Titel: Friends, Fellowship and Fluff Part 4

Rating: G

Warning: None

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Lord of the Rings, neither Books, Movies nor anything else. I make no money with this story. Please do not sue me.

Summery: Among friends, nice things can happen…..

A/N: This story is non-slash. This story was written for the Teitho Contest "Drabbles". English is not my mother tongue, I am sorry for the mistakes.

Words: 100

"Master Frodo. This burden is too heavy for you. Let me carry it awhile."

"No Sam. I´ll carry it."

"But Master Frodo. I want to help. Share this burden with me."

"Sam, it is my burden. I will carry it."

"Share the weight with me, Master Frodo."

"Sam, this is not for you to carry. It is my duty."

"If you would just let me help you."


"It weights you down. You can not carry this load all the way alone, Master Frodo."

"Sam, for the last time. You have two left feet. I will carry Striders birthday cake!"