Titel: Friends, Fellowship and Fluff Part 2

Rating: G

Warning: None

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Lord of the Rings, neither Books, Movies nor anything else. I make no money with this story. Please do not sue me.

Summery: Among friends, frightening things can happen……

A/N: This story is non-slash. This story was written for the Teitho Contest "Drabbles". English is not my mother tongue, I am sorry for the mistakes.

Words: 200

"Run, Pippin, run!"

"I´m running, Merry!"

"Then run faster! He has nearly reached us!"

The two small Hobbits ran as fast as their legs could carry them. Their breaths came in short and painful gasps as they tried to outrun their pursuer. Small they were, but in a forest full of thick underbrush that was just an advantage. Soon the two little beings were lost from their pursuers sight, hidden by the dense foliage. Looking over his shoulder and seeing no movement, Merry gasped out: "I think we are save. He lost our tracks." Pippin, too exhausted to answer, took a look around and finally, convinced that they were alone, flopped himself onto a nearby log. "Oh, that was tight. I thought he would catch us." Plopping down next to his friend, Merry said: "I was so scared. I thought I would die when I saw his face." "His eyes held a murderous shimmer. I was so afraid I thought my heart would stop. Never, ever, do I want to experience something like this again," answered Pippin, shuddering. Merry smiled half heartedly: "Well, than I advise you to never again take the last bowl of stew when Gimli is hungry!"