Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo

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Summary: Kinda like the song, both Elliot and Olivia get drunk to forget their demons which leads to a night of interesting revelations, but kinda not. All in all just a fun, steamy, drunken little fic.

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"Last Call," the lone bartender called out over the dull roar with a thick Brooklyn accent as he busily took the multiple requests that were suddenly pouring in from all directions.

"That's my cue," John Munch stated dryly to his three remaining companions as he slid off the barstool that he'd been warming for the past two and a half hours.

That night the SVU team and their ADA finished a particularly grueling, high profile case that had been plaguing them for the better part of three hot, late July weeks. That night, after weeks of dead ends, no witnesses, no leads, no clues, only a horrific MO and a new body of a pubescent girl every few days to work with, did the detectives finally catch a break. Their perp had left a partial print on a condom wrapper found in the dumpster where his last victim was dumped to die. The print was a eight point match to a Christian Dakota locksmith for a "Better Safe Than Sorry" Home protection agency. The bust was a huge deal for the 1 -6 and everyone joined in for 'a round' at McMullen's to celebrate both the end to the terrifying killing spree that had all their nerves a little more then frayed as well as a well earned day off for the lead detectives.

"Me too. Mind if I share a cab with you?" Casey Novak slurred as she wobbled off her high stool.

"Be my guest," he replied offering her an arm to steady herself on. " 'Night Olivia, Elliot. Don't do anything I wouldn't do," he called out with a wink as he helped Casey out the door to hail a cab.

Casey giggled uncontrollably in her drunken state as they left the bar leaving Elliot Stabler with a smirk that would rival the Cheshire Cat himself and his partner, Olivia Benson, biting back her lethal tongue trying desperately to keep her witty comeback at bay.

Elliot gazed back down into his empty bottle and ordered another, as Olivia picked at label off of her tall, clear Smirnoff bottle humming along with Def Leopard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" that was playing against the chatter of the dark bar. Neither were nearly as drunk as their pretentious, uptight little ADA, the alcohol just seemed to go straight to her head, and neither were all that ready to leave the other's company just yet either.

His fourth Miller Lite of the night came surprisingly fast right along side his bill.

"Anything for you dolly?" the bartender asked eagerly licking his lips while casting his gaze down into the deep v-neck of Olivia's pink tee-shirt.

"Just my bill hunny," she shot back flipping her chained police badge out from it's hiding place between her breasts.

The bartender got the picture and produced her bill without another word or glance in her direction.

Elliot smiled at her discrete action as he sipped his beer.

"What?" she asked innocently never turning to face him. She knew he was staring at her - and smiling. She could feel his fiery blue gaze without ever having to see it.

"Using your badge to deflect male attention again huh?" he laughed as he took her bill and his and slipped them inside the black leather case along with his Visa card.

She scowled at his actions and he just shrugged. "Well I figured it'd be less obvious then me kicking his skeevy little ass."

"Oh come on Liv, you know skeevy is so your thang," he replied as he signed his receipt and pocketed his credit card.

"Oh yeah," she cooed mocking him. "I just go all weak between the thighs from every scruffy, wet behind the ears, buffed up, drunken frat boy who thinks he God's gift to women that crosses my path. Let me tell you."

Elliot swallowed hard but didn't miss a beat. "Well at least that explains Cassidy."

She stood up gathering her things. "No, me being a horny drunk explains Cassidy. That was a very lonely, very drunken mistake."

He swallowed the last of his beer and jumped off his stool beside her following her out into the sticky, hot New York night. "You headin' home?"

"Yea," she purred as he stepped in sync beside her. "I have a date with Jose Cuervo," she replied with a light laugh, her mood lifting now that they were out of the bar. She'd never really been too found of them, especially after her mother... She bit her bottom lip at the thought. No none of that tonight.

Elliot licked his lips at the brief smile that had graced her lovely face. "Care to make it a threesome?"

She fought against the blush that was threatening her tanned cheeks and neck. "Now that you mention it I was planning on picking up Jack Daniels on the way..." she teased. "But I guess you'll do."

He grabbed his heart in mock pain. "Ouch Liv. You break my heart."

They walked in silence for a little while until Olivia cocked her head at Elliot sending him a side sweeping glance. "Things still rough with Kathy?"

"Mmm," he mumbled as a response. "We haven't spoken a complete sentence to each other in over a week. I think we've both given up trying to talk to each other because we just end up in a screaming match in the middle of the night usually resulting in a frightened child or a sleepless night and shitty ass mood the following day," he explained with a heavy shrug. "Nothing's really left of our marriage but the motions and even those are becoming strained and forced."

Olivia opened her mouth to reply, but said nothing. An 'I'm sorry' seemed appropriate for the occasion, but she wasn't exactly sorry his marriage was going to hell in a handbasket. Not that that didn't make her feel guilty as hell, but she never could be fake sympathy for something or someone she didn't feel deserved it. Besides, he didn't seem all the torn up about it either.

"Besides I think she's having an affair," he added queitly.

Olivia's mouth dropped. "You what? How?"

"I'm a detective. A detective with a impressive career and equally depressing marriage, which by all measures makes me a damned good detective," he reasoned through his rambling.

Olivia smirked. "You are so full of shit Stabler. How do you know she's having an affair?"

"Well," he began as he cracked his knuckles, "For starters she hasn't so much as touched me in the past three months."

"That could just be a case of blue balls talking. It doesn't mean anything," she concluded.

He furrowed his brow at her and scowled. "That's not all. I've also discovered a stash of lingerie buried in a shoe box in our closet that I have never seen before when I was looking for my old basketball shoes. Then there are the constant accusations of me using my job as an excuse to cover up the affair I'm having with you."

Olivia's moth dropped again as her body flushed with guilt. "We never... I didn't..."

"No Liv this isn't your fault. It really has nothing to do with you. It's her own insecurities you know? She's having an affair, and she's so scared I'll find out so she's throwing this 'affair' we're supposedly having in my face as often as possible. It just took me a little while to realize that that was what she was doing," he explained completely void of emotional tone. It didn't seem quite appropriate for the subject, but maybe he'd been suspecting it for awhile and was relieved the sham was exposed and he didn't have to fight and justify himself and his job anymore, or maybe it was just the alcohol talking.

"I think you've been hanging out with Huang a little too much. That or listening to Munch and his women conspiracies a little too closely," she teased with a gentle smile.

He smirked as they approached her building. "Haha."

She dropped her hand in his and threaded her fingers through his pulling him up the stairs to her building. "Well it sounds like you need a night spent getting shit faced with a bottle of tequila to me."

"My thoughts exactly partner," he agreed whole heartedly with the breath taking brunette as she unlocked her apartment door.

He was immediately hit with a wall of dry heat as she swung her door open. "Jesus Liv! Don't believe in air conditioning?"

"It's broken," she replied as she busily began turning on various fans throughout her cozy little apartment. He helped her move some inside the windows as she continued. "The super requires a maintenece request to be placed at least a week in advance with the date and time included of when you'll be home for the repair. Since I never know my schedule even a day in advance, I'm just shit out of luck. Besides, the fans work. You just have to give 'em a minute or two."

After every fan was on and blowing as high as they could, she grabbed a rather large amber bottle of Jose Cuervo from her cabinet and two tall, frozen shot glasses from her freezer and sat them down on the coffee table. "Make yourself comfortable," she smiled and turned on her stereo as she slipped into her bedroom.

Elliot loosened his tie as he peeked around the corner into her bedroom getting an eyeful of her toned, tanned bare back. His mouth dropped. Exactly what did she mean by 'make yourself comfortable'? Well, it had to have something to do with this heat he reasoned. He wiped the thin line of sweat from his forehead as he opened his dress shirt discarding it and his tie across her large, soft armchair leaving him in a white wifebeater and dark jeans.

Olivia sauntered back in the room in a body hugging pink camisole and tiny loose gray shorts that hung low on her hips and rode high on her thighs leaving him completely breathless. "What? It's fuckin' hot!"

He swore he could feel the temperature rise about ten degrees. "How come you don't sashay around the 'pen in stuff like that?" he whined.

She smiled. " 'Cause Munch would never get any work done then."

"He wouldn't be the only one," he mumbled his eyes growing darker with every sweeping glance over her body he stole. God he had one hot partner.

She knew he was salivating, she just wanted to spare him the embarrassment by acting completely oblivious pretending to be all consumed pouring their drinks when truth was she could do that with her eyes closed. She licked her lips and it wasn't entirely do to the inviting frosty shot of liquor in front of her. There were definite advantages to being in an apartment with no air conditioning in the middle of a sweltering New York July. She could waltz around practically naked driving her handsome partner to his breaking point while simply blaming her lack of clothing on the heat. "Sit," she ordered and patted the dark carpet next to her. "Drink."

He complied and took the cold glass from her elegant, long fingers. "Round one," he toasted as she clinked her glass to his with a wink. They downed the amber liquid in unison both scowling at the burn as it inched down their throats.

She poured them another. "Round two," she smiled as they consumed another shot of burning courage.

Olivia took a third shot and squealed as she jumped up splashing the bottle around in the process. "My song!" she purred as she turned up her sleek silver stereo. Elliot laughed and licked the tequila off of his hands and arms as she plopped back down beside him singing along happily to Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" while pouring them both a shot. He shook his head at her. The hard alcohol was definitely working on her. Her thick, protective walls were coming down fast and she was loosening up. He gulped down the shot she slid his way and smirked at her as she sang along to the pop song.

"You come on with the come on

You don't fight fair

That's okay, see if I care

Knock me down, it's all in vain

I get right back up on my feet again"

He knew she secretly loved that stuff. She's was addicted to all those female power pop songs and '80's hair band junk. Then their was her Prince... Of course, she'd rather take a shot in the arm then admit to it, but he knew. He'd caught her on more then one occasion singing a Blondie or Heart song softly to herself while she was lost in paperwork late at night when it was just him and her in the bullpen or humming along to a Bon Jovi song on the radio while they on their way to a crime scene. He loved that little quirk about her, and he felt honored that she felt comfortable enough with him to revel that side of herself to him.

"Hit me with your best shot

Why don't you hit me with your best shot

Hit me with your best shot

Fire away"

He watched her sway her knees and tap her bare feet along to the tune of the song while she took a long swig straight from the half empty bottle. "I think that counts for two Liv," he laughed and tried taking the bottle away.

"Uh un," she mumbled snatching it out of his reach. "I'm the hostess," she declared matter-of-factly as she sang and twirled the bottle between her fingers teasing him with little sips.

"You're a real tough cookie with a long history

Of breaking little hearts like the one in me

Before I put another notch in my lipstick case

You better make sure you put me in my place"

"Okay hostess so share," he dared stretching across her body pressing his hard chest against her soft one while grabbing the bottle from her stealing his own long gulp.

She licked her moist lips, dropped her bottom lip, and crossed her arms beneath her breasts as the song ended in the background. "No fair. You can't do that!"

His lips curled into a cocky grin as he brought the bottle back down to his side. "Why not?"

"Because I haven't gotten laid in four months and that was cheating!" she declared. God, couldn't he see her body was starved for physical contact? He knew what he was doing and in her rule book that was cheating. Only she could do things like that! He wasn't playing fair.

His smile grew more devilish as he teased her with another gulp leaving a trail of tequila caught in the stubble above his lip."Yea? Join the club."

Her pout subsided into a frown. "I forgot. I'm sorry," she apologized and looked down. Her mind was fuzzy with alcohol and carnal desire, but that didn't excuse her lack of sensitivity. He was hurting and she was suppose to be making him feel better.

"Don't pity me Olivia," he stated and cut his icy eyes at her. She shivered at his intense gaze as she watched him take another slow, torturing swallow.

She steadied herself and inhaled sharply. "I meant it must be worse for you you know? Considering your case of blue balls and all," she stated to save face and her ego. The tequila may be affecting her sense of balance and her vision, but she'd be damned if she was going to loose her pride to it as well.

He choked on the residual taste of tequila in his throat as she seized the opportunity to pry the bottle from his fingers. "I...I d...dddon't..." he stuttered lost for words as she lifted an eyebrow at him in mock as if to challenge him for proof. He decided to change the subject. Well, direct it away from his balls anyway. "I didn't know you weren't getting any Liv. I could have offered you my services."

She laughed to cover up the flush that was taking over her body at the thought of his services."I'm not that hard up Elliot."

He frowned and downed the shot she offered him hoping it would lick at his bruised ego. Well, if she wanted to play hardball... He'd hit her where she ached. He narrowed his gaze at her and leaned in closer. "Your flustered body suggests otherwise 'Livia."

Her breath caught in her throat. "It's hot in here," she choked out in a harsh whisper. "That's all."

He nodded with a knowing smile as she leaned back against her couch closing her eyes to the situation. "The room is spinning," she stated hoping he would drop it. Her control over the situation was slipping away and she desperately needed it back.

" 'Cause your drunk."

She nodded in slow agreement. That would explain the unbearable desire to jump his bones and have hot, dirty, monkey sex with him right now. Okay so maybe that desire was always there... well, minus the monkey part anyway.

He leaned back beside her closing his eyes as well leaving the two thirds empty bottle of Jose Cuervo on her coffee table an equal distance away from both. He smiled as the opening chords of John Mellencamp's "Hurts So Good" streamed through the air. Boy did it ever. "Now this is a good song!"

"When I was a young boy

Said put away those young boy ways

Now that I'm gettin' older, so much older

I long all those young boy days

With a girl like you

With a girl like you

Lord knows there are things we can do, baby

Just me and you

Come on and make it

Hurt so good

Come on baby, make it hurt so good

Sometimes love don't feel like it should

You make it hurt so good"

"C'mon Liv! Let's do body shots," he suggested in a husky tone as he sat up.

Her eyes flew open and met his mischievous blue ones. She laughed at his expression likening it to that of a little boy on Christmas morning. "I don't know if I'm quite drunk enough for that yet Detective Stabler," she stated with a smile and closed her eyes to him once more.

"You don't have to be so exciting

Just trying to give myself a little bit of fun, yeah

You always look so inviting

You ain't as green as you are young

Hey baby it's you

Come on girl now it's you

Sink your teeth right through my bones, baby

Let's see what we can do

Come on and make it

Hurt so good

Come on baby, make it hurt so good

Sometimes love don't feel like it should

You make it hurt so good"

He took full advantage of her closed eyes to scan her beautiful face and equally impressive body. Even in it's drunken state, his body managed to rise to the occasion something it rarely ever did when he was this drunk. Well, not since his twenties that is. He watched her ample chest rise and fall with each breath she took, her full lips part and close with each breath, and her recently lightened, golden brown shoulder length hair dance around her face as it caught in the currents of the fans around them.

"I ain't talking no big deals

I ain't made no plans myself

I ain't talking no high heels

Maybe we could walk around, all day long

Walk around, all day long"

"Stop that," she hissed with her eyes still closed. "Just because I didn't kick that bartender's ass for checking out my tits doesn't mean I won't think twice about kicking yours."

"Just making sure you're still breathing over there Liv," he stated innocently with a shit eating grin plastered on his face. He imagined had her eyes been open she'd be rolling them at him right now. " 'C'mon don't pass out on me 'Livia!"

"Hurt so good

Come on baby, make it hurt so good

Sometimes love don't feel like it should

You make it hurt so good

Hurt so good

Come on baby, make it hurt so good

Sometimes love don't feel like it should

You make it hurt so good"

She smiled at his son's nickname for her and opened her eyes to see the matching face. "Alright Dickie."

He licked his lips at the sheer strength and femininity that is only her and handed her a shot.

She took it eyeing him suspiciously. "Just what are you thinking about with that shit eating grin Stabler?"

"You, and the fact that I'm here getting drunk with you instead on some Johnny Depp type character who worships the ground you stomp on. Why isn't he here Liv?" He wondered in a slur of words as he watched her intensely.

She tilted her head to the side and sighed starring straight ahead at anything except those electric eyes that reduced her to putty in his hands. "Because I am a magnet for the all the wrong guys. I'm so afraid of letting someone in close and so desperate for control that I am attracted to everyone of them that I know is all wrong for me just so I have an excuse to pull away, never get attached, and leave before they get a chance to hurt me." She suddenly grew serious and turned her dark eyes on him. "I mean it. Just look at the evidence. I did it in my affairs with men twice my age when I was younger, I did it with all my one night stands, I did it with Andy Eckerson just out of the Academy who was in this for the glory and tittles while I was in it to serve and protect, I did it with Jeff York who turned out to be gay with HIV, I did it with Cassidy which I knew would never amount to anything because of the interoffice dating rule, I did it with that reporter who I only wanted for sex and he only wanted me for a inside story. Then there is my married man..." she rambled on catching herself before her drunken slip of the tongue got her into more trouble. She knew it had to be the booze talking. She'd never have the courage to admit her demons to anybody without a high blood alcohol content. But then again, maybe she wouldn't have. Maybe it was just her immense trust in the man beside her who she trusted with her life, her secrets, and her demons. Just one look into those blue eyes of his and she would loose herself in them, in their promise of safety and protection from the harsh realities of the world. Well that and the near empty bottle of Jose Cuervo they shared could possibly have had a little to do with her loose lips too.

Elliot laced his fingers through hers and felt her tense under his touch. "Married man Liv?"

Damn he caught it! Her eyes darted back and forth held by his hard gaze as she pleaded with his eyes to let her off the hook . He knew, his eyes were always an open book to his emotions, did she have to say it? Did she have to be vulnerable to him? No, she decided as she suddenly drew her hand back and put some distance between them. This was her game and she wanted control back. She wanted to flirt and tease not to admit to him in a drunken state that she head over heels, over the moon, fireworks seein' in love with him because that's what he wanted her to do. He knew it already. He just wanted to torture her like he had been doing all night. "Yea married man," she repeated. "There's him and that ADA thing."

"What ADA thing!" he asked flabbergasted and slightly jealous he didn't know about this ADA already.

She smirked at the stormy color raiding his eyes. Jealousy. "Oh yea! Didn't you hear about me and Alex's thing? I'm told we were the hottest piece of gossip around the 1-6."

The tips of his ears reddened. "No way Olivia. Those were just rumors."

"How do you know?" She teased further, enjoying making him squirm the same way he had made her earlier. "She had a great looking ass you know."

His mouth dropped. "You would have told me," he muttered.

"Nice tits too," she commented and licked her lips.

"Alright Liv!" he begged shifting so she couldn't see what she was doing to him.

"Well you're the one who wanted to get all serious," she huffed crossing her arms. "I was quite fine drunk thank you."

He smirked at her. "You still are. We both are. Half this shit we aren't even gonna remember in the morning."

"Which half?" she giggled happy with her result. She reached for the bottle of tequila and poured the last bit into a shot glass eyeing it with a playful grin. "Elliot, you still up for that body shot?"

He nodded eagerly.

"Then you have to get the lime and the salt," she ordered.

He stumbled the slow distance to her kitchen and grabbed a lime wedge from her fridge and her salt shaker as she laughed as his lack of balance. He sat back beside her handing her the wedge.

"What? Did you expect to do the shot off me?"

"I asked first," he pouted.

"Fine!" She rolled her eyes but placed the shot between her breasts anyway. "God I haven't done one of these since college!" she giggled nervously as she placed the lime between her teeth and shook the salt on her hand between her index finger and thumb offering up to his mouth.

He took it in his mouth eagerly gently nipping at the taut skin as he licked it clean of salt feeling the inaudible gasp she expressed at the sensation. Next, he placed his lips around the rim of the shot glass barely brushing her cleavage with his lips as he devoured the shot. Then, in one quick movement, he brought his hand behind her head, threaded his fingers through her hair, grabbed the lime wedge with his teeth letting it fall to the floor as he hungrily captured her lips finally achieving what they both had been dancing around all night.

Olivia tossed her leg over his straddling his lap as she tugged forcefully at his wifebeater, finally managing to get it over his head. She deepened the kiss as she pushed her pelvis harder against his. He tasted good. It was a sultry taste of lime, tequila, beer, and salt. He tasted too good, she reasoned to herself pulling back breathless while shaking the desire from her head. Although she desperately wanted to slip inside and loose herself in their passion, she really did, she just couldn't. She knew she had been flirting, baiting, and teasing her way into that very position they were in all night, but her mind suddenly flooded with guilt and what if's that she just couldn't get rid of. She knew she'd only end up hurting him and she couldn't. She needed him too much.

"Liv," he moaned pulling her back to him.

"We can't," she panted placing her hand against his firm chest.

"Why not?" he pouted.

"Because your married," she explained pushing him back.

He seized her hand swatting it away. "Only on paper."

"Because it's against the rules," she tried again.

"I've never been one to play by the rules," he replied pulling her back to him.

"Because I don't want to hurt you," she sighed.

"Oh but I want you to," he growled and leaned forward.

She leaned back. "No! No! I'm the queen of love 'em and leave 'em fast. I don't want that to happen with you Elliot. I don't want to end up hurting you, hurting our partnership. It's the most important thing I have, that I've ever had. I don't want to fuck us up," she whispered allowing a solitary tear slip down her cheek. Elliot brushed it away with his thumb as he cradled her face in his hands. She placed hers atop his with a smile. "Besides ,it's my apartment. I can't sneak out in the morning."

He smiled. "You can't hurt me Liv. You can't hurt us. I know because I know you better then you know yourself. I know your soul, what you want, what you need. Besides, we won't remember any of this in the morning anyway," He stated with a cocky grin as he moved his hands down her body following her outline and soliciting a moan from her. "This is what you wanted Liv, and you know you always have to have your way, especially when it's with me."

"I don't ..." she argued but lost her words as he nipped at her collarbone and slid his fingers up her silky thigh slipping them inside her.

"I can do things to you you couldn't even imagine Liv," he whispered as he nipped at her neck sucking lightly on her clavicle as he traced both their names against the wall of her cervix.

She moaned into the crook of his neck at the sensations he was causing, relishing in the feel of both him against her and inside her. She had wanted this man too bad for too long, and his sneak peak felt so good. Besides, her body reasoned with her brain, it was just one night of drunken, guilt free sex. So, to hell with everything and everyone else! Tonight she was gettin' laid.

He pulled them upright then lifted her into his arms placing a gentle kiss against her lips. "Alright Stabler," she agreed with a giggle as he struggled with his balance to get them in her bedroom. "But if you give me a hickey, I'm kickin' your ass in the morning."


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