Title: White Reflection

By:Shinigami Liliz Black

Status: UN-BETAED (sorry for the errors! I'm not perfect)

Notes: I keep loving Abraxs! XD

Ah... I want to feel the beat of this irreplaceable love

so much, it's heart-wrenching and maddening.

Chapter Three

Remus and his partner came few seconds later screeching their vehicle's wheel, beside him. "Draco, are you ok?" Remus said stepping out of the car and approaching the fallen young man.

"I'm ok!" growled Draco as Remus tried to help him stand up. A woman much older than Draco stepped out of Remus's black old Cobalt with heart shaped face, pink heat and deep blue eyes.

"Wotcher Remus! We have to follow them, they got Lil Harry!"

"No, Nymp!" Remus exclaimed facing the woman, "We got strictly orders to bring Draco back to the agency as soon as possible!"

"What? We have to get Harry back!" Draco said angrily facing Remus. "Fuck my father's order-!"

"You are injured and they must be long gone for us to chase!" Remus replied with much authority. Draco cursed under his breath stomping is foot hard on the ground.

"Fine! But call Severus; tell him to look for car board number M356b78!"

Lucius Malfoy paced up and down into his office while Draco sat on his desk as Andromeda Black, Nymphandora's mother mend his bloody thumb sticking out on an awkward angle. Draco Malfoy had to admit he had never seen his father so angry in his life.

" I thought you two would do good! But this was reckless from you!"

Angrily Draco spat back, "It's not my fault they finished their business so fast or that your fucking Infiniti was blow up!"

"You're not going anywhere!" Lucius yelled back pointing a shaking finger at him, "You're staying here, while Severus and I fetch Potter."

Draco shook Andromeda's hand from his hand. "It was my responsibility that Harry got into such matter! I have to go!"

"You're not going anywhere!" Lucius roared angrily, "You had done enough damage already!" With that Lucius stormed out of his office and out into the lobby.

Draco ran out behind him when Remus held him from going anywhere. "Let go of my Remus! I have to get Harry!"

"Draco, calm down, your father will bring him back!"

"LET GO!" The blonde young man screamed struggling against Remus's grip. "Just let…go." The blonde suddenly slumped into the other man's embrace, breaking into painful sobbing. Remus lowered him to the floor, where he fell to his knees, crying out. "I wouldn't forgive myself if something horrible happens to him."

Remus pushed the younger man close to his chest, smoothing his back, "He'll be ok, just wait."

"Remus please, let me go, I need to save him," the blonde cried out, desperately holding the other man's arm.

"Draco I-"

"Here," said a figure beside Remus giving out to Draco a gun, "I'll drive you there."

"Abraxs what-" Remus started to ask at the young woman beside him but the blonde female shook her head.

"I'm sorry Remy," she said and slammed her elbow on the older man's neck knocking him out. Andromeda gasped yet Abraxs pointed her gun at her aunt, "Not a word Aunt Andry!"

Abraxs grasped her twin brother's hand and guide him out into the car lottery.

"I managed to read the papers on Severus's office and found the direction. Just right here," she said pointing at the large mansion over the end of the street. "Look, that's Father's car," she gestured to the black Mercedez parked in front of the mansion's entrance through the dark, "I'll wait for you over here; Just in case."

Draco opened the door and smiled to his twin sister, "Thank you Abraxs."

"All for you bro," she said winking at him. Draco slammed the door shut behind him and reloaded his gun. He walked over the mansion and peered inside from one of the window.

He noticed his father along with Severus behind, talking with the bald man of Avery Nott, who seems to be laughing at something his father must had mentioned. He was about to move to the other side when a hand touched his shoulder. Terrified, he brought his gun up and pointed it to the intruder ready to blast him off.

"Whoa!" Abraxs exclaimed, falling down to the ground at her brother's movement. "Hold it there!"

Draco lowered his gun and hissed, "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be waiting in the car!"

Abraxs stood up and crouched beside him, "I couldn't hold myself!"

"Don't do something ridiculous!" but Abraxs has darted her fingers forward and cold freezing sensation embraced them. The guard behind Avery froze yet Avery, Lucius and Severus didn't, earning a curse from the blonde woman.

"What was that?" Avery asked now facing Lucius angrily, "It's one of your tricks is it?"

Lucius sighed, running his hand through his blonde hair, "Look Avery, hand down the boy and we'll leave you alone for the rest of your life."

Avery snorted, "I never saw you so interest in one of your employees. Beside I'm not handing him down Lucius, what part did you not understood? He's a nice dish to be waste; does he warm your bed Lucius after your wife's death?"

"How dare you-" Lucius started to say enraged raising his fist when the guard behind Avery unfreeze and shot him. The blow hit Lucius on the shoulder, pushing him back, stumbling with the table near the couch.

Abraxs gasped from the window as Draco cursed, "That's it! I'm going in!" Draco darted forward to the door but Abraxs pushed him back to the window.

"No! You can't barge in, they'll kill you! You have to become invisible and enter from there!" she said pointing at the opened window at the top of the mansion.

"I can't become invisible! I'm not as good as you!" Draco hissed but Abraxs glared back at him angrily. "Yes you can, focus!"

Avery's hollow laughs filled Draco ear's as he climbed up into the attic from the outside, using the trees around the mansion. With a loud 'thump' he dropped inside the opened window, rolling around the floor and coughing dust. Abraxs looked up at the three, hissing. "Focus and do it!"

Draco breathed deeply sitting on the floor as he looked over the broken mirror, ahead. 'Become invisible, become invisible," he breathed out, not ripping his eyes off the mirror. "I got to save Harry! Damn it!"

Just as if the words were the key, his body alone with his entire self disappeared from the mirror. "Wicked," murmured standing up and reaching to open the door.

The door had let just beside the Living room and found himself facing the fight between his father and Avery "You sure haven't change a thing Lucius," he heard Avery say nearby. Severus noticed the door over his right opened, nothing coming out of it, and them slamming shut.

"Shut up you pompous bastard!" he heard his father hissed as Severus voice said smoothly, "Drop it Lucius, he's not worth it."

Avery once again laughed with pure malice as Draco now stepped between his father and Avery looking from any sign of his partner at the other side of the corridor. A faint moan came from the door at the end to his right.

Avery flung his arms around the air, angrily, "Shut up!" he yelled across the corridor, knocking something invisible at the process. Blood spurted out of air and Draco's head became visible. Avery stared along with his guards, Lucius and Severus how Draco's floating head, wiped his blood off his nose.

"Get him!" Avery bellowed to his guard as Draco spun down into the corridor. Lucius, despite his wound knocked on of the guards down as Severus assaulted the other one when the window smashed into pieces. Avery stepped back and spun into the corridor Draco went to. Abraxs stepped in; shooting one the guard's leg that crashed his elbow on Severus's nose, now bleeding. The guard screamed double over into the floor and gave Severus the opportunity to knock him out.

Lucius was having a hard time, with the struggling guard refusing to let go of his gun. Severus grabbed him from behind as Abraxs run into the corridor following Avery and Draco.

When Draco swung the door opened, Avery knocked him down to the ground, struggling to remove the gun off his hands. Both men rolled over the floor, snarling and kicking as Harry sat over the corner of the storage, staring at both man.

"Draco!" he heard Abraxs called. The door of the storage slammed shut, "What? Draco open up!" Abraxs exclaimed angrily banging the door. Avery kicked Draco off him, sending him into a pile of wooden boxes. Draco body smashed the boxes hard, creating a puddle of broken wood.

"I had enough with you!" Avery said standing up with bleeding lips, pointing Draco's gun and the blonde. "It's over!"

Harry suddenly felt the same hot painful sensation through his body, the anger began to swell him, blind him and with a loud snarled as his hair, magically swirled around his face, Avery, before shooting Draco, was pushed extremely hard against the door which burst opened and his body hit the wall outside, cracking it at the process.

Abraxs screamed terrified, knocked down into the floor beside the bald man. Avery slumped down into the floor, what happens to be unconscious. "Damn Harry!" Abraxs started to exclaim at the glaring young man, "You did that!"

Draco stood up from the pile of broken boxes, groaning at the process. "Fuck him," he mumbled, turning to look at the young black haired man, "You ok?"

Harry's anger diminished, his hair dropped tousled, and smiled weakly, "Yeah."

Draco picked up the black haired man, despite the pain growing in his back and helped him walk out of the room. Abraxs hastily jumped over the bald's body and helped Draco. None noticed Avery clicking a mysterious bottom on his pocket.

The house burst into red light and loud alarms. "Shit!" they heard Severus cursed.

"SEVERUS!" Abraxs exclaimed rounding the corner and approaching the entrance where Lucius was leaning against the wall panting and Severus fuming with the door.

"They locked the house!" Severus cursed loudly as footsteps approach their place.

"Stand aside," Harry murmured, holding to Draco's body. His eyes darted to the door, and the door flung open.

"Freeze!" Guard said behind them.

"OK!" Abraxs squealed cheerfully waving his hands forward. The guards froze for a split second but resumed to move, "oh-uh. Shit run!"

Severus opened the driver's door of the mercedez as Lucius slumped into the passenger's seat a bulled piercing his ribs. "ARGH!" he roared holding his ribs. Severus pulled the blonde further inside the car and took the nearest gun inside the car, shooting outside frantically. Draco on the other hand was having trouble heaving Harry to Abraxs's car while Abraxs shot back at the guards coming out of the house.

Lucius with all his might pulled the door closed and Severus started to gain speed as Draco heaved Harry inside the car, slamming the door and mounting the car, turning on the engine. "Hey wait up!" Abraxs said running towards both cars, she managed to grasp the back door of the Mercedez as it started to take off and wrenched it open, jumping inside.

The men outside of the house stooped shooting as Avery stepped out, "Should we go after them?"

"No," Avery rasped, "Call the Dark Lord and tell him we found where his enemy hides."

"Jesus!" she breathed out closing the door. "God fucking Jesus!" Lucius slumped into his seat, moaning painfully.

"Fucking shit," he cursed.

"Hold on, Lucius hold on!" Severus breathed following Draco's car zigzagging around the street at full speed, "we're almost there!"

It was minutes later that they reached the agency; Abraxs flung the door open as Severus stepped out of the car, to take the bleeding Lucius on his arms. "Abraxs called Andromeda!" Beside them Draco pulled off the car, helping Harry out of the vehicle, "What are you waiting for? NOW!"

Abraxs sobbed harder into Severus shoulder at his father's agonizing screams. Draco on the other hand did not let go of Harry's hands as the young man hissed out in pain. Andromeda managed to mend and remove Harry's bullet while Madam Pomfrey took care of Lucius extreme emergency, being the most experience in injuries.

"Mr. Malfoy please keeps it down or the bleed won't stop!"

"ARGH!" Lucius screamed out holding his ribs.

"Mr. Malfoy we need to get the bullet out of the wound!"

Draco felt Harry gasped his hand tightly and breathed out, "Thank you Draco."

At 12 am the emergency wing went quiet except for Abraxs sobs on Severus's shoulder as he smoothed her back. "It's ok Abraxs; Madam Pomfrey said your father will be all right. Look he has been mend."

Draco looked at the sleeping figure of his blonde father with his chest and shoulder cover in white gashes, tubes coming out of the mask covering his mouth and nose. "Severus," Draco called, "why don't you take Abraxs down to the cafeteria?"

The tall black haired man nodded and helped the crying young woman out of the room, "Come on Abraxs let…" Their voice trailed down the corridor. Draco turned to look at his sleeping partner, just like his father, still gripping his hand and planted a kiss on his forehand.

Everyone was in uproar in the D.A agency with the news of Lucius Malfoy been badly injured. Many woman burst out crying in the middle of the corridors, considering leaving him flowers and many other things to make him feel good.

Harry, on the other hand was soon sitting on his bed, visited twice by his godfather and Remus and accompanied every night by Draco, who would sit down at the chair beside the bed and fell off asleep with his head on the bed. In a matter of days Lucius Malfoy has finally woken up, and was now forcing himself off the bed but later being shoed by Madam Pomfrey into the bed. Harry chuckled as Lucius glared at the old woman.

Abraxs came in bouncing into the room, followed by Severus on a Monday morning when Draco placed a tray of breakfast on both his father's and Harry's lap. Abraxs had flung her arms around her father, earning a glared, as he taste his breakfast. "How my little kuku?" she said pinching his father's cheeks. Once again his father glared back at her.

Harry and Draco chuckled from the bed and Abraxs crossed the room, doing the same thing to Harry, "How my future boyfriend?" she cooed pinching Harry's cheek. At this both Lucius and Harry chocked on their juice and Draco scowled darkly.

Abraxs grinned and flung back to her father's bed, "Are you ok?" she asked as her father coughed. Madam Pomfrey came in with a pair of crutches and a wheelchair.

"I think it's time to step out of that bed, here you go Harry," she said placing the crutches on the bed, "you'll be using this for a couple of days."

"You'll have to use the wheel chair on the mean time Mr. Malfoy." Lucius stared between her and the wheelchair, terrified, "Oh don't you look at me like that; it's for a couple of days!"

After minutes of arguing Lucius was sitting on the wheelchair, annoyed while Draco helped Harry out of the room with his crutches. "Change the face, Lucius," Pomfrey said cleaning their bed, "It's just for a few days 'til the wound heals entirely."

Severus chuckled and pushed the wheelchair out of the room after a squealing Abraxs, singing under her breath, behind the other young men, "Harry and Draco sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G-" earning a glare from her twin brother and a very rude hand gesture.

"Here let me help you," Draco whispered taking the keys of Harry's hand, which was fighting to open the door. The blonde opened the door wide enough for Harry to step in with the crutches on either side of him.

"Thank you," Harry murmured, slumping down into his couch at the right and placing the crutches beside him on the floor. Harry's flat was small but incredibly cozy, with a kitchen and a small dinning room together on the left a short corridor with three doors ahead and the small living room at the right with a fireplace at the end.

"You're welcome," Draco said closing the down and sitting beside the black haired man. "I'm relieved you survived after holding that wound for so long."

Harry smiled, "I guess Madam Pomfrey can do wonders." Draco laughed softly, leaning back into the couch. They eyes met for the longest second in the world and stared into each other's bright deep orbs. Tempted by the soft trembling lips of the black haired man, Draco leaned forward breathing into Harry's lip, brushing their lips together in a soft simple kiss.

Harry was startled, stunned to move; he had never been kissed by a man and less someone like Draco. Draco pushed away at Harry's reaction, blushing furiously. "I'm sorry."

He stood up, avoiding eye contact and opened the door, "See you at work," he mumbled, refusing to look at the raven haired young man in the eyes; He knew what Harry must be thinking and closed the door, wishing the ground would devour him at the spot.

Angry with himself he stomped down the stairs and into his car…

End of Chapter Three