Rosies and Posies: Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down.

Summary: That's why all the Malfoy's are always so ghostly pale, they could all die at any second. And there's nothing anybody can do to save them.

Pairing: Not to sure yet. But I think DM/GW…

Warnings:I'm not very cancer oriented, meaning all i know i read in books and did school papers on- but i still couldnt remember at 4 this morning exactly what i needed to know. So when your reading this please tell me all that i had wrong- so that i can fix it. We dont need other non-cnacer-oriented people thinking my words are correct when they aren t.I actually got unlazy for once and went through and rechecked everything. So there shouldnt be to many mistakes. I like to write how I would, or the character would be thinking at the time. Also I try to add a little bit of humor in the more tounchy and depressing parts. This is going to be like a mix between how Laurlene McDaniel and Meg Cabot writes because that's kinda the way I write. So yea, enjoy.

Chapter 1


Ginny jumped a little at the loud noise, and became annoyed almost immediately. She had thought there was no one in the library. Madam Pince had left on and errand, and left her in charge to watch the front desk. Something she did very often. Ginny decided it must have a been a ghost pushing a book off the self, to annoy Pince- as was a favorite past time of most, and decided she better go pick it up.

Turning the corner she halted. Malfoy lay on the ground, pain in his eyes.Beads of sweat were beganing to mat his perfect bland hair.He looked at her and gasped a word no Weasley would ever hear a Malfoy say, " 'elp." Okay so it wasn't the actual word, but it was enough to understand, and enough to have her staring and him, not moving. " 'elp." He said again, and this time she jumped and fell to him.

"What's wrong, what's wrong, how can I help you?" she asked in the quietest voice she could, forgetting who it was she was talking to. she began looking around for madam Pince, she knew she couldnt help but, she was a teacher

"I…" he grimaced as if just that word hurt. She lookedback down at him as he said, "I Didn't take my potion." He said and her sucked in his breath from the pain.

"Where is it?" she asked grabbing for his bag. Frustrated by the big bag she asked, "Which pocket is it in?"

"No that won' 'elp." He said stumbling over every word.

It hurt her to see anyone hurt this much and she muttered, "Relieviate." It was only a temporary pain reliever that she used on her brothers when they had to bad of a headache t get to sleep, but it would have to do for now.

He closed his eyes for a second, "Please… Pomfrey." He said slowly and quietly. She stood up and ran the fastest she ever had in her life. She was glad that she didn't have to explain anything to Pompy- who seemed to decide that if the person in need couldn't even make it to the wing then it was very serious.

Draco's eyes were closed when they got there and Pompy fell next to him as Ginny had, "What happened?"

"I don't know I found him like that, and he told me to come get you. I heard the thump- and he was in so much pain- and I just- Oh no, I used relieviate, I hope that's okay? He was just-" she was cut short.

"You're a smart girl. That's about all that can be done right now anyway. We need to get him the hospital wing." She said and in what seemed like seconds Malfoy was laying on a stretcher and, with a small whimper of pain, floating at the same speed Pompy and Ginny were running to the wing.

Pomfrey was serious when she said there was nothing that they could do then- which worried Ginny even more. All that she'd done was gave Malfoy a potion to get him to sleep and stop the pain. But later that day there suddenly seemed to be way more then ever to do. Malfoy was up now and answering questions about what had happened, but Ginny didn't catch anything. Pompy seemed to think Ginny was there to boss around because she kept sending her on errands to get teachers and get something from a cupboard- and although it was very tiring, she was happy that she wasn't just being sent back to her house without even a word.

She came back into the room with a small vial of what was supposed to be some sort of pain killer of another- and was introduced to a mister Adams- who was supposed to be Malfoy's private healer. He took the vial from her without a word and mentioned something about it 'having to do'. Jeez,how rich did one have to be to have a private doctor? Or rather, how sick? This thought, and the fact that Pompy was screaming in her ear to get moving and fetch her another something or other, woke her and had her moving again.

It was really late when the last person- Malfoy's private doctor finally left. She figured it was about eleven, and the room was finally quiet when he said to Pompy, "I'll get the results tomorrow." And shut the door behind him, frowning. According to what she had heard all day, he had known Malfoy a long time. Whenever Pompy tried to suggest something to him he would scream something like, "Don't you tell me how to take care of him. I was the one who delivered him, I was the one there when he broke his arm falling out of that tree, I was the one there when his pettigermistaked him for a chew toy, and I- I was there every time before and after that."

It seemed to Ginny like he was pretty attached to Malfoy. But she couldn't miss the hurt expression on Pompy's face whenever she was told her way wasn't right for Malfoy. Ginny's guess was that Pompy was just as attached to all her patients as Mister Adams was to Malfoy.

Pompy fell to the bed next to Malfoy's sighing. Ginny fell down on the bed next to her. "Rough day?" They heard Malfoy ask from his bed.

Pompy rolled her head to the side and looked at him with a little smile and nodded. Ginny got up on her elbow and did the same saying, "I feel like I ran the mile. Five times."

"Oh. I'm sorry about that." Pompy said still lying there with her eyes closed now. "I was a little- I don't know- but I thought you might not mind anyway."

"Yeah." Ginny said falling back to lie on the bad. "I- I didn't."

They all laid there in silence so long that Ginny was falling asleep when Pompy finally broke it, "Well Gin, its far past curfew. I'm afraid I can't have you going back anymore." She sighed, "I don't need the headmaster getting on my case to."

"Pompy?" Malfoy started and she turned around to look at him a slight smiled on her face, an obviously fake one. "I'm sorry about him. He just, I guess he kinda takes over the father place in my life. He thinks he's my father and I wish he were." He said quietly, meaning Mister Adams no doubt.

"I know Malfoy, don't worry about that." She said kindly and turned back to Ginny. "There is something for you to wear in that closet and you can sleep in that bed. Or-" she said smiling again, "You can just fall sleep on top of the covers with all your cloths on.

"Mmm." She mumbled pulling the covers down and over her without even opening her eyes, "Night."

Pompy left the room, saying goodnight to the both of them. The second she closed the door all the candles in the room went out.

"Good night, Ginny." Ginny heard Malfoy say and fell sleep a second later.

Ginny woke to her two elders talking. One was Pompy and the other was Mister Adams. She guessed they were the only ones in the room, but she was having a little problem waking up- she didn't want to. If she woke up she was afraid that she would have to go through another day like the one she had yesterday, or worse, be told to leave.

She wasn't sure why she wanted to stay here, but she at least wanted to know what had happened yesterday. She wanted to know a lot. She wanted answers. She took a chance to glance over at Malfoy. His eyes were open and he seemed to be listening to the two people the best he could. Ginny caught his gray eyes and he smirked.

She couldn't look away right away, but when she heard footsteps walking to them she broke the contact. She wasn't sure weather or not to pretend to be sleeping. She was still tangled in a mess of sheets and blanket and could easily fake it. But she didn't have to because Pomfrey seemed to not care. She, and the black haired man, walked over to Draco. Pompy was frowning and Mister Adams was smiling sadly. "Well," he said, "I guess it's happened again."

Draco looked like he was going to throw up, "Damn."

"What were you thinking? Not taking your medication?"

"I forgot, I had other things on my mind."

"Well, they sure as hell won't be on your mind for long. You'll have far worse things to think about."

"I know."

"I'm sorry." The man said rubbing his eyes, "I know you wouldn't do it on purpose or anything. I'm just frustrated, because I didn't ever want you to have to go through it again."

"I know." Malfoy said nodding and closing his eyes.

Ginny tried to keep quiet so they didn't notice her but she couldn't help it anymore. "Through what?" she asked sitting up on her elbows.

Malfoy opened his eyes, "Nothing Weasley." He said.

"Draco?" Mister Adams said in a stern, fatherly, voice.

Draco grunted, "Chemo, Jeez." He said and looked at her with a scowl.

She looked at him curiously, "What?"

"She doesn't know what that is, I'm sure." Mister Adams said.

"I don't have to tell her everything, Nate." Malfoy said using the mans name.

"But I think it would be a good thing, after all, a little longer without and pain relief and it's safe to say you'd be in a coma right now." He said and Pompy nodded next to him. "And if you wouldn't have been found soon enough I'm afraid to say- we could have lost you."

"In other words." Malfoy grimaced, "She saved my life?"

It was Ginny's turn to look like she was going to puke. She opted for falling back onto the bed; she hit her head on the wall as she did so, and sat up again fast, rubbing her head. "Owey." She said looking at them through one eye. "Eh-he."

"You know what, me and Madam Pomfrey need to go look over some of the papers, so why don't you explain it to her quick while we're gone. I expect that Mrs. Weasley will have a lot of questions, so answer them all and I'll bring you a little sleeping potion when I get back." He said following Pompy into her office and closing the door.

Malfoy sighed, "Are you okay?" he said nodding, meaning her head.

"Oh." She said moving into the sitting position and smiling as she stopped rubbing her head. "Yea."

"'Kay." He said in turn sitting up. "Well, I guess then we'll start with- uh- why I'm here." Ginny nodded to show she was listening, "Ah, the Malfoy's, for as long as you can trace my family back- have had this gene. I guess it's not a gene- it's like a trait though. From the second we are born to the day we die we have a disease that never stops harming our body. It's called cancer, in both the muggle world and magical. Though what we have is a lot different from and muggle form, because we can never- ever be rid of it. We can only weaken it. We have to live every day with the disease. But, we are kinda lucky because as long as the trait had been in the family- there's been ashes. Ashes, is the potion that keeps my family alive, it's purpose is to make our white blood cells grow twice as fast as any other human being. Then the white blood cells kill off enough cancer cells to keep us from getting sick."

"And you forgot to take yours, and got sick?" Ginny asked.

"Uh, right." He said still not sure he wanted to be telling her. Her asking a question seemed to throw him off so she asked another to get him back on track, "So why don't you just take the medication again then and get the heck outa here?"

"Eh, oh, well," he seemed to be sizing her up. "What happened is the cancer cell count got to high so the potion to be able to fight it. I'm still taking it, but it's not enough. I gotta go through chemo again and then once the count gets low enough again then I'll be able to take the potion and 'get the heck outa here'." He said.

She blushed, "What's this chemo?" she asked pushing him forward.

"Right, the part that I'm going to be going through now. Well the kind I'm going to be taking is actually a potion. Its job is a lot like the meds- to kill the cancer. Only like I said. I can't be completely rid of it so it's more to weaken the cancer enough to be able to use the meds again." He said. He looked her in the eye and smiled. "Goody."

She frowned and then asked, "He said again."


"Nate? Nate said again. He didn't want you to have to go through it again?"

"Yea, it isn't the first time it happened. Last time though, I wasn't in school- it was the summer before my first year. I wished I'd never have to go through it again."

She didn't know what to say. She couldn't think if there were anymore questions she wanted answered. 'That would explain why the entire family looks do dang ghostly pale.' She thought frowning. "Malfoy listen," she said suddenly, "I'm going to go and take a shower and do my homework- no it's a weekend, not that I would do it anyway- but then I'll be back, kay?"

He looked at her like she was mad, "Why the hell are ya going to do that?"

"I smell-"

"-No I mean, why are you coming back?" he said slowly.

"Oh." She thought about it a second as she stood up and then answered, "Don't know." Before she smiled and walked out the doors. 'Because I can.' She thought shutting the door.


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