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Summery: There is a new detective on the SVU Squad. She is a 19 year old intern from New York University. And this one has a secret. When her secret is spilt, her past comes back to haunt her. And when it does, will she fall apart or stand up against it?

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Law And Order: SVU

"Olivia Benson, Elliot Stabler, John Munch, Fin Tutola this is Elizabeth Harnes. She is an intern from NYU. She's gonna be on cases with us." Captain Don Cragen said to his SVU detectives.

The four detectives looked at a young woman with brown-red hair blue eyes, a tank top, and a pair of jeans.

"You can call me Liz." She said, as the four detectives sized her up.

"Liz, I need to see you in my office along with Elliot." Cragen said, motioning to them.

Harnes and Detective Stabler followed him into the office.

"What's up Captain?" Stabler said, as he shut the door.

"Elliot, the case of Amy Price, I want you and Liz to work on it together."

"Captain she is a child! She's barely older than the victim!" Stabler said, stepping forward.

"Um, hello? I'm right here. And for your information, I have been following the case since it started." Harnes said, stepping up beside Stabler. "And I'm ten years older than the victim."

"Really? Alright. What's going on?" Stabler asked, folding his arms across his chest.

"Okay. It's a nine-year-old rape victim. No luck on evidence, i.e. hair, saliva, sperm, etc. Victim is too scared to give a name. She is a regular member of the WigWam Children's Center. Does that cover it?" Harnes said, folding her arms.

"I think she's got it Elliot." Cragen sighed.

Stabler sighed.

"Fine. I'll work with her. The victim is waiting in the Interview Room 1. Do you want to talk to her?" Stabler said.

Harnes nodded and headed out the door.