"Bartender, two of your special this way," Bakura called as he leaned on the counter. He turned around and spotted Ryou in the crowd of fans they'd left on the dance floor. Ryou was in no immediate danger but Bakura still felt his over protectiveness kicking in. He grabbed the two bottles sliding across the counter toward him and pushed off, his frown becoming more prominent the more effort it took to push through the crowd toward Ryou.

When he finally reached him, Bakura passed him a bottle and glared at the girls hanging off Ryou's arm until they noticed and backed away. He turned the glare behind them and warded off another couple of dancers who'd been approaching, struggling not to smile and break his glare when they stopped short. Bakura made his glare scarier until the entire crowd backed off and gave them some breathing room.

He turned back to see Ryou smiling at him, exasperated. "Come on, Big Tough Boyfriend. Let's go sit down."

Bakura opened his mouth and closed it at Ryou's words. "I was about to suggest that," he complained to Ryou's back as he led them toward a table in the corner. "Get out of my head."

Ryou looked back with a smirk, "And where would you prefer I be, your bed?"

Bakura grinned. "Yes, out of my head and into my bed."

They took a seat on opposite sides of the table and took a large swig of their beer simultaneously.

Bakura eyed Ryou, "Hey love, what do you say to a little drinking game?"

Ryou thought for a moment, wiping his mouth. "Sounds like fun. Rules?"

"Winner's the one who signals he's finished by turning his bottle upside down first. The rest have to turn their bottle upside down then too, no matter how much beer is left in the bottle." Bakura explained then looked around the club, "This would be more fun if we had more players…"

At that moment, the pair of dancers who had vied for attention with Bakura and Ryou, and had lost in the end, walked up to their table. Ryou glanced out of the corner of his eyes to see if Bakura had been as surprised as he was by their approach and found that the vampire was grinning evilly and trying to hide it.

"Ladies! Wonderful dancing out there," Bakura greeted enthusiastically. "So nice to finally meet our adversaries, isn't it, Ryou?"

Ryou nodded while nudging Bakura under the table in question. He wasn't responding. Ryou then began to fear that Bakura was planning yet another scheme. Ryou refrained from shaking his head. 'At least this should be entertaining.'

"Care to join myself and Ryou here for a drink?" Bakura reseated himself next to Ryou and faced the girls as they sat down. "This is Ryou, the hottest thing in this city, and I am Bakura, a living legend. And you are?"

Ryou blushed as one of the girls snorted, then eyed him and Bakura.

"The name's Diana and this icicle next to me is Rain," The one that eyed them spoke up. She had straight, black hair and was wearing thick, black eyeliner, as well as bronze jewelry, giving her a striking resemblance to an ancient Egyptian. Bakura did a double take. The girl grinned slightly and leaned forward. "Before you get any funny ideas, this chick's with me and only I can insult her. Kapeesh?"

"Rain?" Bakura gave a deep chuckle and lowered his head until he was eye-level with the girl sitting next to Diana. "What an unusual name. Where ever did you get it?"

"I named her," Diana cut in. When Bakura looked at her askance, she just winked at him, and he sat back in his seat, his arm snaking around Ryou's waist under the table.

"What do you say to a little drinking game?" Bakura repeated what he'd said to Ryou, and after a moment's thought, Diana shrugged, saying she had nothing more to lose. Bakura wondered what that choice of words meant but again, refrained from saying anything.

Ryou meanwhile looked at the silent Rain intently, willing her to say something. There was something slightly eerie about her silence. With blond hair so blond, it was almost white, eyes so black, they swallowed up her pupils, and translucent skin, the absence of words from her mouth was even more apparent.

Rain sat silently, with a half-smile on her lips. So still was she that only the periodic sighs she made showed that she was breathing. She wouldn't even turn her head to meet Ryou's gaze but continued to look up at Diana, her eyes sliding to Bakura from time to time. Never back to Ryou.

What was confusing Ryou most of all was her aura; or rather, the lack of one. Being a Seer, he should have been able to see a lively fire surrounding her, growing and dimming with her emotions, but when he looked at Rain, all he saw was the wall behind her. Wait. There was a slight shimmer in the air directly above her head, as if a heat wave. Ryou blinked to make sure he wasn't seeing things- and was suddenly jolted back to the present as Bakura called more drinks over to their table.

"Wait," Diana interrupted Bakura. "We should have some type of prize for the winner. Otherwise, what's the point of winning?"

Bakura gave her a look. "Well, besides being the winner, you have the ability to gloat and the right to call the loser a, well, loser. Oh yeah, did I mention you get to be the winner?"

Diana shrugged. "Still."

"Alright, alright. But only because I like booze." Bakura paused in thought. "How about winner gets-"

"That's a nice necklace you're wearing," Diana interrupted again, eyeing the golden pyramid in a ring around Bakura's neck. "How about winner gets that?"

"And what if I win?" Bakura replied. "I can't very well get my own jewelry, now can I?"

Diana stopped to think about that.

"How about you answer, truthfully, any questions I ask you for the rest of tonight?" Bakura suggested as the idea hit him. 'Bakura, you're good,' he praised himself.

"There'll have to be a limit to how many questions you can ask." Diana narrowed her eyes, "That is, if you even win, of course."

"How about fifteen?" Bakura offered.

"Ten," Diana countered.

"Deal," Bakura grinned widely. "Shall we begin then?"

"Say the word." Diana and Bakura clicked bottles, not noticing that Rain and Ryou had refrained from joining in and had matching expressions that read 'this should be entertaining' on their faces.

"Nipples," Bakura replied, and promptly began chugging. Diana was so surprised that she stared at him for a moment before remembering the game, snatching the bottle off the table and shoving it into her mouth.

"Done," Bakura called, turning his bottle upside down and frowning as Diana did the same and an insubstantial amount of beer dripped out of hers.

She grinned at him. "Next?"

He slid a bottle across to her, ripping the cap off his own with his teeth, stuck it in his own mouth, and leaned his head back until the chair was rocking precariously on its hind legs.

"Done," He called again and slammed the chair's legs back into the floor. This time, only a few drops of beer leaked out of Diana's bottle.


Bakura grinned back at her this time, his respect going up for a girl that could chug her liquor. Now he knew he was going to have to step up his game. 'Time to bring out the big guns', he said to himself.

He slid another bottle across to Diana, and nodded to her. Then, he proceeded to exhale until he couldn't exhale anymore, and began inhaling the beer. Rain blinked rapidly in shock while Ryou leaned back in his own chair with a smile. Now this was the Bakura who'd won drinking game after drinking game. There were no other words for it except unbelievable. Instead of breathing air back into his lungs, Bakura seemed to have substituted the air with booze. And it was working incredibly well.

"Done," Bakura proclaimed as he turned his empty bottle over the table and laughed at Diana's expression as she tried to do the same and a third of the bottle spilled out.

He slid her yet another bottle, holding back another laugh at Diana's heartbroken look over the wasted beer. "There's no use crying over spilt milk, or in this case, spilt beer, Diana," he chortled. "Here, have another."

She immediately began chugging the beer while Bakura exhaled again, and proceeded to inhale the entire bottle in one gulp. He held his empty one out over the table and watched as Diana did the same with hers and her face skewed up in horror as half of the bottle emptied itself out.

"Okay, okay!" Diana exclaimed, breathless. "I fold. You win, Bakura. I just can't stand to see so much good beer go to waste." And with that, she opened a new bottle and didn't stop until it was empty. She finished, slumped against Rain while Bakura leaned back in his chair, one hand on his stomach and one around Ryou's waist and in his pocket.

"And now, my prize," Bakura smirked. Diana looked up at him, all set to send him packing, when their agreement came back to her.

"Shit." Diana winced then; she looked at Rain, and shielding her face with her hair, silently asked her if it was okay with her. She knew it was belated, but Rain was used to her one-track mind when it came to winning. Rain nodded slowly and Diana smiled back.

"Not here," Diana told Bakura. "You'll get your prize, but not here."

"Fair enough," Bakura nodded. "I know just the place. Follow me."

He stood up with his arm still around Ryou and calmly walked towards a spiral staircase with a sign hanging over it: 'PRIVATE XXX SHOWROOMS'.

Diana stopped short upon seeing it, her eyes narrowing, and tightened her arm around Rain. "Whatever you're thinking of, sir, I'd think again. Your prize, last I recall, wasn't a lap dance."

Bakura turned back around with an incredulous expression on his face.

"Lady, are you serious? Does this"- he indicated Ryou -"not mean anything? I thought it was obvious enough but apparently not. Here, I'll say it plainly: I don't do chicks, darling. Ryou, here, is my daily fuck, and all I really need.

And the reason, dear Diana, that we are going up to these rooms is because you wanted some goddamn privacy. Remember?"

Bakura turned back and let Ryou precede him up the stairs; he didn't glance back to see if Diana and Rain were following.

Diana just stood there with her mouth open and Rain, silent as always, beside her.

She turned to the paler girl, "Well, I've screwed myself over, haven't I?"

The room…was white; nothing but white. EVERYTHING WAS FUCKING WHITE.

Seto jerked up from his bedside vigilance and began pacing the length of the room again; it was exactly twelve paces across. He knew; he'd counted last time. He also knew that the width of the room was seven paces; that the rolling table was too far out and tripped him every time he walked by; that he was too distracted to move the table out of his way after tripping over it; and- Where was the fucking doctor?

Seto let out an expletive as he tripped over the leg of the table yet again, but his eyes fell upon the comatose human lying in the bed and he immediately quieted. Pursing his lips, he walked around to the side of the bed and sat down in his chair again, his eyes tracing the singer's now-familiar face.

He should have left after the tests had been sent off for results. He should have left after leaving the human with that doctor. Hell, he should have just left him in that street to die; one more human dead wouldn't really matter, right?

Seto stood up and resumed his pacing.

There was no changing what he'd already done. He was already there at the hospital, wasn't he? Fuck, he was right there next to the singer; you couldn't get any closer than that! Well, actually, you could, Seto's mind told him; he stopped short and looked at the figure on the bed again.

"Why did I save you?" Seto murmured to himself. He was standing beside the bed before he knew it and looking down at the sleeping face. His arm came out to touch the face before he knew what he was doing; Seto snatched it back and sat down hard.

A nurse wheeled a cart past the room, and Seto turned to eye the closed door. He waited until the squeaking wheels were out of even his enhanced hearing before he relaxed. The singer shifted in his sleep and Seto's attention shifted back to him; he moved- did that mean he was going to be all right? Seto asked himself.

"I don't know why I saved you," he whispered fiercely; his whole body tensed and he shuddered, feeling sweat slide down his back.

"But I do know why I saved you," he admitted in defeat. As if in answer to the truth, his body relaxed and he sank back in his seat with a broken sigh. "You look just like him."

The singer shifted again, his brow furrowing.

"Why do you look like him?" Seto hissed, as if in pain. "You're not him. It's not possible."

But it was possible; the proof was moving around on the bed in front of him. Seto realized then that the human was breathing raggedly and turned from side to side on the bed. Before the vampire could think of a course of action, the singer arched up off the bed and screamed.

Seto forgot his promise to himself not to touch the human and grabbed the singer by his shoulders, trying to support him any way he could. The singer's screams cut off abruptly then, and he began to shake and shudder in Seto's hold. At a loss, Seto just tried to hold him tighter.

Finally, that too, stopped, and the singer hung limply against Seto's chest and pounding heart. The vampire was trying to slow down his breathing and relax, when the singer moaned. Seto jerked and looked down at him, his heart speeding up again despite his attempts to slow it.

Eyes slowly opened and looked up at the vampire. A moment of strange, familiar recognition later, the singer gave him a huge smile, "Seto!"

The vampire choked.

To Joe, the bartender, the opening of the new club, Where's Your Head, was a success. The music was good, the bass booming, the dancers showing off their skills on the dance floor, and the liquor free flowing. Yep, he told himself, it was a success, all right.

A few minutes later, his good mood vanished like a puff of smoke when the Dragons arrived.

The first sign they were coming was the low rumbling underfoot. Joe thought it was only the bass of the music as always; but he quickly changed his mind as the mugs and bottles behind the bar began to shake, glass tinkling and drinks sloshing.

Looking around, he saw that he was the only one who had noticed; the others at the bar were too busy drowning themselves in alcohol. Joe swallowed hard. He began frantically looking around the club, hoping to spot the manager on duty. Unfortunately, he didn't find her; and worse still, even if he had found her, she wouldn't have been much help; no one was against the dark majesty and power that the Dragons had and the energy they carried with them, like that of a crouching animal in that moment before it attacks.

They were like a raging torrent of water, as impossible as that seemed of a motorcycle gang; but there it was. And that torrent looked like it was coming to the club.

Why? Joe asked himself. Because it was opening night, and no one can resist claiming a club as their own on its opening night.

The sound of yet another bottle being broken at one of the tables pierced the music, but Joe ignored it. That was a small problem on the scale of things; one that wouldn't matter once hell-on-wheels arrived.

Speak of the devil, Joe told himself as at that moment it became certain something was happening. Lights began to flicker and the music grew quieter, until the melody was all but extinguished and only the beat kept feeding the dancers. The tinkling of the glass grew to a rattling that got the attention of even the drunkest fool sitting at the bar, and they all stopped talking at once. The silence grew to fill the club as a whole and then-

A huge explosion of sound rushed through the club and echoed off the walls. A loud scream of abandon sounded from outside; a call of one feral being to another; the warning of a Dragon to his prey.

The main club doors burst inward; the leader of the gang had kicked them open. In silence, he surveyed the crowd, a wolfish grin on his lips. Tall, spiked, blond hair topped his head, and it was fitting. As his head swiveling from side to side, the spikes followed behind a moment later, creating a menacing halo around him. One of the girls sitting at the bar jerked in her seat and the leader's gaze snapped to her, eyes only for movement in the club. The girl gasped as she saw his eyes, a deep, hypnotic violet that seemed to pierce her soul as she sat there; the girl fainted.

The leader snorted, and shouted over his shoulder for the rest of the gang.

"Looks like we're having us a party tonight, boys!" he laughed throatily. He stopped laughing when no one else laughed along with him, waiting for something. "Well? Get back to partying, bitches."

The music hurriedly started back up as the rest of the gang walked through the doors, each intimidating but none as imposing as the leader had been. And still was.

He'd marched across the edge of the dance floor all the way to the bar, and leaned against it, leering at the bartender. Poor Joe was shaking in his uniform.

"Do you know who I am, sonny?" The leader asked lazily, a glint in his eye. He didn't wait for the bartender to answer. "I lead these dipshits that call themselves the Dragons. I'm Yami fucking M, fool. And you'd do well to give me a drink before I smash your face in and get it myself."

"Of course, sir," Joe stuttered and whirled about to get a glass. He ran into a problem just after that.

"Sir?" He tried to get the leader's attention; he was currently eyeing the dancers on the dance floor, who were moving self-consciously with his gaze on them.

"Yami M?" Joe tried again. That caught the leader's attention.

"Mortals will not address me by name," the leader told the bartender, an expression of distain on his face. "You will refer to me as the evil boozer of the universe."

The bartender's eyes widened in surprise; he didn't exactly know how to digest that. "Evil Boozer of the Universe?" -The leader nodded regally in acknowledgement- "What drink would you like?"

"And here I thought it'd be obvious," The leader sighed in exasperation. "I'm the Evil Boozer of the Universe. I want EVERYTHING."

"So, let me get this straight," Bakura shook his head. "You're claiming you've been hired to do away with Ryou and myself?"

"Well, not Ryou, exactly," Diana corrected. "The main target was you, but it was understood that we'd get a bonus if we hit him, as well."

"Hit men after us," Ryou mumbled, trying to wrap his mind around it all. He suddenly turned to glare at his boyfriend, "Bakura, what did you do now?"

Bakura laughed nervously, putting up his hands as if to ward off a blow. No one wanted to tangle with Ryou when he was in a mood; it was always better to say- "Nothing, Ryou. Nothing!

…Nothing I can recall, anyway," he muttered under his breath. Diana heard him though, and started laughing to herself. Ryou's gaze snapped to her.

"What? You've got something you'd like to share, Ms. Hit man?" He snapped as he rose from the couch he and Bakura had been sharing. "Maybe you'd like to tell us your plans on how you're going to murder us later when our backs are to you? Or maybe you derive some sick pleasure from telling your targets that their life is scheduled to end and then doing the deed! You're screwed up- this whole THING is screwed up! Why am I still here? Oh god, I must be screwed up, too-"

The rest of Ryou's rant was abruptly cut off as Bakura snagged him around the waist and pulled him into his lap, silencing Ryou's protests with his mouth. Instantly, they both forgot about their audience, and smiling, Diana sat back to watch the show, her arm around Rain.

Bakura broke the kiss, "You're incredibly sexy when you're angry, did you know?" He murmured against Ryou's lips.

"Oh shut up, you," Ryou murmured back. They would've continued the kiss if Diana hadn't tactfully cleared her throat at that moment. Bakura and Ryou broke away, the latter turning red.

Bakura was about to say something else when the ground shook beneath their feet and the lights flickered overhead.

"What was th-" Ryou began, but was abruptly cut off as Bakura put a finger over his mouth. Diana started in realization, the movement catching Bakura's eye.

"You know what's happening downstairs, don't you?" Bakura stated rather than asked. Diana nodded guiltily while Rain blink at him, a blank expression on her face not unlike the one she'd had the entire time. Bakura had never really gotten around to asking the two about themselves, personally, after the hit men spiel. "Tell me, Diana."

"It's..." Diana drifted off as the lights flickered again. Bakura rose to tower over her and Rain as they sat on the couch across from him and Ryou. Diana threw up her hands as she gave up.

"I've done all I can," she tried to justify herself; Ryou stood up with those words as well, and Bakura put his arm around him. "I've told you the truth about us coming here to do away with you two…what I neglected to mention was our contractor."

"Now why didn't I ask that before?" Bakura mused and grew quiet as he contemplated the answer. Ryou elbowed him.

"The-leader-of-the-Dragons," Diana said in a rush. It took a moment for Bakura to break up the words into her answer and then, he only had to put two and two together-

"MARIK?" Bakura's voice thundered through the room and the figurines depicting naked girls in various, lewd positions began to shake on one of the shelves. "I'd understand the bartender who I repeatedly stiff for the bill, the people who find that their prized possession has disappeared from under their noses and know that I was the only one around, hell, even the old grannies who get insulted every time I walk by in 'that way of mine'. But MARIK?"

There was a silence. No one wanted to draw Bakura's attention and receive the rest of his fury, no matter how misdirected.

"You're sure?"

Diana nodded.

Bakura began to tremble with contained fury, "Why, that back-stabbing, murderous, two-faced, motherfucking cu-"

"Bakura!" Ryou shouted. The vampire cut himself off, though his expression still read 'I'm imagining you dead at my feet and it will become a reality very, very soon.'

"Ryou," Bakura growled lowly, "Step away from the door. Marik has tried to kill me, and even worse, you, though his attempts have been very pussy-like. I am very, very pissed right now and the object of my fury is just downstairs. I am now going to proceed to make his nightmares look pansy in comparison. I said: step away from the door."

Ryou's shoulders slumped and he looked at the ceiling. "We're going to be banned from this club too, aren't we?"

As the vampire began to advance, Ryou took a step to the side and opened the door, "Enjoy yourself at least, Love."

"Oh, I will," Bakura hissed. Behind him, Ryou gave him an exasperated look, turning it to Diana and Rain as Bakura stomped down the stairs so hard, the ceiling shook. "Thanks, ladies."

Diana had a horrified expression on her face, "Oh fuck."

Ryou snorted, "'Oh fuck' is right. Let's go see what kind of fun Bakura has in mind, shall we?"

They heard a shout and saw part of the brick wall jut outward as something smashed into them from the inside. Yami tensed and Yuugi stepped nearer to him, one hand grasping the leather jacket on the vampire's shoulder.

"What - or who - is that, Yami?" Yuugi asked tentatively.

"'What or who'?" Yami tried to avoid the question, "You're learning, Yuugi."

"Yami," Yuugi warned him. The vampire got the message, and normally, he'd have handled the human's tantrums with no problem but they didn't have time for one right then.

"I assume that we shall find out very, very soon," Yami finally answered, his shoulders tightening in preparation for a fight as something else hit the wall and more bricks jutted out.

Merry gave an exasperated huff and pushed them to the side, stepping forward. "It's always the same. Always! How many times have I broken these fights up? How many cities? I couldn't honestly say, they're all so alike!"

Yuugi was about to comment on her rant, but Yami clamped a hand over his mouth and whispered for him, "Better to let her get it all out now, while we're alone."

"This is just ridiculous!" Merry continued, "I've decided. I won't do anything this time. They've all created their own mess; let them fix it. Come on, boys. Let's go get a good seat. This show's about to get interesting."

She began marching down into an alley on one side of the club; Yami and Yuugi had no choice but to follow.

She led them to an emergency ladder that ran up the wall to the roof, and began climbing; her long skirt and fur coat making the climb look almost comical. Merry was climbing to the second floor when she remembered the vampire and his Marked.

"Well?" She was slightly out of breath; a fact justified by the layers of clothes she was wearing. "Why are you still standing there? What are you, royalty? Well, yes, you are, Yami, but that's beside the point. Start climbing!"

Rather than feeling slighted over Merry forgetting his status, Yuugi was surprised to see Yami chuckle to himself and offer to let him climb ahead of himself with a sweep of his hand. Being one who felt uncomfortable feeling any emotion he wasn't expecting, surprise being one of them, Yuugi decided to let it out on Yami.

"You want me to go first, is it?" Yuugi raised an eyebrow; Yami nodded once, a wary expression crossing his face. "Oh, I get it. You just want an uninterrupted view of my ass, and me climbing above you is the perfect opportunity. Yami, I didn't know you were such a pervert."

Yuugi finished with a grin, feeling much better, to see Yami grinning back at him. His smile faltered.

"Ah, and this is your way of getting me to go first," Yami replied. "It's you who wants to see my ass, isn't it?"

When Yuugi didn't respond right away, Yami grinned wide until his fangs were showing. "I knew it."

Yuugi struggled to find a witty response, coming up disappointingly short. Yami strutted past him, brushing his hand along Yuugi's arm. "Lucky for you, love, I don't mind. I enjoy showing off this body. Oh, and one more thing,"

He began climbing up the ladder and his face was lost to the dark. "I don't limit myself to one gender."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Yuugi called up to him as he began to climb as well.

"It means," Yami grunted as he swung himself over the railing and started the next ladder, "that I enjoy both females and males...Just thought you'd like to know, darling."

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