Forgotten Half
Summary: An Ancient device has a startling effect on Sheppard and McKay. Can Beckett help them before it's too late? Sheppard and McKay friendship.
Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate: Atlantis or the characters in it.
A/N: This is my second Atlantis fanfic, the first full length one. I am not a scientist or a doctor so any mistakes are my fault, sorry. Oh, and for those who have read my other stories, be warned: Evil Skittle wrote a great many of the chapters.

Major John Sheppard eyed the desk in front of him warily. It was covered with a variety of strange contraptions. His eyes turned to the man who was sitting at the desk. "I thought Dr. Beckett told you to take time off from work after your run in with that Superbear-thing on Jeria."

Dr. Rodney McKay didn't look up from where he was fiddling with an unknown Ancient device. The 'blue-glowy-do-hickey' as Sheppard privately called it, was a cylinder of black metal surrounded by six smaller blue cylinders. "This is not work. I found a bunch of stuff in a lab on the South side. The text near them suggests that they were projects that had been abandoned by the Ancient scientists."

"So you're basically trying to get things to work that even the all-powerful Ancients couldn't?"

McKay rolled his eyes. "It's called a hobby, Major. You should try to find one other than annoying me whenever you have free time. Or go annoy Ford or Teyla."

Sheppard grinned. "Ford's busy and Teyla's on the mainland. Besides, you're more fun to irritate than them."

Dr. McKay sighed and set the device back on the desk. "Oh, I'm so glad you find so much entertainment…don't touch that!" Sheppard had snatched the device from the table and was fiddling with the buttons randomly. "Major!"

"What, it's not dangerous is it? You said it didn't work."

McKay reached out and tried to grab it, but Sheppard held it out of his reach. "Major, quit acting like a child! We have no idea what it does."

Sheppard smiled. "Don't worry, I'll be care…" He broke off as McKay made another grab for the device. The scientist managed to get a hold on one of the blue cylinders. The tug slid the device from Sheppard's grasp and he only managed to grab another blue cylinder. The major swung his other arm at McKay to make him let go, but McKay moved and Sheppard ended up hitting the top of the device instead.

Giving a loud hiss, the cylinders that McKay and Sheppard were holding detached forcefully from the main cylinder, which crashed to the floor. The force of the disengagement threw the two men backwards. McKay landed in a heap next to the wall, while Sheppard hit a personal power generator that McKay kept in his lab. The major's weight broke the generator, starting a power buildup that could only be released in a giant surge.

McKay and Sheppard had time only to look at each other in horror before the power surged, the lights went out, and the blue cylinders in their hands grew black.


"Dr. Weir!" Elizabeth Weir walked into the control room at Peter Grodin's puzzled summons.

"What is it?"

"There's been a power outage in Dr. McKay's lab. We're getting no readings from that area."

Weir frowned. Wasn't Rodney supposed to be taking time off after the bear incident? Shaking her head, the leader of the Atlantis expedition opened a com channel. "Dr. McKay, what is the situation." There was no response. "Rodney, what happened?" Still nothing. Weir frowned and tried to raise Sheppard who Beckett had enlisted to keep Rodney from working. "Major Sheppard, please respond." Nothing. She tried again to no avail.

Elizabeth tried to quell the nervousness that was beginning to rise inside of her. "Lieutenant Ford?"

Thankfully he answered. "Yes ma'am?"

"There's been some sort of power surge in Dr. McKay's lab and I can't raise him or Major Sheppard. Please take a team and check out the situation."


Armed with weapons and a life-signs detector, Lieutenant Ford led a group of two marines and Dr. Zelenka to McKay's lab. The Lieutenant tried not to worry when no life-signs showed up on the detector. He entered the darkened room first, than motioned for the others to enter. Dr. Zelenka headed quickly to the generator and managed to bring the power back on.

Ford frowned at the scene. The only thing out of order was the broken generator, the cylindrical devices on the floor, and two pairs of boots on opposite sides of the room. As his eyes swept the lab, a dark shadow next to one of the pairs of boots caught his attention. Moving over to the spot, Ford knelt to the floor, his nose catching the coppery smell of the puddle before him. He activated his radio. "Dr. Weir, this is Ford. No sign of the Major or Dr. McKay in the lab. I have reason to believe they have left the room and one of them is injured. We'll need a med-team."

He didn't wait for an answer before he gathered the two marines and quickly headed off to find his missing teammates, leaving Dr. Zelenka behind to deal with the generator. The Czech scientist bit his lip and got to work, trying to ignore the pool of blood that stained the ground nearby.

Hope you enjoyed!