Mor Ithil (aka Dark Moon)

Chapter 1: Dark Tidings

Deep within the country of Elenath a young woman could be seen sitting cross-legged in the middle of the forest of Celeberin, her black cloak and chin length platinum blond and black hair swaying with the wind. Taking a deep breath, the young woman opened her eyes, revealing a pair of twin midnight blue orbs. Extending one of her arms outward, palm up she started to speak.

"Star which passes through heavens' night skies,

heed the ancient coven and the Earth.

I pledge my life that he may be called forth!


Out of nowhere, animals started to flood into the clearing, surrounding the woman. Smiling, the woman reached a hand out toward a young fawn, rubbing its head slightly. "Well I know the spell works." She muttered, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a carrot. Extending it toward the fawn, she watched awed as it took it from her hand. "Though, I was told it had no control over the animals, just called them towards the caster."

They don't run because to are too dammed nice, Rika.

Rika shook her head and laughed. Too bad for you, Mor Ithil, you're stuck with me.

At least the Gods put me with a powerful sorceress, and not a second rate magician.

Shaking her head at her dark side, Rika stood, startling the animals around her. "Have no fear, Mellonea. I'm leaving you to your beautiful home." Bowing, she strode form the forest, whispering a few words, leaving behind a pool of sparkling water.

As I stated earlier, you're too dammed nice.

A few minutes later, she strode into the village of Galad, her home. The streets were full of the normal hustle and bustle of the day. The merchants were shouting out what they were selling, children were playing, running in between the adults' legs trying to catch each other. As she strode through the streets, she was greeted with friendly shouts and gestures. It was only fitting being that she was the village Tarma, or Pillar. Why in the world do they call me their Pillar? She asked herself, confused.

A pillar holds a building up, keeping it from crushing those who reside inside. You help keep the outside forces that wish to harm the villagers from doing so. In a way, you are the pillar keeping them from being crushed by the outside world.

Have you been practicing that, Ithil?

Maybe. What's it to you?

Rika was about to reply when a scream sounded from down the street. Without a second thought, Rika sprinted toward the sound, her eyes as hard as ice.

"Emiko, are you alright?" She asked as she came upon the Priestess of the village.

"He…he has returned." The old woman stuttered, staring horrified into the fire. Sending the old priestess a confused look, Rika turned and gazed into the fire. Staring right back at her was a flaming eye, pupil slited. In the confines of her mind, Rika felt Mor Ithil cringed and slink backwards.

What is it Ithil?'s HIM.

Who is HIM?


Gasping, Rika pulled away from the flames. "Do not consult the fire again, Emiko. It is far to dangerous." She ordered, turning from the old woman's hut and down the street toward the stables.

"Of course, Tarma. But where are you going?"

Entering the stables, she strode up to her jet-black stallion, Kiyoshi, and led him out of his stall.

"I'm going to speak with an old friend. You there, I need to ready my horse with haste. I leave in fifteen minutes." She ordered the stable hand, patting the young boy on the head. Emiko frowned as she gazed at the young woman she had come to love as a daughter and followed her from the stables to her hut. When inside, Rika took out her ebony saddle bag and placed inside it two pairs of baggy leggings, four warrior gowns of her tribe, and lastly some bread, meat, cheese and her water flask.

"Rika, where are you going?"

The sorceress sighed, closing her bag. "I told you, to speak to an old friend. I'm sorry, but I cannot tell you anymore than that." Opening the drawer of her dresser, Rika pulled out her kunai and shrukin holders and strapped them to her left thigh. Turning to Emiko, Rika wrapped her arms around the old woman and pulled her into a hug.

"I will be gone for a while, mellonamin. I'm putting the village in your capable hands while I am gone." Pulling away, she threw Emiko a mischievous grin. "Who knows, maybe you won't miss me. The village will probably be a quieter place when I'm gone."

Emiko just laughed and picked up the saddlebag.

"Do not forget your sword, child. I have a feeling you will be needing it."

Rika grinned, strapping her faithful blade Katsu to her hip and marched back to the stables. When she got there, Kiyoshi was saddled and ready for the long journey ahead of them.

"Well, Voronwer. Let's head out. We have a long way to go." Mounting her steed, she strapped her saddlebag to his saddle and departed. At the boarder of Galad, Rika whispered a protection spell. Just because she wasn't going to be there physically, it did not mean that her duty as the Tarma was to be ignored. "Stay safe, melloneamin."

Rika and Kiyoshi road for weeks on end, trying to reach their destination as quick as possible, only stopping to sleep, eat, and rest her mount.

"I'm sorry, mellonamin. I know this is hard on you, but we must find the Gray Wizard with haste." Kiyoshi nodded his great head, rubbing his soft snout against her face.

"He says that he understands." A voice said from behind her.

With the stealth of a wolf, Rika was on her feet, Katsu drawn and held at the ready. "Who are you?" She growled, looking the man who had spoken over. He wore a brown robe, stained with dirt and grass; his long graying brown beard was full of leaves and twigs. For some reason, this did not bother Rika. It seemed as though he was meant to look that way.

The man smiled and pat Kiyoshi on the snout. "I am called Radagast, Milady. Radagast the Brown." Lowering her sword, Rika bowed to the Istar.

"I apologize, my lord. I had no idea who you were. I am guessing that you can converse with animals."

Radagast nodded, pulling a carrot out of his pocket and feeding it to the stallion.

"And am I right to say that you are looking for Gandalf the Gray?"

Rika nodded, sheathing Katsu now that the threat of danger had past. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out an apple that she had picked during her journey and held it out to the wizard. He took it with a nod.

"Do you know where he is, my lord?" She asked him as he ate, pulling out and apple for her self.

"Yes, he is currently in Rivendell. It should take you but three days to get there from here. Well, I must be going. Tenna' ento lye omenta."



Mellonea- Friends

Mellonamin- My friend

Melloneamin- My friends

Voronwer- Loyal one

Tenna' ento lye omenta- Untill we meet again

Namaarie- Farewell

Kiyoshi- Purity

Kastu- Victory