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Eternal Light

Chapter Five: Pain


Sakura pressed down her alarm clock, rubbing her eyes as she squinted her eyes to see the time on the clock. 6.45am she read. Groaning loudly, she stepped out of the bed. Damn, I'm late… she's suppose to go to the Hokage Tower at seven sharp this morning. Sakura quickly got changed and went over to the window. Unlocking it carefully she grabbed her bag and rushed outside. She blushed lightly and closed her eyes. It's not for Sasuke… it's for…the fresh air to get in… Her inner self laughed at her cruelly and told her that she's a bad liar. She swung her bag at the wall, making a crater. I am not. Her emerald eyes widened when she saw the crater. Biting her lower lip hard, she ran away before someone comes.

She ran all the way to Tsunade's office. Pushing the door open slightly, she poked her head in. "Tsunade-sama?" Tsunade frowned and looked up. Her frown soon disappeared once she saw Sakura. "You." Sakura winced at the tone of her voice. "You called for me?"

Tsunade clasped her hands together. "Sakura. This is very serious. You're meeting with Uchiha Sasuke." Sakura blinked. How did she know? "Tsunade-sama, it's not my choice." Tsunade raised her eyebrow. "Oh?"

I have to make her believe me. But I can't tell what happened. "Sasuke came to my house just checking on me. Nothing really happened." Tsunade narrowed her eyes, Sakura gulped. "You're a bad liar. Sakura."

"I can't tell what happened." Sakura lowered her head; she put her arms around her shoulders. "Please trust me." She said hoarsely. Tsunade sat back and sighed. "Don't disappoint me Sakura." The pink haired kunoichi slightly nodded, tugging strands of loose hair back behind her right ear. A knock was heard, Naruto pushed the door open, followed by Team Gai. Sakura raised one eyebrow.

"Tsunade-baachan!" Naruto waved happily. Tsunade frowned. "I heard we have this really exciting mission!" Lee turned to Naruto and gave him a thumb-up. "I see! This is youth!" Tsunade cleared her throat. "About the mission." Both of them shut up.

"The mission is to bring Uchiha Sasuke back. The leader of course will be Sakura." She blinked in surprise. It was her first time to be a leader. Her eyes narrowed in suspicious at Godaime.

A groan was heard from Naruto. The Godaime's frown deepened. "Why are we doing this again?" He glanced at Sakura, who looked away from him. Tsunade inhaled. "We don't have much time Naruto. Orochimaru will take his chances. You don't want Konoha to be destroyed, don't you?"

"Let someone's else do it!"

"All Jounins out!" Tsunade gritted her teeth. "You're his friend. You're going to do this mission, this is an order from the Godaime." Her brown eyes glared. Sakura winced at Tsunade's tone. Naruto mumbled under his breath, which Tsunade apparently heard. "What was that Naruto!"

"Right. You're going to take off immediately." She gave her last glare at Naruto, who shrank behind Sakura.


They traveled endlessly through the woods. Sakura had made some medicine for them some time ago. She gave them to her teammates equally. Lee broke into a big grin. "I'm so glad that we have a medicine specialist in our team!" Sakura smiled. "Thank you Lee-san. It's Shishou's idea after all."

Neji frowned. "Sakura-sama." It was her turn to frown. "Please don't call me that, Hyuuga-kun. I feel really uncomfortable." Neji raised one eyebrow. "The enemies are near." His Byakugan was activated. Sakura bit her lower lip. "How did they get the news so fast?"

"Five of them are coming after us." Neji objected; Sakura frowned at the calmness of his tone. So typical, so much like Sasuke. A kunai flew at them. Five of them dodged it and stopped by landing on one of the branches. "What do you want?" Sakura demanded. They couldn't see their faces; their faces were covered with masks. Naruto raised his left fist. "Don't try to stop us, you bastards!" One of them came behind Naruto and tried to attack him. He in return smirked, jumping off the branch. Another Naruto came behind and stabbed him with a kunai. He sighed. "I know you are weak. But not that weak." He grinned and flashed a thumbs-up to Sakura, she smiled in return, "Take the girl! She's the weakest!" Sakura heard one of them yells. She can feel her temper was rising up. "Weak you call me huh? I'll make you regret what you just said!" She raised one fist and hit the man's face. The mask cracked and fell onto the hard ground. His body couldn't take the huge force; it hit the ground, making a large crater.

His other teammates stepped back, terrified. Blue chakra appeared on her hands. Sakura charged at them, and lightly touched each one of their body parts. They fell onto the ground, gasping, sweating in pain. "Don't bother." She said coldly. "I have cut the nerves of your body parts." She turned back at her teammates. "I leave them to you!" The four of them smirked.

Sakura turned her back to them, smiling to herself. She couldn't hear anything but the cries of their enemies.


"That wasn't so hard!" Tenten said, filling her bottle up by the riverbanks. "Thanks to you, Sakura-san!" She lowered her head. "I didn't do that much. It was you guys." Naruto smiled at his friend, he liked her modesty. "Yeah, good one Sakura-chan." Sakura shot him an annoying look. "We'll rest here for now, we'll take off next morning." Her teammates nodded in agreement. "I want to find you as fast as I can." She whispered to herself, her emerald eyes stared at her image from the water. "Ugly…"

"Did you say something Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked. Sakura blinked and shook her head. "Iie, nothing." Naruto raised one eyebrow but went and help Lee. Sakura felt her tears roll down. She wiped them away. Taking the forehead protector from her pocket, she said quietly, "I love you…" Those three words seemed that the wind had taken them away.

Sakura decided to take a walk; she couldn't sleep with so many thoughts inside her head. The noise made her stop. She pulled out her kunai, her eyes squinting through the dark. She let out a relieve breath as she saw a rat-like animal ran pass her ankle. She scolded at herself for being so afraid. She laughed low at throat, putting her kunai back to her pocket. She looked up at the moon. Full moon… she frowned. She had this feeling that something bad is going to happen. She ignored the noise that is coming from her. She sighed. "Animal again?" She gasped as an arm circled around her waist, another arm holding one of her wrist. Swing back, she saw the face of Uchiha Sasuke. Before she could stop herself, she screamed. A hand covered her mouth. "Be quiet." He hissed. Her voice was muffled, unheard. She felt her tears coming down her cheeks. He turned her around, leaning down; he gave her a gentle, sweet kiss on the lips. No matter what her body told her, Sakura returned it. She gasped as his hand moved under her shirt. Sasuke's head moved down and start nibbling her neck. They finally pulled away, Sakura looked at him with in passion eyes. Sasuke pulled her into an embrace. His face burying into her pink hair, "I'm not doing this just using you…" He broke the silence.

Sakura looked up, her cheeks flushed. Sasuke looked down at her. "I'm not using you." His hands lifted her chin up. "Do you love me?" Sakura looked away. His eyes… "Answer me."

Sakura began to sob. "Y…Yes…" Sasuke leaned down and kissed her again. "Sakura, don't leave me again. I'm sorry, I was wrong. I should have listened to you before. I can't lie to you again. I can't force my feelings back." Sakura sobbed harder. "I feel the same." He said hoarsely. "I don't know why." Sakura fell to her knees. She clutched his shirt, burying her face in it. His arms circled around her waist. She forced the words out. "I… I can't b-betray Konoha…" She hiccupped. Her face glow under the moonlight, Sasuke closed his eyes. "You won't. I'm coming with you." Sakura gasped and kissed his cheek with happiness. Her watery face broke into a big smile. "What about the curse seal?" Sasuke touched his neck. "It doesn't matter, someone will fix it up for me in Konoha."


"Mission complete." Tsunade narrowed her eyes. "Well done…" She stared at Sasuke. "Uchiha Sasuke!" His head looked up as he heard his name. "What?" Tsunade frowned. "You do not speak with the Hokage herself with a tone like that!" She demanded. Sasuke shrugged. Tsunade inhaled and continued. "You came back with your will…"


"You decided to quit Orochimaru."

"Yes, yes."

Tsunade frowned. "I still don't like your tone, bozu." She turned to Sakura. "Give him the forehead protector!" Sakura nodded and handed him over. Tsunade ordered. "Put it on." He carelessly put it on his head. Naruto patted him on the shoulder. "I thought you're dead!" Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "Dead."

"Yeah, you know killed by Orochimaru." He made a disgusted face. Sakura's eye twitched. "Naruto, shut up." Sasuke smirked. "I'm not so weak as you, dobe." Naruto raised one eyebrow. "I'm not a dobe anymore."

Sakura smiled. "That's true. He's becoming a strong shinobi. Sasuke you should believe him." Naruto nodded beside her with agreement, and made a face at Sasuke. He ignored Naruto. "You're calling me Sasuke." Sakura paused. "What else should I call you then?" She smiled.

Sasuke smirked. "How about 'Sasuke-kun'?" Sakura felt her blushing, and punched playfully on the arm. "Stop saying that!" To his surprise, he stepped back at the force. Sakura blinked. "Gomen! I didn't realize…" Sakura cleared her throat and she turned to the Godaime. "Shishou… can you please seal the curse seal for Sasuke? It might not be a good idea for him to have it since he left Orochimaru." Tsunade peered a little bit at his neck and nodded. "I'll do that."

Sakura sighed in relieve and touched his arm. "Leave it to Tsunade-sama. She'll fix it for you." Sasuke nodded. It's easier than I thought…

To be continued…


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