-1Mobile Suit Gundam SEED:A Twisted Universe

Chapter 1:Falling Stars

Written By Skywalker6119

Disclaimer: Gundam SEED is owned by Bandai and not me.

Introduction: This is an AU fanfic of the Cosmic Era. It takes place at the same time as Gundam SEED and features all of the main characters, but is a very different telling of a similar story.

>Note: Since this is a Twisted Universe, some names will be wrong or mixed up, along with certain character's personalities.

The year is Cosmic Era 71. Tensions between the ZAFT organization and the Earth Alliance have broken into full-scale war. With their great numbers, it seemed a foregone conclusion that the Earth Alliance would quickly end the war. However, such assumptions were proved wrong, when ZAFT revealed its new weapon, the mobile suit, supplementing it's shrinking contingent of advanced mobile armors. Almost driven from space by the new weapon, the Alliance initiates a military takeover of the nation of Aube and its Morgenroete Inc. R&D facilities. On February 19th, CE 70, the Aube Union officially surrenders after a month of hard fighting. Most of the noble families are executed or imprisoned, and protests from citizens of Aube are silenced by force. New mobile armors were rolled out of production facilities, buying the Alliance time as research continued into mobile suit technology. Now the Earth Alliance is close to completing it's prototype mobile suits, and ZAFT knows this. Faced with this, they launch an invasion of Aube, to capture or destroy the new mobile suits.

The smoking wreckage of two GiNN mobile suits lay along the forest path, as teams of men and women worked to salvage useable parts. Suddenly, a GiNN dropped onto the road, aiming it's gun at the salvagers and opening fire, one shot at a time. The people scattered, running as explosions lit the woods in huge blazes of fire.

"Little vermin like you should stay hidden in your holes!" the pilot shouted.

A sudden burst of fire rang out from behind the GiNN, hitting it in the back and throwing it down to the ground. "What! Where'd that come from?" Another shot rang out, severing the GiNNs left arm. A dark figure rose up from the forest, oddly misshapen and pitted with scars and burn marks. As the GiNN struggled to rise, a thin rapier appeared in the figure's left hand. It thrust the rapier forward, thrusting under the thruster pack and stabbing into the cockpit, slicing through the frail human body of the pilot.


A black-suited young man stepped down from the cockpit of the mysterious mobile suit, to rousing cheers and applause. His violet eyes surveyed the scene, where the GiNN wreckage was being carried away by large flatbed trucks. He couldn't have been more then sixteen years old.

"Great job Kira!" A young red-haired girl, wearing a simple jumpsuit, ran to him, embracing him. Kira Yamato smiled and hugged her back. Flay's always waiting for me. "Thanks, Flay. It wasn't that hard, I think ZAFT's sending all their worst pilots at us, as if we weren't a threat." He laughed, and Flay laughed with him. But their laughter soon trailed off, and Flay took on a serious countenance. "Commander Kisaka wants to speak to you. It's about the new Alliance mobile suits. He'll be waiting back at camp." Flay gently kissed Kira on the cheek before returning to her work, and Kira got into the misshapen mobile suit once more, turning south, to the small mountain range on the southern edge of the main island.


Above the nation of Aube, in space, a fierce space battle ensued. The ZAFT Nazca-class ship Vesalius and it attendant mobile suits fought a desperate battle to protect the transport ship Le Nemo against the overwhelming force that had been thrown at them. Two Drake-class ships and the Nelson-class battleship Troy were fighting fiercely with the Vesalius, having already lost three other ambush ships. Le Nemo struggled to evade the fire coming at it from the Troy as it slid into Earth's atmosphere. Behind it, Lieutenant Cagalli Yula Atha of the 15th Autonomous Flight Corp slid in smoothly behind it, sighting the main cargo pod of the ship with her Scorpio's main guns. The two bulbous pods at the ends of the Scorpio's main wings had the barrels of a linear gun embedded within each, while it's secondary wing, extending from the ventral aft section of the machine, was equipped with a 75mm Vulcan gun. As the lead pilot of the 15th, she was an ace pilot, already credited with the shooting down of three ZAFT mobile suits.

She fired, and fired again. As the pod shattered, and bodies flew out into the vacuum of space, she was silent. She felt no remorse. She was a warrior, a mobile armor pilot. They were enemies. But tears still formed in her eyes as she remembered other times she had killed, first in the skies over Aube, then in space. A sudden, jarring impact threw her out of her reverie. "Where the hell did that come from?" Another shot hit her, blowing off the port wing. She twisted and swerved, desperately trying to get into a position to retaliate, but her enemy hit her again and again, tearing off armor and breaking off wings. If she didn't act soon, she would be weaponless and helpless. "Augh!" she shouted in frustration. This guy was good.

Rau Le Creuset smiled. His little toy was losing it's entertainment value, so he would soon put it out of her misery. It's too bad that Mwu wasn't my opponent. It would make things much more exciting. But then, the transport might have been destroyed much sooner. Giving thanks for small blessings, he sighted his gun at the cockpit of the fighter. "Wait a second…" Wasn't I behind the fighter? Then how… Suddenly, it hit him. He had been distracted, and the pilot had taken advantage of his pause to begin her own attack run. Indeed, while this was going through his head, the Scorpio's remaining Vulcan gun opened fire on him, gouging his armor. As Cagalli turned around for another pass, Rau fired rapidly at the armor, hitting it's engines. The fighter started a nosedive towards the atmosphere, and Cagalli was unconscious. The Le Nemo had managed to release the other landing pods, and was breaking for the Vesalius. Now it's time to finish the job. The sooner I get back to the Vesalius, the better. It seems as if I'll have to increase the dosage once I get back.


Athrun Zala waited patiently in his crash chair, only slightly bothered by the G-forces and heat that he felt. The other members of the Zala team were silent, relaxed even. Nicol Amalfi, Dearka Elsman, Miguel Aiman and Yzak Joule sat beside him, gripping their safety bars and staring at the main monitor, showing their trajectory data, while the rest of the 10-man team sat behind them. Athrun thought back to the briefing on the PLANT. The mission was so simple. But we've already been set back so far. How could this have happened? Lacus, I will keep my promise to you.


"…Given the information we have received about the specifications of the prototypes, we believe they boast combat abilities equal to or superior to the CGUE Command Suit. The Zala Team will ambush the convoy en route to the Kaguya Mass Driver, whilst the Morassim Team runs interference, distracting the convoy guards. Meanwhile, you will approach the trailers, taking out any areas of resistance. You will capture as many suits as you can, then destroy what cannot be secured. After that, you will return to Vesuvius Base and remain on station for as long as the council sees fit, though I suspect that you'll be sent back here to the PLANTS. Any questions?" Dearka raised his hand. "Why do we need to capture them? They're not even finished with the OS yet, and five mobile suits aren't any threat to us." He smirked. Commander Le Creuset responded with a smile. "Knowledge is power, Dearka. If the reports are to be believed, these five mobile suits could drive us off the Earth by themselves when complete. Fortunately, the Naturals can't pilot them effectively yet, so we have the advantage. And if we do capture them and bring them back, we will have gained a distinct tactical advantage. We could bring an end to this war much sooner then predicted. Anything else? No? Then you are all dismissed."

Lacus was waiting for him outside the base, in the nearby park, with her pink Haro. She had a worried look, and was trembling slightly. "Athrun, are you going back into battle again?" She smiled slightly, but Athrun saw that it was a forced smile. They had known each other for so long, and where others saw foolish optimism or detachment from reality, he could see through all her fronts, all the lies that she showed to others.

"Of course I am, Lacus. I'm a soldier," he said as gently as he could. "I always go out to fight, to protect the PLANTs, to protect father… to protect you… I always come back, just to see your beautiful face, your bright smile, to hear your wonderful voice." He sat down nest to her on the bench. "I always return."

"But that was in space, close to home! On Earth, we only have a tentative foothold. What if you're taken prisoner! How am I supposed to get you back?" Tears leaked out of Lacus' eyes as Athrun closed his hands around hers, fingers entwining.

"Lacus, I promise. I will come back."

"You promise?"

"I do. I promise with the power of my love, and I seal it with this kiss." His lips met hers, locking together and they embraced one another, tears flowing openly between them as the artificial sun sank below the horizon beyond the trees.

End Of Flashback

Now Athrun wasn't sure he could keep that promise. ZAFTs foothold on Aube was tenuous, with rebellions and Alliance attacks to deal with. The plan relied on having the Morassim Team run interference with their mobile suits, and now they were gone. All gone. Killed by that Scorpio pilot. And the few mobile suits in Aube had their hands full trying to keep the Alliance from overrunning Vesuvius. How will this all end?


It's so hot today. I forgot the sunscreen again. The sand, the water, everything is reflecting the sun… I hope Father isn't burned as badly as I am.

Fire, burning. The house, Kisaka, Gone. Everywhere, screams! Father, burned, DEAD! Black, Flame, On fire! Walking, closer, FATHER!

Cagalli, why did you BETRAY ME! He isn't my Father. Father wouldn't say that. Father loves me. I loved you Cagalli! You betrayed me! US! Kisaka, wrapped in blood-soaked bandages, Mother, a skeletal mother, a bloody knife. I didn't betray you Father! AVENGE US! Father, Fire, Grabbing, Hugging, BURNING! Father! You're Burning Me! Father!

"FATHER!" Cagalli cried out, screaming at the pain, the fiery pain. The cockpit, everything was red. Outside, there was red, and blue. Blue? What could that be? The Earth! The ocean! I'm falling into the atmosphere! The warning klaxons were suddenly heard, reason finally squirming from it's hiding place. Cagalli struggled, reaching a handle marked 'HT. SHIELD'. She pulled it out and turned in 90 degrees before pushing it back in.

All over the Scorpio, armor plates popped out. Many jammed halfway, but most closed fully over the vital areas of the ship. Soon, the temperature in the cockpit dropped to tolerable levels, though it was still warm. Cagalli sat there, panting with exhaustion and dripping with sweat. The dream again. It was the same as the first time, after I joined the Alliance… The memories of Aube, burning in flames, her father's burned and charcoal body, still alight. Always asking for vengeance, to avenge the country upon those petty politicians who had destroyed it. And Kisaka and Mother were always there, with Father. Sometimes her friends were there, servants, people she had seen but never known. There was never peace in her sleep, as the dreams got worse the more she killed. But now, the first dream. It was back. And it was the most fearful.

She realized that she was crying, and shivering. She stopped herself, with great effort and looked at her radar screen. An island was coming up, several dozen miles ahead and two miles down. She leveled out, setting her course for it.

Or she tried to. Her controls were dead, she was in freefall, her engines uncontrolled. She closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable crash, the fire as she slammed into the mountain. It didn't come.

The Scorpio zoomed over the Kaguya Spaceport, throwing out sonic booms as it whipped past. Alliance officers were baffled by the meteorite, tracking it until

it's crash on the southern peninsula of Aube's main island, Uroboros, deep in rebel territory. ZAFT had tracked the object as well, and had sent out a search party. The Alliance base on Uroboros had dispatched their own search party, while monitoring the other "falling stars" headed for Uroboros. They landed near ZAFT's Vesuvius Base without any problems.

Cagalli's sleep was peaceful for once. She didn't know that her ship had been found, nor that the encounter would change her life. She didn't know how she would change so much in the world, or how important she was. She just dreamed. She didn't dream of fire and the dead. She dreamed of a beautiful, rolling field of flowers, a lake at the foot of the hill where she lay, lying by someone, a shadow of a person, who radiated a sense of peace. She knew that he understood her, cared for her, and that she wanted to be with him forever.

Athrun Zala slept. His fears disturbed his dreams. He saw Lacus, holding a light blue Haro and crying, kneeling. He saw soldiers, breaking into the room and gunning her down, and he saw his picture, a memorial altar, falling, riddled with bullets. His cries went unanswered, her body lying there, as everything went dark, as a brilliant ray of multicolored light lanced out, hitting the blue Haro, breaking apart and crumbling to dust.

Kira Yamato slept. He dreamt of wide open skies, brilliantly blue. He soared through them, alone, heading for a brilliant light. He saw storm clouds on the horizon. They came closer, enveloping him. He saw people, some he knew, some he didn't. He saw their faces as he fell, crying out for him as he reached for them, falling into the black void.

That's the chapter 1 edit. Not much was changed. But to clarify, Kira and Flay will not be a couple in this story. Check mahq . Net for information on the Drake and Nelson class ships. I'll post a link to an image of the Scorpio when I can. There will be more back-story in the story summary of Chapter 6.