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Jaye, once again, sat behind the counter of Wonderfalls leaning her chin her hand. A man in a nice an outfit that Jaye could only describe as dress-casual walked up to her and said, "Is Alec Robinson here?"

"Yeah he's over there," she pointed towards the mouth breather, she had never heard his last name before this moment.

The man pulled a piece of paper out of his coat pocket and said, "Alec Robinson?"

The mouth breather turned around, looking very conufsed, "Yes."

The man gave him the paper and said, "You've been served."

Jaye was astonished. What had the mouth breather done? The man walked out of the store looking proud of himself as mouth breather read the paper he was given, "I can't believe it!" he exclaimed as he ran his fingers through his hair in a worried manner.

"What happened?" Jaye said as she tried to get close enough to read it.

His shock suddenly turned to annoyance as he looked at Jaye and said, "You were wrong, he is suing. But it's worse than I thought, because he's suing me."

Jaye's mouth fell, but at that exact moment she heard her pocket say, "Help him out!"

Jaye ignored the voice and said, "Why is he suing you? Are you even a legal adult?"

"No." The mouth breather said, "but I guess that doesn't matter. He's suing because I 'inflicted an excruciating amount of pain onto him'" He didn't seem mad anymore, he now seemed afraid.

"Help him out!" Jaye eyed the pocket, but pretended she heard nothing.

"Well, do you need a lawyer?" Jaye asked softly thinking of her lesbian lawyer sister, Sharon.

"I guess," he said staring straight out.

"Well, my sister is a lawyer. Maybe I can talk her into representing you." Jaye offered. Am I feeling sorry for him? She thought. But he does seem pathetic and sad, not at all like himself.

"Yeah... that's be nice," he walked over to the register and sat staring off into space.

Jaye walked away, looking utterly shocked. She actually missed the bossy know-it-all. This version of the mouth breather made her feel like this was all her fault. As she entered the break room, she was greeted with a "Help him out!" yelled by a stuffed dog with a Wonderfalls T-shirt on.

"I'm trying. I'm trying." Jaye said as she picked up the phone and dialed her sister's cell.

"Jaye, what is it?" Sharon said quickly.

"Why, hello sister of mine." Jaye said sarcastically, "I don't get a real greeting."

"Well, you only call me when you need something or something bad has just happened. Which one is it?" Sharon said knowingly.

"The first one," Jaye said reluctantly.

Sharon sighed and said, "What do you need?"

"Well, my associate-" Jaye said.

"You have associates? At Wonderfalls gift shop?" Sharon said mockingly. Jaye could just see her eyebrow raising when she said associates.

"Fine, co-worker is being sued and he needs a lovely, sweet, smart, and amazing lawyer to represent him, for free." Jaye said waiting for the yelling to come.

"What? Do you mean that weird looking kid who breathes loudly?" Sharon inquired.

"If you mean Alec then yes,"

"That's the first time I have heard you say his name," and that was the first time Jaye had ever said his name.

"Well, he's in a bind."

"Fine, what is he getting sued for and when is the trial?" Sharon said sounding defeated.

"Well, he knocked some guy over and the guy is now pulling phony charges out of his ass-"

"Language, Jaye,"

"Please like you don't cuss all the time, Sharon" Jaye said rolling her eyes, "anyway, I think it'll be this Thursday."

"Fine, tell Alec," Sharon seemed like she had searched for his name, "that I can meet him today after you two get out of work to discuss this." Sharon said this with distaste, but Jaye wasn't going to complain.

"Thank you so much, Sharon."

"Yeah sure," Sharon said as she hung up.

Jaye looked at the dog with a proud smile, "I did your little deed, he's going to be helped, so there, ha!" she said sounding a little crazy, but not caring.

Jaye walked out into the store when she heard a chorus of, "Help him out!" from clones of the dog.

"You have to be kidding me."

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