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Sick Day


It had been uneventful that morning – except for 002's remarks on how an ice cream container in the freezer was 'living life on the edge' because it was hovering on the edge of the shelf. 004 had slapped him over the head and told him not to be so stupid.

Being a little paranoid, 003 and Dr. Gilmore had every right to tell 009 not to push himself to hard. But the brunette had given one of his trademark smiles and said, "I'm fine. Don't worry so much."

It annoyed 003 because it was how 'it' started last time-- with Joe insisting that he was 'fine'.

But because of all the trouble he'd caused the night before, 003 had forgotten that today was cleaning day. The one-day of the week where several of the large group would find some excuse or another to go out and avoid housework at all cost. Her rude reminder was after breakfast. After the plates had been washed, 006 had headed off to the restaurant for an early start.

What creeped her out was that 007 had grabbed his coat, quickly shoved his shoes on and bolted out the door, saying that he'd be helping 006 at the restaurant, and that he'd be back later that night. She'd pondered about it for a moment, but then had it come crashing down on her.

"Everyone, freeze!" she yelled as the group started to disperse from the table.

"Shit. She remembered," 002 mumbled.

"I heard that 002," she said sternly. "And for that I'm making you do 007's share of the chores."

"What!" He screamed, "You can't do that!"

"You want to bet?" she questioned back.

002 stuttered and mumbled before finally giving up and sagging into his chair with a sigh.

"Right." 003 walked into the kitchen and came out a minute later, holding a large sheet of paper. She laid it out flat on the table and everyone gathered around to look at the jobs they'd been given. "So, 004; you're in charge of the upstairs bathroom, downstairs bathroom and toilet. 002; you're job is your room, 007's room, downstairs study and basement."

"Why do I have to clean the basement?" he yelled.

"Needs a good dusting," she answered simply. "I was going to make it 007's job, but he isn't here."

"I kill that British bastard!" he screamed.

"Do as you please." She looked back down and began to read again. "005; you've been helping every week, so I'm going to let you off easy. You just have to clean your room," she said with a smile. He nodded in thanks and left for up the stairs.

"How come he gets it easy?" 002 protested.

"Because unlike a certain American flying Cyborg, he actually does his chores. He doesn't fly off to the red-light district."

"But he can't fly!"

"Just…be quiet 002," 003 sighed in frustration.

"You go to the red light district?" 004 asked, eyebrow raised.

"S-shut it Henrich!" he screamed.

"002's a pervert…" 008 sang quietly.

"I don't need this!" 002 yelled before disappearing up the stairs toward his room.

"Don't forget you have to do 007's room too!" 003 called after him. The result was a frustrated scream from 002 – who had decided he wasn't having a very good day. While a few snickered at 002, 003 directed her attention back down at 008's chart. "008?"

"Present," he answered.

"You're jobs are the windows, the Dolphin's docking bay and the living room."

"On it," he replied before heading out the front door. It wasn't long until the front hose was turned on and water began spraying the windows.

"Why can't 002 be like that," 003 said to herself. She sighed and rolled up the chart and was heading back into the kitchen when 009 stopped her.

"Don't I get to do anything?" he asked sounding mock-hurt.

She smiled up at him and flicked his nose playfully before saying, "You're still sick. Go rest in you room. I'm sure the other won't mind."


"No buts," she interrupted.

"You take it easy too. Dr. Gilmore said you had a fever this morning. Take a sick day."

She smiled back at him and said, "I'm feeling better. I took some aspirin; I'll be fine for today."

She'd walked away before he'd had a chance to reply. "Don't complain 009, you get the day off today," 004 said from behind him. "And besides, if you really want to do something to help out, you could assist me or 002 in cleaning. I know he'd appreciate it greatly," he said while chuckling.

"Yeah…I think I might go help 002 out," he said smiling.

Not surprisingly, 001's room was clean. Said infant was happily asleep in his crib, tucked away under a thin blue blanket, which was his favourite. So leaving his room with a mop and bucket, she went onto the next, which was Dr. Gilmore's study. She cursed quietly as the bucket leaked onto the floor. Lifting it up, she discovered a small, pin sized hole in the base. Sighing, she knew she'd have to get someone to fix it.

Soldiering on though, she came to a stop outside Dr. Gilmore's study. She knocked twice on his door before opening it and was slightly surprised to see that he wasn't in his usual seat next to his desk, but replacing him was a note.

Placing the mop and bucket outside in the hallway so they didn't stain the rug, she walked over to his desk and quickly read over the note. She nodded to herself as it made perfect sense that the elderly man would be performing maintenance on the Dolphin. Looking around however, she grimaced. The place was a mess. Notes strewn over every reachable, books opened at random pages and pens as a third layer.

And there was a particularly nasty corner that she didn't look forward too.

009 was sitting on the ground while 002 cleaned the bookshelf, mumbling non-stop for nearly 20 minutes. And in short terms, 009 was bored. 002 had reprimanded him from helping him clean (through gritted teeth) and told him he could watch if he wanted to. But 009 felt dizzy, and he needed something to take his mind off just sitting in the one spot.

How about Françoise? A voice in his head said.

'Yeah, what about her?' he asked back mentally.

Remember, you kissed her, didn't you?

'Well technically…she kissed me.'

Yes, but you still kissed her. Now, you're bored are you not?


So think about it. Think about what you could do next time now that you have 'privileges'.

'What are you getting at?'

"Hey, 009, could you hand me that rag?" 002 asked him. After a short time, and no response, he turned around to face him. "009?"

You know…'rights'…


Do I have to spell it out for you?


My god…you know, s--

"Sick weirdo!" 009 yelled while trying to punch the non-existent figure. But his fist had made contact with something solid. Something he didn't think he could do when punching a figment of your imagination.

"What the fuck?" 002 screamed.

"002, I'm sorry! Are you okay?" 009 asked standing up from his seat and trying to see how much damage he'd really done. However, 002 already in a foul mood for more than one reason, snarled at him while holding his nose. "002?"


With a small yelp, 009 went flying out the door and out in the hall, grabbing the doorframe for support and ran as fast as he could, still feeling dizzy…

004 was coming out of the second floor bathroom when he heard the thumping from downstairs. Apparently so had 003 and 004 had seen her poke her head out of the study to see what was going on. 004 sighed and nodded when 003 made eye contact, and she closed her eyes. As soon as the small growl made its way from her throat, he knew something had happened.

"JOE! JET! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" she yelled out.

But the thumping only grew louder as they came towards the stairs. The railing shook as somebody grabbed hold of it, and launched themselves up it. Frowning, 003 ran back into the hall, took a few angry steps back and outstretched her arms.

Not even 004 could've seen what happened next…

009 surely enough had come bolting up the stairs, followed closely by 002 who seemed rather pissed off in 004's opinion. So bolting down the hall, 009 tried to stop when he saw 003 blocking his way, but water from the bucket had leaked onto the wooden floors making it near next to impossible. 009 collided into 003, who still had her arms out stretched, sending the both hurdling to the ground.

Jumping into stop another disaster, 004 grabbed the mop he had and stuck it out into 002's path. The instant result was a full-face plant, with a bone-crunching snap that made the German Cyborg cringe- and smile sheepishly. But he had others to check on.

"You both all right?" he called over to the blonde.

003 nodded while pushing herself upright, "Yes, I'm fine."

"What the FUCK Henrich?" 002 yelled while pushing himself up. "You could've killed me!" he screamed, unaware the bottom part of his face was a bloody mess and his nose bent at an odd angle.

"Yes, I could've. But I didn't." he shrugged.

"Why you-!"

"Joe!" they then turned their attention to the other two people in the hall.

Dr. Gilmore put his pen down and turned back to 002 who was sitting on one of the infirmary beds. "Hold still, this may hurt a little," he said while putting both of his thumbs on 002's nose.

"What do you mean hurt-?"


"Yeow!" he screeched.

While 002 rubbed his newly re-aligned nose, Dr. Gilmore nodded and turned back to his desk to grab a small bottle. "Just take one of these until Friday. It'll prevent infection and kill some of the pain," he said while he handed it to 002.


"And 002?" he asked him. When the redhead nodded, he continued, "I'd rather you didn't chase 009, or any of the other when they're sick," he said. 002 went to open his mouth, but the doctor cut him off, "No matter what they do to you first."

002 mumbled something before leaving out the infirmary door. Dr. Gilmore followed shortly afterwards, and glancing back quickly to the recovery section of the lab before turning the light off and walking upstairs.

When the last of the footsteps vanished, Francoise cracked one eye open and looked over to the bed next to her only to be met with a smiling face.

"This is your fault you know," she said trying not to smile.

009 shifted under his covers. "Really? Never would have guessed it," he said tapping the small band aid on his forehead which covered the cut he acquired from the tumble they both took.

003 gave in and laughed quietly.

Suddenly, she heard 009's covers shift and saw him stand. There was a soft padding on the cold tiles and the brunette was at the side of her bed. Without asking, he lifted her covers and made himself comfortable in her bed no matter how much Francoise complained or stuttered about it.

Wrapping his arms around her, he chuckled. "You make a nice heater." He didn't give Francoise time to respond as he sunk his head further into the pillow while pulling her in closer. "It was cold over in my bed."

"Oh." Was all she could manage to say without giggling like a school girl.

"So, tomorrow, we get to sleep in."

"Sounds nice," she replied feeling her eyelids droop.

"Promise you won't do anything stupid?" he asked.

She gave a small snort. "I could ask you the same thing."

"Alright. Promise. You too."

"I promise. Besides, unlike you, I stay in bed until I'm better…" she said with a small smile.

He sighed. "At least you'll get better. When they told me you had a fever I was worried," he said with a sad smile.

Again, she resisted the urge to giggle like a school girl…

"So take care of yourself."

"Same to you, mister," she said playfully.

"…goodnight Fran."

She looked up at him and was going to question him about her nickname when he kissed her lightly on the forehead. "See you in the morning."

She smiled and relaxed, dozing off almost immediately. "Bonne nuit Joe," she whispered before falling asleep.

When she woke the next morning, she didn't want to move from the bed. She felt secure and warm, but most of all loved as Joe kept her in a tight embrace as he slept. She decided that today, she would take the opportunity to stay in bed.

Besides, taking a sick day wasn't that bad…