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The 1969 Tonic

Chapter One

Severus Snape watched in disgust as Lucius Malfoy snogged Narcissa Black on the neck. He'll make fun of her afterward thought Severus darkly. He hated couples, absolutely despised them. But of all the couples he loathed, he hated his parents worst of all, if you could call them a couple. He mostly tried to forget they existed.

Bellatrix and Lestrange are loony, Narcissa and Lucius are, of course, disgusting. Bianca is always screaming at Huggsly- I think she's going to kill him soon… And Potter with Evans is worst. I feel like I might puke whenever I see him with her- he's such a fucking prat.

Stabbing a fried egg with his fork, Severus made himself look over at the Gryffindor table, where, just as thought, Lily and James were bantering happily. Snape snorted loudly. Any girl who can put up with that ass must be a complete idiot, he told himself. Except he wasn't convinced. He never was convinced, no matter how many times he tried to break it to himself. Lily Evans was a snob. He just had trouble remembering.

"What on earth is the matter with your face?" Lucius questioned, always the bright shining bit of hope in Severus' day.

The truth was, Severus and Lucius had been in a row for the past few months. Severus hadn't decided whether or not he wanted to join up with this group Lucius kept telling him about- some DeadEating Union or whatnot. It was all about being proud of your Pureblood heritage, and was run by this Tom fellow with whom Lucius seemed to be infatuated with. Being that Severus didn't like social activity, he'd decided to give it some thought. He was ready to just agree. Lucius was becoming more obnoxious than ever, if that was imaginable.

"Oh, thanks for noticing me. Guess you needed some air?" Severus sneered.

"You look hideous."

Narcissa giggled into her hand. Severus hated how pretty she was.

"Get stuffed, Malfoy. You'd really know about looks, wouldn't you? You spend half of your life in the mirror." With that, Severus gathered up his books and sent Lucius another irate look.

"Perhaps you should go to the nurse for that. It looks serious," Lucius said, and turned around to continue with Narcissa.

Ugh, bloody jerk, I should…

Yeah, but you never actually will.


Severus sidled into Advanced Potions. He'd been early every day for the same reason as today. He couldn't stand his old best friend treating him like a piece of trash. It reminded him of his own house, of his father. Bastard, Severus seethed at that thought, even though his heart panged.

"Good morning, Snape, and how are you?" boomed Professor Slughorn.

Severus cringed. It was hard to exist around someone so damned merry. "Fine, Professor, and you?" he inquired quietly, slipping into his front row seat.

"Why, wonderful! Thank you so much for asking! You know, I've just been having such a great time preparing for the upcoming ball- you're going, of course, aren't you? It's just so much-" Slughorn's happy chattering subsided when he realised Snape wasn't listening, but all ready copying down the day's notes from the board into his potions book. "Erm… Anyway, today's lesson will be quite fun, I think. It's a bit tough, so I paired you all together once more and-"

"I said I couldn't work with Potter ever again," Severus spoke dully.

"No worries, son, I made new groups this time with you in mind."

"Can't I just work on my own?"

Slughorn's patience seemed to be wearing thin. "You know, Mister Snape, you will be graduating in four months. You may want to learn how to co-exist before heading out into the big world."

Snape finally looked up at the Professor, his black eyes cold and confident. "Thanks," he stated chillingly, and bent down to work on the notes again.

The teacher stared for a few moments in amazement, and then continued writing upon the chalkboard. The usually cheery ambiance had once again been conquered by Severus Snape's negativity.

I wonder who I've got this time, Severus thought begrudgingly. Probably some other dolt. Severus hated being partnered up, especially in Potions, one of his favourite and best subjects. He felt drained of his talents. Used.

Soon, the class began filling up. Severus studied each person in turn, judging how hard it would be to "co-exist" with all of them. Chang wouldn't be too bad. Vance is somber enough to almost be likable and that Ravenclaw…what's his name? Max something… Max LeVampe? He's quiet. Never talks. That's a plus, definitely.

Suddenly, the door slammed shut, and loud talking was heard, just like every day. And just like every day, Severus turned in interest even though he hated himself for being so pathetic.

James Potter, his arm around Lily Evans, was arguing with Remus Lupin about some stupid subject or another. The room seemed to brighten. Their energy turned Severus' stomach, but they were like the senseless dramas on the Muggle telly at home. Addictive.

"Oy! Snivellus! Get your own conversation!" James declared, as the bell rang out and they sauntered to their seats.

"No," Severus said sweetly," I like listening to yours, it's so very important!"

Slughorn turned around, giving Severus a disapproving look. Facing the class, he smiled. "Welcome. Today is going to be a great lesson! It will be a three day project, though, so it might get a little hard."

"NO!" James Potter yelled out.

Slughorn chuckled. "Now, now, rest easy! I've decided to partner you up-"

"YES!" James yelled out. "Professor, can we have three in a group?"

"I think you missed the part where I said partners, which means two persons and that I made the partners. So, no, Mister Potter, three will not be necessary."

"Ugh," James sniffed, crestfallen. "But-"

"Shut up," Lily put in cheerfully.

Slughorn grinned. "Thank you, Miss Evans." He proceeded to read the names aloud, Severus grinding his teeth. "Emmeline Vance and Xing Chang." There goes that chance.

"Ugh," muttered James again, and Severus smiled evilly.

Slughorn went on and on, adding in silly little comments like always, when finally: "Ah, yes. This, I think, will prove to be the best match. Two of the most brilliant potions minds that Hogwarts has ever seen. Severus Snape and Lily Evans."

Snape distinctly felt himself bite down on his tongue, but he wasn't thinking about that.