CH 1 Moonlight Hunt

Not many know the dark origins of the vampires. They had been around as long as anyone can remember, as notorious as they were beautiful. As deadly as they were seductive. Blessed with graceful power and majesty yet tainted by their hungers and lusts. Marked with flawless features that were breathtakingly perfect, the vampires had countless admirers...and lovers, for they were accomplished seductors as well.

Their lives stretching across the centuries, they turned history in their own directions; The vampires held time in ivory hands.

The vampires hid themselves from the people of the sun, the Da'sara, and were content to rule carefully from the shadows. But what had started out as a mutual agreement among their kind to keep away from human matters had become a restraint over the centuries.

Among those in favor of renewing connections with humans were the nobility, the smaller half of the whole. They were not wholy convinced that all ties should be severed with the Da'sara. The vampires, or the Da'kana, the people of the night, believed that both were meant to be intertwined and so the vampires should stop hiding in the shadows. Their beliefs were met with much resentment and controversy.

Those that wanted to bury themselves under myth and legend and form a totally separate and independant world from the Da'sara made up the majority of the vampiric society. They believed that the vampires were superior in every way and so should create a superior place to inhabit. Fewer and fewer of these followers went out into the human world and hunted to fill their blood lust; They sated their hunger through the human slaves and bonded that inhabited the vampiric world.

One of the last remaining princes of the Da'kana, a believer of living with the humans, was out on a hunt to satisfy his bloodlust on this night. Overhead, the moon shown down and illuminated his path, although he didn't need the light. A vampire's eyesight is thirty times as good as a human's yet this one enjoyed the moonlight, basking in its glow.

Prowling silently and gracefully through the forest, Yami was searching for his prey, someone to satisfy his hunger. Every sense was tingling and sharp, he was ready for anything.

Those fools don't know what they're missing, Yami scoffed at the opposing half of the Da'kana. The hunt is what every vampire should live for. It is a ritual to keep our instincts sharp and our senses alert.

When the rest of them before it out, it will be too late. Those vampires will be easy prey for those hunters. Yami concluded, referring to the vampire hunters that plagued the Da'kana.

Suddenly, a rustling echoed throughout the forest, as if the whisper was carried by the wind. Yami froze and tuned his ears; He was no stranger to the language of the forest, to understand it only took belief.

Through the thick tree branches to his left, Yami could make out a moving figure. He smiled in the darkness.

Dinner is served.

"Ow!" Yuugi let out in a annoyed groan as he tripped over yet another root. It seemed that the entire forest was against him; this was the fifth root he had tripped over in the last ten minutes.

Maybe cutting through the forest hadn't been such a smart idea, he thought. But Yuugi had, had no choice if he was to get home by dawn. Not for the first time, he regretted passing up the ride Ryou had offered.

But then again, I don't want to die tonight either, Yuugi thought sarcastically. Ryou and his boyfriend had been happily drunk staggering their way over to the car when last he had seen them, loaded up on the free alcohol. Yuugi, being the level-headed person he was, had stayed away from the drinks and just enjoyed the party.

The party..., he thought again with a smile. Ryou had mentioned it the other day, and convinced Yuugi to come along. Eventually, Ryou had worn down Yuugi's refusal with his pleas and so tonight they had come, in costume, to this party along with Bakura.

Strangely, the costume requirement had been very strict, and when the three had arrived at the location, Yuugi had been surprised to find that all attending were dressed up. The costumes themselves were out of the ordinary in that they had called for an outfit of all leather. While Yuugi did own such an outfit, it had taken all of Ryou's encouragement for him to wear it tonight. Simply put, Yuugi was just not used to such revealing and sexy clothing.


With a frustrated grunt, Yuugi picked himself up from yet another fall and realized that there was yet another tear in his get-up; this one was a straight line cut across his chest, cutting through the leather and grazing his skin underneath.

He was really starting to hate this forest. He looked upwards, hoping for some much needed light, but it was in vain. Yuugi wasn't sure, but he thought the time was around two or three in the morning yet the sky was as pitch black as the darkest corner. He let out an involuntary shudder. This was not the place he wished he was right now.

They had stayed at the party until well after midnight. Even so, it had still been in full swing when they had left. Ryou and Bakura were eagerly ingaging in liplock while Yuugi, with a smile, had embarassingly looked away. The offer of a ride had been tempting but as seeing how it was obvious those two wanted to be alone and added to that was the fact that Bakura's fullest attention would not be on the road, Yuugi had declined and set off, to walk home.

So now he found himself stumbling precariously through the "Ra-damned forest". Yuugi was not one for swearing but he was getting ticked off as yet again a low-hangin branch smacked him across the face in the dark. This was so not his night.

Abruptly, a snap resounded frighteningly close and Yuugi halted his progress, at the same time, turning his gaze towards the source of the sound.

For a moment, Yuugi could discern nothing from the inclosing darkness around him.

Then, Yugi saw a shifting shadow racing towards him. He felt himself swept off his feet and a strong arm clamp down around his waist; Yuugi worriedly realized he was stuck there until his captor put him down.

The trees rushed by on either side of the hunter and his prey as Yami carried Yuugi back to a safer spot to feed. There was no need for any more of this human's kind to come walking and see Yami feeding.

Yami was pleased with another successful capture. This one hadn't even been able to struggle, it hadn't even had time. He felt a smile curve his flawless features, and he quickened his pace, eager to feed on his rather frightened victim; Yami could hear the human's heart beating faster in his chest.

What would have taken a human a day to reach by foot, a vampire could run in five minutes. Quicker than Yuugi could believe, they had reached the city and Yami vaulted over a fence and jumped up with graceful agility to the nearest roof top.

Without wasting any time, Yami turning his fearful victim around in his hold and let his bloodlust take over. Yuugi's eyes closed in fear, and then he relaxed in Yami's arms as a feeling of peacefullness settled in.

That instinct, that primal hunger, was what every vampire had known since the beginning. It started as a dull ache that reminded the blood sucker that the last time a feeding had happened had been too long ago. If it continued to be ignored, the ache flared quickly into a fiery pain that spread through the body until every movement caused pain. It was a lust that refused to allow room for breathing or morals. It heightened the senses and sensations until all that the vampire did brought the phantom feeling of blood. and all that he or she could think about was blood and satisfying their hunger.

Yuugi didn't know any of this. Before this night, he hadn't even believed that vampires actually existed...He still hadn't, until he felt the fangs at his throat. As Yami fed, he just floated on a feeling of peacefullness and didn't bother to bring his scattered thoughts together.

This one is sweeter, Yami thought as he fed on the human's blood. It almost seemed as if it was laced with honey, unlike most other humans who were tangy-tasting. Yami was still having difficulty controlling his hunger and just sucking him dry when a thought hit him. He wanted to actually see the face of this human. Who knew? Maybe there were more like him.

Reluctantly, Yami closed his eyes and pulled back from the human's throat. Immediately, he sighed in frustration; he had to be going soft to stop feeding on exceptionally good blood for such a trivial matter.

But he had already pulled back and Yami could feel the weak human stirring from the bloodloss-induced euphoria he had been in. Half regretting his actions, Yami opened his eyes and turned his gaze downwards towards his prey.

And stiffled a gasp.

Ths inferior human had a striking resemblence to himself. The same regal multi-colored hair stuck out of his head, the same slightly muscular build that disguised strength, at least in Yami's case, and he even wore same elegant leather clothes!

Yami was shaken, to say the least.

The only major difference between them was the human's eyes. While Yami's were a deep, striking red that could freeze his enemies in their tracks, this one's eyes were a lighter, gentle violet that beheld a kind and passionate soul.

And right now, those violet eyes were wide awake and staring angrily back at him.


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