What is Lost

PG-13 (For suicide)

Summary: Love is a most painful thing. Sometimes too painful… Legolas/Arwen Aragorn/Arwen

AN: I've conflouderated things so that Arwen and Aragorn are on the last boat with the rest of the gang. Don't like it? Bite my cute little Elvish self!


Icy water fills his lungs. He doesn't fight it though. Just allows himself to sink down… down… into the blackness. He's happy now. Happier than he's felt since they first started out with the Ring-bearer that day in Rivendell, his home away from home.


He's fading now, he's hit bottom. The cold water is rapidly stealing away the warmth of life. His failing eyes look up at the surface, far above him. He can see the bottom of the last ship, headed to the Grey Havens. Things begin to darken around him. He's happy. One day he'll be with Arwen. One day… Soon…

There's a noise from somewhere high above him. Something has snagged his tunic. He's being carried away. Not on a current, deeper into the ocean, but up. Up and up into the sunlight.

His head breaks the surface, he does not gasp for air, only sinks a little as his rescuer struggles to keep him afloat.

"Pull him in! For the Valar's sake! Pull him in!" a voice shrieks.

He is being hauled over the side of a boat, his body hits the deck of the ship hard.

"Aragorn! My god, what happened!" the same voice murmurs.

A second later, he hears the sound of a second person being hauled in.

"I don't know! He just…" the breathless voice of Aragorn Dúnedain gasps.

Someone is holding his head in their lap, bleary eyes crack open to see the concerned face of Arwen Undomiel.

"Arwen…" he half-whispers.

She's crying, pushing back his wet hair behind his pointed ears. The impossible has happened. And to an Elf.

"Legolas, why?" she moans.

His eyes close, his lips curl into a half smile.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you…" he murmurs.

It is becoming difficult for him to draw breath, dark spots cloud his vision.

"Legolas, why my friend?" the concerned voice of Aragorn inquires.

"Na vedui Dúnadain. Take care of her mellon…"

Legolas' voice falters, he chokes momentarily.

"Arwen, I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…"

His body goes limp against Arwen, the shining star in his life. Now that star belonged to Aragorn, a friend and brother. It would be to painful to live on, watching Aragorn have the life that he was denied. The afterlife was not for Elves, that was true, but there had to be something after everything.

"Legolas no…" she weeps, folding her body over that of her oldest friend. "please, you never told me! You never said-"

But Legolas is gone. Arwen's hand rests on icy skin. She holds him close, as if granting him what he desired in life could bring him back from death. But to no avail. Legolas' body lay cold and lifeless in her arms. Aragorn stands over them, unsure of what to do or how to react to the knowledge that his best friend had been in love with his wife for years.

The members of the crew and passengers on the Elvish made craft are silent as Arwen's grief overtakes her.

"Aragorn, I swear I never knew!" she weeps.

Aragorn nods. He feels empty, his best friend is gone, and he does not understand why.

All is silent, but for the lapping of the water against the side of the craft. They can never recover what is lost.


Well, I hope I've got a few of you getting out the hankies. It's been a while since I wrote a LOTR fic. Quite a while… You won't find any other Legolas/Arwen fics on this account. Ever since discombobulated my other account. Where I had 30 stories published. I'm still spitting mad about that…. Go look up: Schizophrenic-ImhotepLegolasD I think that's the name I had… I had some damn good fics! Grrr…. Stupid computer.