up and placed it on her head. She looked forward and sighed.

"Well, here it goes." Rogue thought of the Spirit and the key which released it. In her mind she saw people, places, objects, it was frightening and confusing. Then her mind went to Jean-Luc…the key was in his pocket. He put his hand ovber his pocket as though he felt someone watching him. Rogue came out of her mind and gasped as sher fell backwards from the overwhelming of Cerebro's power. "Jean-Luc LeBeau…"

Rogue got up and stood up. She walked slowly as her mind felt washed out. She entered the Med room and placed Jean on a bed. Jean mumbled things like Scott, it brought a tear to Rogue's eyes as she now new exactly how Jean felt.

"Don' worry Jean, ah'm goin' t' save us all." Rogue walked out of the Xavier Mansion and grounds. She pushed her feet off the floor and flew, flew as fast as she could to New Orleans…


Remy looked up. He couldn't stop thinking about Rogue and if she was alright. He had been captured by a man named Ben who had all the X men trapped. He knew that they would all probably die.

He looked around his cell and saw nothing but dying X Men. The sight made him feel sick, he couldn't bare to see hia family in pain, let alone Rogue.

he could only think of what they were doing to her, even though his main thoughts should have been how to get out.

"Oh Rogue please forgive Remy…" he sighed to himself.


Rogue landed on the grounds of New Orleans, not caring who saw her flying. She would let the whole world see her than her family die.

She new where Jean-Luc was, non other than the Jazz Club, the same one Remy took Rogue too when he kidnapped her.

She walked along the road and saw the bright signs and the load jazz music on the street. She walked inside and immediately saw Jean-Luc talking to some men, hisfingers in his pockets.

Rogue walked towards them and grabbed Jean-Luc's green coat and smashed him against the wall. She growled at him and Jean-Luc and the men he was talking to were all shocked. The music stopped as the scene got better.

"Ah could kill you fo' what you've done Jean-Luc!" shouted Rogue.

"What are you talkin' 'bout? Hey you're dat femme Rogue…" said Jean-Luc.

"Damn right ah am an' you know exactly what you've done!"

"Care t' share dat information chere?"

"Don' call me chere dumb ass, where's the key!" shouted Rogue even louder, still having pinned Jean-Luc on the wall.


"Give me it now Jean-Luc thankst' you mah family are dying! The only way t' save them is t' have that key!"

"No way fillie, I got given dis key, it b' worth a lot!" shouted back Jean-Luc.

"Ah'm not dumb Jean-Luc, ah know the reason you've saved this key is 'coz you're working with Starlight, you always have been. She gave you that key but you questioned her on why she wanted to give you the key. So she told you an' you got scared so you made a deal that 'f you got the key and kept it, Apocalypse wouldn' hurt you!" explained Rogue.

"Well done chere, you're good, how'd you know?" he asked.

"It's called telepathic abilities."

"So what, you jus' wan' moi t' give ya de key?"

"Yeah that'd b' helpful!" shouted Rogue sarcastically.

"Well de answer is no, I have a lot t' live for chere, a lot." Rogue gritted her teeth more.

"Yeah like stealing from people, 'coz that' a hobby t' you right? Look Jean-Luc ah'm askin' nicely, that should b' enough fo' you, 'coz you know ah can absorb you in a second an' steal that key from ya!"

"I doubt dat, 'f you take dis key den Starlight will come after you." said Jean-Luc.

"Like ah'm scared o' a prissy like her." said Rogue. Rogue took he rhand and touched his face. She then took the key from the unconscious Jean-Luc's pocket and went out of the Jazz club, everyone staring at her.

"What just happened…"


Rogue landed back on the Xavier Mansion grounds. She didn't know what this key could do or what it's true power was, but she knew herself and Jean would able to figure it out.

Rogue opened the doors to the mansion and entered the lounge to find a very angry looking Jean Grey. She had her arms crossed her leg over her other and her eyebrow cocked up, obviously she was mad.

"So tell me what you were doing absorbing my powers and entering Cerebro?" said Jean.

"Look Jean, ah had t', ah had t' find out where the key was which released the Spirit." explained Rogue.

"Then why couldn't you just have told me you're plan?"

"Because ah knew you were weak inside because o' Scott, an' ah had all the energy."

Jean stood up and walked over to Rogue who was trying to give her reasons for absorbing her and trying Cerebro.

"I could have done it either way, but no, you had to be the hero didn't you?" Rogue looked at her confused, this didn't sound like Jean. "Rogue us X Men are here to help, but not to save the world. We're mutants yes, and we have an advantage over other people, but we're no hero's." explained Jean.

"Jean ah know, an' ah wasn' trying t' b' a hero, ah was trying t' protect me an' you, an' try t' get our family back. Surely you can understand that." said Rogue. Jean sighed and looked to Rogue.

"I know you were trying to help, but finding the Professor, finding the key is impossi…" Rogue held out the golden key with three carvings of writing on it. "…ble…Rogue how did you…?"

"No time t' explain Jean, we got t' find out what this thang does an' 'f it's out weapon t' send this monster back where it belongs."

"Yeah come on, we'll go to the rec room." Jean grabbed Rogue and the two girls entered the rec room. "Pass me the key please Rogue."

Rogue handed her the key. jean put it into a machine which described it's nature. Jean read through the writing.

"What does it say?" asked Rogue.

"Well it has what we're looking for." said Jean. "We can send the Spirit back to hell by…"

Jean immediately stopped talking and she and Rogue's eyes opened widely as they heard the breathing. They both gulped and turned around slowly to see the Spirit in the rec room door way.

"Oh shit." said Rogue. She turned to Jean. "Give me that key red!" Jean scrambled the key out of the machine and dropped it on the floor. When she picked it up, the Spirit was headed straight for Rogue.

Rogue dodged it and then tried to kick it.

"Damn ah forgot it was a Spirit." she said to herself.

"Rogue quick, distract it while I find out how to stop it." said Jean with the key in her hands as she looked to the screen.

"No problem, take you're time red ah've got all day." said Rogue as she dodged the Spirit's attempts to absorb Rogue. Rogue didn't get the same hypnotic trance as she had already been absorbed. "Is that all you got tuff guy?"

The Spirit went for Rogue's legs. Rogue jumped as high as she could and landed back on the floor, not noticing that the Spirit had already known her movement and absorbed her through her arm. Rogue screamed for a second and then turned to Jean.

"Jean, ah kinda needhelp…here." said Rogue as she trembled.

"Oh…please hurry please hurry." said Jean to herself.

Rogue still had her Physics on her side so draning Rogue wasn't an option. Rogue pulled hard enough to get out of the Spirit's draining postion and fell onto Jean's lap.

"Found it yet?" asked Rogue out of breath.

"Not yet." said Jean pushing Rogue off her. Rogue landed on the floor and saw the Spirit was now for Jean. Rogue with her feet kicked the roll on chair which Jean was sitting on, to the other side of the room.

"Hey!" shouted Jean.

"You wanna b' absorb?" pointed out Rogue. Jean dodged the Spirit and went back to the computer and scrolled down the computer pages.

"I got it!" shouted Jean.

"Care t' share?" said Rogue as she kept ddging the now angered Spirit. Jean through her the key.

"Turn the key twice to the left and once to the right!" shouted Jean. Rogue backed away from the Spirit and turned the key handle twice to the left and once to the right. Suddenly a lighe appeared and hit the Spirit full blast. "

"Go back where you belong!" shouted Rogue. The Spirit's weird screams were heard and it's inner core blew up which made the Spirit to too. It disappeared and never to be seen again…

Rogue fell to the ground and dropped the key. Jean joined her and put her hand on Rogue's covered up shoulder.

"We did it Rogue." said Jean. Suddenly the key started to glow again. A southing colour came out of it and flew out of the rec room. Rogue and Jean wondered what it was doing.

The Spirit went into each and every person it drained giving back there life.

Jean and Rogue had no idea what was happening, but they could only hope it was good. The looked to each other and embraced.

"It's not all happy ending yet X Men." said a woman's voice. Rogue turned around to see her.

"Starlight!" said Rogue. There before the two X Men was Starlight dressed in a blue gown.

"The one and only." Starlight saw the two X women look at her blue gown. "I see you like my outfit, I was saving it for Apocalypse's return, but then Jean-Luc told me a Southern belle came down to steal the key, and her name was Rogue." Starlight got angrier. "I cannot believe that you have sent back the only thing I could think of for the master to come back!"

"Well what can ah say, ah'm jus' too quick fo' you Starlight." said Rogue.

"It's too late Starlight, we've sent the creature back, it can't ever come back again." said Jean as she and Rogue stood up.

"That's true, but it doesn't stop me from killing you both now does it." Starlight held ou a gun. Rogue and Jean gasped. "End of the line X Men."

"Not so fast witch!" shouted a voice. Rogue smiled as she saw the all the X Family including Remy and Hutch.

"You've caused us enough trouble." said Scott.

"You're going down." said Bobby.

"That won't be necessary." said Hutch as he stepped forward. He held out a gun and shot Starlight in the neck. She fell to the ground. "Don't worry she'll be stunned for 24 hours is all. I think the best think for her is to be loked up in a cell."

"But she deserves more than that." said Jean. "I thought I lost Scott because of her." Scott smiled and walked over to Jean and hugged her.

"Jean, all we need is each other. Starlight is none of our concern." said Scott.

"But I want her to pay for what she's done to you."

"And she is, she'll be locked up forever. That's punishment enough don't you think?"

"I guess." agreed Jean embracing it Scott's arms again. "I love you Scott."

"I love you too Jean."

"I think I'm going to barf." said Bobby. Jubilee elbowed Bobby.

"Well I think it's sweet." she said.

"You find anything sweet." moaned Bobby.

"Yeah and sometimes I find you sweet." Jubilee out of the blue kissed Bobby on the cheek. Bobby blushed and smiled shyly as Jubilee.

"Kids." said Logan.

"Young love is more like it." said Ororo.

"Ororo!" most of them shouted who knew she died.

"Good grief what is wrong?" she asked wondering why everyone was giving her all the attention.

"You died Ororo, we all were worried for you." said Jean.

"Well I;m alright now." she said.

"Well look who it is, Mr Remy LeBeau." said Rogue as she walked up to him, smiling. He sm,iled back.

"Bonjour chere." he said kissing her gloved hand.

"Ah see you came back with Hutch, you got passed SHEILD?"

"Fo' you anyt'ing." Remy smiled, so did Rogue. Remy then turned serious and stepped closer to her. "I t'ought I'd lost you fo' a minute."

"Fo' a minute there, ya did." Remy smiled and the hugged.

"So what now?" asked Logan.

"Like where's the Professor?" asked Kitty.

"Yeah did he leave us or something?" asked Ray.

"He wouldn't have done that." said Rahne.

"There's no other explanation." said Kurt with Rogue hugging him.

"Don' worry, we'll find him." said Rogue. Kurt smiled at his sister and they embraced even more. "Welcome back Kurt."

"Glad to be back." he said.


"Hey." said a voice. Rogue looked up to see Remy LeBeau.

"Hey sugah." she said.

"Beautiful night wouldn' ya say?"

"Definitely, but it wouldn't have been 'f ah didn't go down t' New Orleans." Remy pocked his head up.

"What, why did you go there?" he asked.

"Ah had t' Remy, sh know Jean-Luck is yaw father, but he had the key. Ah needed it t' save mah family." explained Rogue. Remy smiled and nodded.

"I guess de X Men are mah new family too now." said Remy.

"Huh?" asked Rogue confused.

"I'm now Remy LeBeau official X Man." said Remy proudly.

"Oh Remy that's fantastic." Rogue lept into his arms. "Ah'm so glad, ah always new deep down you were one o' us."

"I hate t' say dis but fo' some reason, I did too." Rogue hugged him again and Remy stroked her long aurben hair and whispered. "Mah reason was you."

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