Soda's POV

I never imagined that I, Sodapop Curtis would be a father at seventeen. Then again, I never imagined that my parents would have been killed in an auto accident a year ago either.My life has changed so much over the past year. Most of those changes have happened since Brianna came into my life.

It all started almost five months ago when Sandy, my exgirlfriend came back from Florida with a baby. She wanted me to take a paternity test. Even though she insisted that the baby wasn't mine. That it was something the other guy she had left me for wanted. Well, when the results came back, they said that I was the father.

"No! It can't be!" Sandy had cried when we found out the results.

"These tests don't lie. I'm the father." I told her.

With that, Sandy handed the helpless baby to me and ran out of the room. She never returned. As far as I know, she went back to Florida. Now, Brianna was in my custody and believe me being a single teenage father isn't easy. Even with the help of my brothers, Darry and Ponyboy.

"Soda, hey Soda, Brianna's crying." Ponyboy mumbled sleepily shaking me at three in the morning on a Saturday.

"Okay. I'm up." I yawned as I got out of bed and stumbled to Brianna's room. "Don't you have any sense of time?" I asked her as I lifted her out of the crib.

She just blinked at me and sniffled.

"Let's get you changed and fed. Then, daddy needs to get back to bed. Daddy needs to go to work in the morning." I said as I changed her diaper. Then, I fed her a bottle. Hoping she would go back to sleep. But that wasn't the case. Brianna decided that three in the morning was the perfect time to demand attention..

"Come on Brianna, it's time to sleep now." I told her putting her back in the crib. She just howled and I had to pick her up again. No matter what I did, she would not go back to sleep. And I really needed to get back to sleep. So, I did the only thing I could think of. I woke up Ponyboy and had him try to get her back to sleep.

Pony's POV

When Soda woke me up, you can imagine that I wasn't very happy. It was almost four in the morning and I did not want to get up.

"Come on Soda!" I whined. "Can't you wake Darry and have him watch her?"

Soda shook his head. "Darry has to work, too. Besides, would you want to wake him at this hour?"

I thought for a minute. "No, I guess not. But I don't want to get up either."

"Please, Pony?" Soda pleaded. "I really need to get some sleep. It would really mean a lot to me."

I sighed and rolled out of bed. "Okay, I'll try to get her to fall asleep."

Soda gave me a hug before crawling back under the covers. "Thanks Pony."

I gave him a tiny grin and went to Brianna's room where she was kicking and crying in her crib. I lifted her up and started to walk around the room with her singing to her every Elvis song I could think of. As soon as she'd start to calm down, I'd try to put her back in the crib only to have her cry again and I'd start the whole process over again. Finally, I just took her to the living room and sat with her in Darry's recliner. I was sleepy and I figured that if I fell asleep, she'd go to sleep, too. Besides, my arms were getting tired from carrying her. I had to sit down and rest.