The crowd had finally come and gone. Tsuzuki couldn't be happier. Every last member of the ministry had come to visit him once Hisoka was stitched and the baby was wrapped. First came the squealing, jumping Wakaba, dragging in her bastard of a partner. It was only Hisoka's weakness that had kept the man from glaring Terazuma down and attacking him. That and he didn't want to hurt 'mother' or baby. Then came in chief Konoe making all sorts of faces at the baby, most of the time making it cry with his very presence. He gave both shinigami a long while off from work. Then came in Tatsumi bearing fruit basket and bill for supplies and such in hand. Tsuzuki was happiest to see him of all people leave. He couldn't work for another 300 years free!

Tsuzuki sat in the chair placed next to Hisoka's bed. He loved to watch the boy sleep, he was so tired from the drugs he had just fallen right asleep after the surgery, Keitaro still held protectively in his arms. He was so cute there, with the baby in his arms, fussing ever so slightly as he too drifted to sleep. Now the baby sat in the bed made for him while he was going to be staying here, fussing and making those cute little noises that babies do when they have nothing better to do. Tsuzuki just figured the baby was happy to be out and able to move more freely, he never really seemed to keep his arms and legs in, always stretching and jerking around, like he was trying to get used to having them.

Tsuzuki leaned over, picking up his new son carefully, remembering the way Watari had flipped on them both, making sure they both knew how to hold a new born, like they hadn't known. He smiled at the sound of the tiny little diaper Watari had put on him, it made a crinkly little noise as he rested the boys tiny body on his left arm. Head supported, body cradled. He checked off in his mind the things Watari had beat in. He ran his fingers of his right hand gently over the babies cheek, loving the way the baby squirmed at his touch, making the cutest little noise.

"I've broken so many promises Keitaro. I've made promises to so many people before, that I'd protect them. I failed many times, and I've always beat on myself for them being hurt, but this time is different. I love you much, much more than my own life, Hisoka too... you.. mother I suppose. I'll die a million more deaths than to let harm be done to either of you." Tsuzuki watched the baby gurgle and whined. He never seemed to cry when he held him, he wouldn't stop when Watari held him. Tsuzuki wondered if the infant knew that it was Watari's fault for all this...

"I won't let Muraki touch you..." Tsuzuki stroked the baby's head softly, being ware of the soft spot as he leaned forward to kiss him. He tucked the blanket more securely around him, not wanting the baby to catch cold for an instant. Laying the child in his hospital bed laying at the foot of Hisoka's bed, he tucked the child even more securely before standing. He began to head out of the room when He heard the bed shift as Hisoka moved his weight to better see the older man.

"Where are you going...?" Hisoka asked tiredly. Tsuzuki could see the sleep in his eyes and the yawn in his voice.

"I've got a few things to do is all. I'll be back soon." He smiled but when he opened his eyes he could see the unhappy, weariness in Hisoka's eyes. He didn't want to be left alone, he hadn't liked being left alone since they'd rescued him from Muraki. He was constantly scared that the mad man would come back for him to dissect the infant from him, and now, baby born, he would have no reason to keep Hisoka alive for even a moment. He'd kill Hisoka and steal the baby right from his cold dead fingers. He leaned over the smaller figure kissing away his fear with a gentle brush of his lips against the pale pink of Hisoka's mouth. "I'm going to ask Tatsumi.." This brought a shudder through the man. All those bills... "to watch over you while I'm gone. You know he won't let Muraki get near you or Keitaro." He ran his hand over the boys cheek as he walked backwards towards the door. "I'll be back very soon Hisoka."

They kept Hisoka in the hospital only a matter of 2 days. They'd stitched him up after the C-section and due to his guardian of death abilities he was quick to heal and recover his strength. The infant didn't seem to be aware or care for the fact of just how close it came to death. He was strong, a great little kicker and quick to grab onto your finger or hair without mercy. He wasn't a fussy baby as thus far. He would wake up in the night with a wet diaper or wanting a bottle and Watari would help out, feeding the baby when Tsuzuki wasn't there or when Hisoka was just too tired to raise himself out of bed. He was all too eager to help them out after all that had happened because of him.

He was eager to be home again, He didn't mind the ministry so much, but he longed for the familiar feeling of home. Plus, the feeling of the people constantly around him without his ability to move away into a secluded part of the room like the library. Now he could sit at home, in all his comforts. He could barely wait for Tsuzuki to opened the door having to hold the infant close to himself. He just wanted to go lay down after all the people that had come yet again that day, bombarding him with their emotions in his weakened.

"Welcome Home 'Soka!" Tsuzuki cheered happily as he kicked opened the door, piling in with the small things Hisoka had Tsuzuki bring him, some clothes, come books, small things.

Everything seemed in order to Hisoka. He couldn't find much out of place. Tsuzuki had actually managed to keep the place rather tidy while he was away. "I'll inspect better later. I just want to go to bed." Hisoka shifted the infant in his arms ever so slightly. He was sleeping so quietly and he didn't want to disturb him.

"Wait Hisoka, I want to tuck you and Keitaro in!" Tsuzuki dropped his things on the floor running up after the boy as he headed down the hallway. "Hisokaaaa!" He whined when the boy didn't slow, making him to have to trot down the hallway to catch up.

Hisoka, having gained back his normal self after a while walked unaffected by the mans whines, eyes closed as he talked. He didn't need to see, he knew this placed by heart. "We have to figure out how we're going to sleep. Keitaro had to have a side of the bed until we get some...thing..." Having opened the door Hisoka opened his eyes, staring with large eyes at the new addition to their room. At the end of their bed was a round basinet with an elegant canopy covering it all decked out in blue, it was held securely but able to swing in order to comfort the baby without having to pick him up. Looking closely you could see a few extra washers on the floor, it was obviously recently constructed. There were a few stuffed animals, small, soft fuzzy kind, purposely made for babies. And then, there in the corner was one of those nursery chairs, the kind that rocked with the foot stool that rocked with you. A small changing table, shelves partially stocked with diapers, wipes, power and for decoration a few bottles.

With large eyes he turned back to Tsuzuki who sat there in the doorway with a goofy smile. "How did you pay for all this?"

"Aww... 'Soka. You ruined it. I wanted to see your first reaction when you saw it."

"You didn't answer me Tsuzuki.." Hisoka's tone lowered along with his eyes. "How did you pay for this?"

"I just took a little bit out of my pay every so often. WE still have enough to make it, even with Keitaro Hisoka. I did the math.

In Hisoka's mind, a thought bubbled appeared. Picture of Tsuzuki+ a math textbook a big nnnnnnnnnnnnn! NO! Hisoka came back to reality with narrowed eyes. "If Tatsumi comes after us.. I wont hesitate to point out your hiding place..."

" 'Soka- chan! you're so meeeeaaan!"

The two continued to argue a bit as Hisoka inspected the quality of the furniture and evaluated how much it would cost and how much had gone missing from the paychecks. Little did they know someone was watching their every move.

Hisoka lay the baby down in the basinet, finally giving into the fact that Tsuzuki had already spent the money and there was no use arguing about it. He watched the infant sleep, it was such a feeling inside that he'd never before felt as he watch his infant son sleep like that. It was a warming feeling that spread from the center of his body out to the tips of his finger. "You wanted him, didn't you Tsuzuki. You wanted me to keep him no matter what... even if it was Muraki's..."

"I would have you do what you wanted Hisoka." Tsuzuki sat down on the edge of the bed next to Hisoka who sat next to the baby. He pulled the boys hands in his own, loving the look in his eyes. "I wouldn't have asked you to keep it if you didn't want to. It was your choice, Hisoka. I wanted you to be happy. If that meant giving up the baby, I would have supported you with 100 of my heart."

Hisoka stared into the deep purple orbs for long moments. "Liar..." Was all he could say before he buried his face in the mans chest. He could feel it way deep down in Tsuzuki's heart. 'You wanted this baby more than anything, and you would have done anything to see it be yours, even make a pact with the devil...'

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