::Okay. This is the last chapter. The story is over. Thank you for reading it::

Cragen looked from Harnes to Stabler.

"Are you sure, Elliot?" he asked.

"Yes. He's being returned to Indiana. They'll try the murder case there, and then he's coming back here and tried for the rape. I know it's unorthodox, but it's a small town," Elliot said.

Harnes left the room and headed back to the police officers bunker. She slammed a fist into the nearest pillow. The door opened behind her. She didn't bother looking up.

"Amy Rose is here. She wants to talk to you," a gentle voice said, behind her.

Before she turned around, the voice had left. She sighed and headed back out.

"Room 1," Stabler said, as Harnes looked around.

She smiled weakly, and headed towards the door. The little girl looked up, and smiled warmly at her.

"Hi, Liz. How are you?" the little girl said, brightly.

"I'm doing good. How are you doing?" Liz said, sitting down beside Amy.

"I'm okay. I want to know, is he gonna be going away?" Amy asked, looking into Liz's eyes.

Liz sighed and ran her hand through her hair.

"Yes he's gonna be going away for a long time, and he might even be going away far away from here," she said, finally.

"He's going to go prison, though, right?" Amy asked, eyes shining with fear.

"Yes. More than likely far away from here, so you never have to worry about him again," Liz said, placing her hand on the girl's.

"'Far away'? Like Azkaban?"? Amy asked.

Liz chuckled.

"Not quite that far away, but he's going to be going back to Indiana," Harnes said, smiling.

Amy returned the smile.

"Thank you for helping me Liz. I know how hard it is to turn in your own brother," she said.

Harnes cocked her head.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well, one time I had to tell on Cody because he did something mean to me," Amy said, shrugging.

"What did he do?" Harnes asked.

"He hit me, and it left a bruise. For such a little boy, he punches hard," Amy said, matter-of-factly.

On the inside, Harnes gave a huge sigh.

"That wasn't very nice," she said, smiling.

"Has your brother ever hit you?" Amy asked.

"Just a few times," Harnes said, rubbing her left bicep.

"Did you ever hit him back?"

Harnes thought for a few moments, and looked out the window.

"Yeah. I hit him back, several times," she said, finally, looking into her eyes.