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Sick Day


Whenever one of us got sick, everyone would help out in any way they could. And by us, I mean the Cyborg that rebel against Black Ghost…and 006's home remedies.

001 would always be asleep, so he wasn't too much of a worry. And when he did get sick, all Dr. Gilmore would do was to give him a quick flu shot and he would clear up in a few days.

002…he just .Won't. Stop. Whining! Geeze…you would swear that he was dying and that he was nagging all his children to do certain things before his passing. By the 3 day mark, someone would have to prepare themselves to brave the challenges of 002's room in order to stick a needle in his butt. 002 would then wake-up and start throwing things. And after that, he'd complain that his ass hurt too much to do anything. Usually 004 was charged with doing such an unthinkable task. Most would shudder at the thought of even having to hold a needle.

003…well, everyone, including myself would tend to her every whim and need. If she sneezed, someone would be on hand to hand her a tissue, or their handkerchief. She smile politely and thank us every time we helped her. But, she always is looking after us when we are sick, so why shouldn't we return the favor? She always is up and running by her normal self in a few days…if she doesn't eat any of 006's home remedies.

004. The guy can't get sick. I feel sorry for him. 004 has had most of his biological parts removed so, chemical warfare doesn't affect him. And of course 002 takes advantage of the situation and coughs and sneezes on him. Hah hah! No wonder he ends up with a broken jaw! Geeze...

005…Does he even get sick? I mean, sure; when he gets hurt he has a slight fever! But does he even get sick! I should ask him soon…he'd probably see that a nosey…I'll ask Dr. Gilmore later.

006...gulp. When he gets sick we have to make our own meals, but 002's cooking is nothing to what he manages to get us to eat! How does he do it? It's probably a guilty conscience that gets the better of us all. And somehow, he gets us to eat stuff that looks and tastes like ant covered dirt. Not that I know how that tastes like…Or something worse that supposed to make us feel better.

007? That guy is a lark and a half when it comes to him being sick. He sits down in the lounge room, only god knows why, and watches T.V. But the really funny part is, is that when he sneezes he transforms into something random. He transformed into a spasticated pink bunny moments before 002 walked into the room…whoever knew that 002 was afraid of rabbits? Hey, wait a minute…is spasticated even a word?

008…he usually keeps to himself when he's sick. He stays in bed and just sweats it out. It sounds like a good idea…if you want to feel like you are in an oven for 3 days. No thank you, I'll stick to hot showers.

And then there's me…I don't like being sick…Whenever I do get sick, everyone thinks I'm going to die or something. Okay, I'll admit, there was the one time were I basically threw up so much that I ended up bringing up blood afterwards. So there was a bacteria eating at my insides…I'm alive, aren't I! But there is an upside to it.

"009! What are you doing in here?" 003 yelled from the door. Oh fuck… She then blinked twice giving me a strange look. "What are you doing in the bath?" she asked.

I looked around my surroundings. How did I get here? I'll investigate later, and so to answer her; I shrugged. "Don't know." I then realized my mistake. She ran over to me, and kissed my forehead gently.

"Your fever is so high that you're flushed!" she exclaimed.

"Uh…yeah, I mean, no! I'm not sick!" I begged her. I think we all know why I was red…

She shook her head, still kneeling at my side. "I'll go get Dr. Gilmo-" I grabbed her arm before she could leave.

"Please. Don't," I said plastering a smile on my face. She looked at me as though I was insane.


"I just feel I bit queasy from 006's cooking." Damn it! I hate lying to her.

She frowned a bit, but her look softened and nodded. "I know; I feel uneasy as well." She smiled. I could feel my insides melt…if it's a good thing. "I'll help you to your room." She offered her hand to me and for a moment, I stared at her. I took her hand and heaved myself up and out of the deep bath-tub.

Then I remembered why I was in there…

She helped me to my room and helped me get under the covers of my bed. 003 was always so nice to everyone, and I was grateful for her help. "If you don't feel well in the morning, then I'll get Dr. Gilmore for you. But for tonight, I'll stay with you."

W-what did she just say! I don't know whether it was my stomach turning on itself, or the fact that the woman that I…well, honestly loved would be sleeping in my room. "Okay." I agreed, swallowing the lump in my throat. She smiled again and turned off the lights. And I was asleep before I could realize that she was trying to keep me awake.

When I woke again, I hissed as the bright light stung my eyes. "You're awake," Françoise said softly.

I groaned and noticed the slight pressure in my hand. Damn IVF's. "Why am I down here?"

"You threw up in your sleep…" she said looking off to one side.

"I didn't…" I said rubbing my eyes with my wrists.

"It's okay though…" she said sitting on the edge of the bed I was lying on.

"No it's not."

"Yes it is."




Instead of saying yes, she kissed me, her lips soft and warm. She separated the kiss, leaving me in shock. "It's okay…" she said squeezing my hand. I nodded and tilted my head to one side, smiling. She kissed me once more on the forehead and switched off the lights from the desk next to the bed.

I guess being sick isn't as bad as I thought it would be…