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It spread throughout the whole city, an insidious infection that hit everyone in its path. Created over 10,000 years before, it knew its purpose and fulfilled it completely. Minds were attacked, memories completely erased and other memories filled their slots. It was horrible, invasive…and no one noticed it.


Dr. Zelenka stopped where he stood. 'Where was I going just now? Oh, that's right. It's time for bed, I've been up too long.' The Czech doctor smiled, turned around, and happily marched back to his room.


Carson Beckett stopped in mid-sentence as he was talking to Dr. Weir. "Elizabeth, what was I just saying?"

Elizabeth blinked. What had he just been saying? Something about John and Rodney and how they…needed to have a complete physical when the appeared again? "Something about Major Sheppard and Dr. McKay's physicals?"

"Oh yes. As I was saying, when they come back from wherever they are, I want to see them."

"Of course, Doctor. Weir out."


In Rodney McKay's lab two grown men were blinking from the affects of a bright flash. Dr. McKay scowled. "See what you did, Major! You could have killed us for all we know!"

John Sheppard grinned. "Come off it, McKay. We're safe, nothing happened."

"Nothing happened!" Rodney shook the cylinder in John's face. "You broke it! Look, the crystals have been burnt out. There's no way to replace them!"

Sheppard looked at the top of the cylinder, wincing at the blackened crystals. "Well, at least it wasn't us, just one of your play-toys." Before McKay could blow up at him, Sheppard took the cylinder from him, put it down, and starting walking away. "Come on, we have a meeting soon. Better not miss it."

The two walked down the halls, arguing, not seeing the surprised looks on people's faces as they passed. When they found no one in the conference room, Sheppard and McKay sauntered into Elizabeth's office, much to the leader's surprise. "Rodney, Major Sheppard, you're back!"

"Back?" asked McKay, his forehead scrunching up. "We were just in my lab, you know that Elizabeth."

Dr. Weir shook her head. "You've both been gone for two weeks."

Sheppard and McKay both looked taken aback. "What do you mean we've been gone for two weeks? We were just in my lab, and Major Sheppard was fooling around with the Ancient device I was working…" McKay turned and glared at the major. "You sent us forward in time! That cylinder was some sort of time travel device, you turned it on, and now we've lost two weeks! Two weeks of work, and I'm sure the idiots in the labs have ruined everything I've been working on!"

"McKay!" shouted Sheppard. "Shut up! I'm sure things haven't gone down the toilet just because you weren't there for a few days. Am I right?" he asked Elizabeth.

Weir nodded. "Everything's fine. Dr. Zelenka was working on the device and figured out what had happened to you. He figured you hadn't gone very far in the future and that the best thing to do was wait. Most of Atlantis just thinks you went to the mainland for vacation."

McKay was not appeased. "Well this is great. I've had two weeks of vacation and missed all of it."

He continued to glare at Sheppard, who just grinned. "Well it is your fault, McKay."

"My fault! How is this my fault? You were the one who turned the device on!"

"You told me it didn't work!"

Before McKay could continue the argument, Elizabeth intervened. "Gentlemen, Dr. Beckett wishes to see you, now that you've returned. I believe he mentioned a full physical."



Grumbling, McKay and Sheppard left the office, arguing along the way. "This is your fault, Major."

"Is not."

"Is too, Mr. Let's-activate-all-the-Acient-devices-within-reach."

"It is not, you should have told me not to touch it!"

"I did!"

In her office, Elizabeth Weir sat back in her chair and shook her head. 'Sometimes those two act just like children.'

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