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A dark haired girl frowned in her sleep, her covers twisted around her small frame. She muttered something incoherent as she sat up, her eyes still closed and she was snoring gently. The pendulum on her wall rocked to and fro, a gap in her curtains let through an eerie slither of light casting a shadow of the pendulum on the floor, the seconds hand ticked quietly; it was 2:43 in the morning. Raven's eyes snapped open, glazed over and unseeing, she shivered slightly and turned her head to her left side, staring at nothing.

"Hello Happy"


Raven was sitting on a wooden bench facing the sea; a slight breeze caught her purple hair and sent a shiver down her spine, making the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She opened her eyes scanning the horizon; she felt a presence sitting next to her. Turning her head slowly, scared of what she might see, her eyes fell upon a young girl in a florescent pink cloak.

"Hello Happy" Raven said, her voice wasn't its normal monotone; it was more relaxed, almost comfortable. Raven frowned slightly at the sound of her own voice.

(This is weird, I sound different) Thought raven (Emotion isn't a problem; I don't feel so weighed down, I don't affect anything. It can't be right, some kind of spell or something must be affecting me. But it makes me feel so free)

"Stop complaining then silly!" giggled happy punching ravens arm playfully. "No point in worrying about it, enjoy it while you can. How many times have you been able to express your emotion huh?"

Happy's grin never faltered and raven found it quite irritating. No matter how pleasant happy was to her, there was something about her that really annoyed raven, she was just so cheerful, scarily cheery. Raven found it hard to imagine that Happy was a part of her, she seemed so alien. They were two completely different ends of the spectrum

"Err Happy, where are we?" Raven asked, her brow knitted together in confusion as she looked out onto the beach, the whole place was entirely empty, there wasn't a soul to be seen and it was quiet and peaceful. White sand, blue skies and an even bluer sea lay in front of her. There was a road, just behind the bench, that went on for as far as raven could see. The other side of that road was a dense forest: Tall gnarled trees were so packed together that she couldn't see more than three metres into the forest.

(This would be such a great place to meditate, so tranquil, so alone. It would be a perfect date spot.

Date? What?) Raven's eyes widened in shock, but she quickly masked her emotions out of habit.

(Well it would be a good date spot.) Whispered a little voice in Ravens mind.

"A date huh?" teased happy, a little smile playing on her lips. "Who's the lucky guy?"

Raven blushed, taken by surprise at Happy's remark. How had she known what she was thinking?

(She can read minds just like you Raven, what kind of stupid question was that?) she thought to herself pulling her hood up so she could hide in its familiar shadow.

"I asked you where we were Happy, I didn't ask for you to read my mind, this trivial teasing is pointless. So if you wouldn't mind, can we return to the issue before that? Where are we?"

Happy's face was a pure glee; she liked it that Raven changed the subject so readily, it proved what Happy already thought; Raven was hiding something and Happy was going to find it out.

"By the sea, can't you see? Silly Raven, honestly, what are you like? I thought you were meant to be clever!" she looked at Raven in a slightly patronizing way, shaking her head in mock disappointment.

"Dimming your self down for anyone? Hmm, who could it be? Who does Raven want to go on a date with? I wonder!" Happy spoke, more to her self than anything, but allowed her voice to be loud enough for Raven to hear. Happy, was keeping an eye on Ravens reaction out of the corner of her eye, wanting to see how Raven would reply to this, Happy was going to hear Ravens reply either way anyway, she was tuned into Ravens thoughts. Happy had trouble concealing a smile because Raven's face turned a spectacular colour of red as she battled with her thoughts.

(Why won't she just shut up? How can anyone be constantly happy? It's none of her business who I want to go on a date with.)

"AAHAH!" Happy squealed triumphantly pointing a finger at Raven, "So you do want to go on a date with someone. I knew it! Is it anyone I know, huh, huh, is it?"

"Happy, if you don't shut up, I will seriously hurt you. It has nothing to do with you, Ok? Can we change the subject please" Ravens voice started off menacing but finished with a rather pathetic plea.

Happy sighed, her smile still fixed. "Ok, I will take you to a café I know, they serve chips and herbal tea!" she grinned contentedly and rubbed her stomach, "but before we go any where I want one question answered."

Raven rolled her eyes and turned her head up to the sky, it was clouding over and a slight chill had come into the air, the sea became slightly choppier and the trees rustled behind her..

"One question? Fine, but make it quick and make sure it is 'Just one question'!"

Happy squealed excitedly and clapped her hands. Happy closed her eyes and thought of a question that would break down Ravens barriers, Now that she could show emotion, things should get interesting. Emotion could turn a decision; Raven had never been run by her emotions like this before. Happy was looking forward to the fun it would cause.

"Do you still like Malchior?" Happy asked, her smile still there, but nervous. It was a dangerous question. She wasn't sure how Raven would react now that she had her emotions. But the reason Happy had taken the risk by asking Raven that question was because she knew one thing. If Raven wanted to use her powers, they wouldn't work in the dream, but they would work in the waking world, if Raven tried to move something with her power in this dream, she would only move something in reality. Happy was safe from any kind of attack.

(Malchior? Why did she have to bring that up? I don't know, I just don't know. Well obviously I can't because he was evil and everything, but he was the first person who ever called me beautiful, the only person who ever tried, and who made an effort. Yes, that is it. He is the only one who made an effort)

Raven struggled with her thoughts, arguments forming and evaporating as quickly as they were made, she was so wrapped up in arguing with herself that any thoughts of hurting Happy were pushed out of the way.

"He wasn't the only one to make an effort, Raven"

Said Happy quietly, grateful that her question hadn't backfired. Raven blinked at this remark, taking in what happy had just said, it was surprisingly wise, for happy. She could reply to what Happy had just said, but she wasn't sure what she wanted to say.

"So where is this café then happy? The one with chips and tea?" Raven asked loudly, putting a big grin on her face, masking her true feelings. Happy jumped up from the bench revealing a toothy smile, she extended her arm and held out her hand for Raven to take.

"Come on Raven! I'll show you the way!" Happy chirped skipping on the spot. Happy knew Raven was changing the subject on purpose, but happy was never one to be put off. She smiled slyly a plan forming in her head.

Raven looked at Happy's hand accusingly, but then sighed and took it. She stood up and was promptly dragged off by happy. But Raven barely noticed her feet touch the ground, she was lost in thought about what Happy had said, she thought of all her friends:

(They made an effort. But they give up, well, he doesn't.)

Raven felt sadness well up inside her as an evil part of her mind snapped back

(You only want to believe that! You fool, He'll soon get bored, and then you will be alone, with no one, nothing, no jokes, no changes, no jibes, no one at all, not even Beast boy.)

"We are just friends happy." Raven said, so quietly that she wasn't sure whether she was talking to herself or Happy. Raven looked up, hoping that Happy hadn't heard.

She had.


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