A/N: Okay, this is a prequel to 'In my father's shadow' but it can stand on it's own. The rich kids: James and Bel, The poor kids: Anna and Remus, the muggleborn: Lily, and the evil kid: Sirius. How will they react to each other and form friendships. It's gonna be a bumpy ride! Please review!

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Chapter One – First Day

'Oi! James! James! James Potter! GET OFF YOU LAZY ARSE THIS MINUTE OR WE WILL MISS THE TRAIN!' THUMP. James Potter landed on his bedroom floor and gazed groggily up at the tall, blonde girl standing in front of him.

'Oh… hey Bel… what are you doing here?' She waved her hand impatiently.

'My dad just dropped me over. Your mum sent me up here to check if you're ready to leave yet and I come up here to find you SLEEPING!' James sat up straight.

'Damn. What time is it?'



'Look, James, I can't leave for the train station until you're ready to go and I personally don't want to miss my first ever day at Hogwarts just 'cos you are a lazy pig so GET MOVING!'

'All right, all right… I'm moving.' James slowly got to his feet.

'I could always tell your mum you were still asleep…' James was instantly moving double time.

'Can you get out so I can dress?'

'I'll be downstairs.'

Bel walked out of James room, shutting the door behind her. He really was the stupidest, laziest, most disgusting pig sometimes, but what else could you expect from brothers? Bel and James weren't really related, of course, but they had grown up together, practically living at each others houses. They both came from long lines of purebloods, but their families were both firm supporters of the side of the light and completely supportive of muggle-born witches and wizards.

Bel entered the Potter's kitchen to find it empty except for the house elf, Mokey. The house elf looked up at Bel with wide, staring eyes.

'Is Miss Annabel wanting anything?'

'No, Mokey, I'm fine. Oh, hi Mrs Potter!' Bel turned her attention to James' mum who had just entered the room.'

'Hi Annabel. Did you find James?'

'Yeah, he's just getting ready. He'll be down in a minute.' Mrs Potter raised an eyebrow.

'He overslept again?' Bel grinned.

'Yeah, but he's just getting ready now.'

'Good. We'll have to leave in about ten minutes at the latest. He better get down here soon or he'll miss the train.'

'I'm here! Let's go! Hogwarts awaits the brilliant James Potter and it can't wait much longer!' James had arrived. He walked calmly over to his mother.

'Sorry I'm late mum. I just had to double check I had packed everything.' Bel kicked him in the shin and his mother laughed.

'You were always a terrible liar, James.' James looked guilty but decided to have one last stab at it.

'I don't know what you're talking about.'

'You overslept, dear. I know.' James turned to glare at Bel.

'Traitor.' He hissed. She smirked at him.

'Hey, she's a powerful woman! She could get the truth out of anyone!'


'And loving it.'

'For want of a better comeback, shut up.' Bel grinned.

'Ha ha, I win!' Mrs Potter glanced at her watch and gasped.

'Oh dear! We should be at the train station already! I'll just grab the portkey. You two go wait in the entrance hall with your trunks.'

'Kay,' said Bel, 'Come on, James.'


'So… where you wanna sit?'

'A compartment would be good.'

James and Bel were forcing their way through the busy train, trying to find a compartment. They reached a compartment door and James stopped and turned to Bel.

'This is the last one. If it's full we'll have to sit in the hallway.' Bel shrugged and shoved the door open. It was occupied, but not full. Sitting inside were two girls, both about James and Bel's age. One of the girls was short, with bright red hair and emerald green eyes. The other girl was also small, but with dirty-blonde hair that fell to halfway down he back and hazel eyes.

'Hi!' said James, sticking out his hand to the redhead, 'I'm James Potter and this is Annabel Kerrigan. Can we sit here? Everywhere else is full.' The girl smiled at them.

'Sure, I'm Lily Evans and this is Anna-May Morgan.' James automatically sat down next to Lily, leaving Bel to sit down next to Anna-May.

'Sooooo…' she started, 'You guys first years?'

'Yeah,' Anna replied, 'I can't wait to start learning magic.'

'Me too,' piped in Lily, 'I never even knew about magic until I got my letter!' James and Bel grinned at each other and pulled their wands out of their pockets.

'You wanna see some magic?' asked James excitedly.

Lily looked surprised.

'You know magic?' she asked.

'They're purebloods, Lily,' said Anna, 'They would have had basic lessons over the summer.' Lily looked confused.

'Pure Bloods?'

'Our parents and the rest of our families are magical. But how did you know that?' Bel asked Anna.

'The Kerrigan's and the Potters. Pretty well known families.

'But… I thought you were muggle-born…' Anna looked distinctly uncomfortable.

'No… I'm pure-blood. My families just… not as well off as yours.' Her cheeks flamed red and she looked at the floor.

'Well… do you wanna see some magic?' James interrupted. Bel was glad for the distraction. She hadn't meant to make the Morgan girl feel bad. Lily was also eager to cover up the tension.

'Sure! What spells can you do?' Bel promptly reached up and grabbed James' glasses off his face and snapped them in half.

'What did you do that for?' demanded Lily, 'You can't just go around breaking people's glasses!' James feigned a sad expression.

'Bel! I can't see now and it's your entire fault! Why did you do that? You know that I'm visually impaired!' Lily reached out to pat James on the back and he broke down, pretending to sob into her shoulder. Bel rolled her eyes but decided to play along.

'You had it coming!' she shrieked dramatically, 'Even now that you're right in front of me you're holding on to her for dear life! Did you think I wouldn't figure it out?'

Bel could have sworn she saw a flicker of a grin on James' face, but a second later, it was gone. He threw himself at her feet and started kissing the hem of her robes.

'My love! I am so sorry! Can you ever forgive me? No other has such beauty that compares to yours! Take me back, my love, I plead your forgiveness!' Bel batted her eyelashes at James and pulled him to his feet.

'Oh of course I forgive you, darling! We are star-crossed lovers destined to be together for all of eternity!' Lily and Anna were watching this display with wide eyes. Lily's mouth was hanging open slightly. James winked at Bel and started leaning in closer. Bel followed his lead. Their faces were only a few centimetres away when…

'GOTCHA!' They leapt apart, startling Lily and Anna who had been watching them intently.

'I can't believe you fell for that!' shrieked Bel, who was currently rolling around on the compartment floor in laughter.

'That was the best one we've done in ages!' gasped James, who was leaning on the compartment door for support. Lily glared at them.

'That was really immature! And why did you break his glasses?' Lily demanded. Bel looked down at the broken glasses in her hand and smirked.

'Well, Evans, I was going to show you some magic before you got all huffy with me!' Lily's smile faltered.


'"oh" is right miss goody-two-shoes! Oculus reparo.' The glasses automatically repaired themselves.

'Well someone looks like a complete idiot.' Said James smirking.

'Shut up, Potter.' hissed Lily menacingly.

'Make me, Evans.'

'Hey, leave her alone!' said Anna defiantly, glaring at him.

'Maybe you should mind your own business, Morgan!' spat Bel, turning to Anna, 'If he wants to talk to Evans he'll talk to Evans!'

'Let's go.' muttered James, grabbing Bel by the arm, 'We can go sit somewhere else.'

'Actually we can't.' said Bel, shaking him off her, 'everywhere else is full, remember?'

'Damn.' James and Bel seated themselves again, as far away as possible from Lily and Anna, and started discussing the pranks they had pulled on their parents.

Anna and Lily were discussing which classes they thought would be the most interesting, and were trying desperately to ignore to ignore the other two kids in the compartment. They stayed this way until the door slid open again ten minutes later revealing another boy about their age.

He was definitely good looking, Bel noted. He had a handsome, aristocratic look to him with his pale skin, dark hair and grey eyes.

'Can I sit here?' he asked them quickly, 'I just escaped from my cousin and I'm trying to hide.'

'Sure!' said Anna brightly before either James or Bel could reply, 'Come sit down here.' She gestured to the space beside her and the boy shot her grateful smile and came to sit down.

'I'm Lily Evans and this is Anna-May Morgan,' said Lily, 'The two idiots over there,' she gestured to Bel and James, 'Are Annabel Kerrigan and James Potter.' The boy shot Bel and James a startled look before whispering in a barely audible voice, 'Sirius Black.'

James jumped to his feet instantly and started to push Bel out of the compartment.

'Come on,' he said just loud enough for the others to hear, 'I'm sure there are some nice Gryffindor's we can sit with. Evans and Morgan were bad enough but I'm not sitting with the likes of him.' Bel just had time to register the hurt look on Sirius Black's face before she was shoved out the door.


'Welcome to Hogwarts. The banquet will begin shortly, but before that can proceed, you must all be sorted into your houses. Your houses will become something of your family at Hogwarts. Good behaviour will win house points and bad behaviour will lose house points. I hope you will all be a credit to whichever house becomes yours. Now form a line.' Bel jumped into line between James and a small, frail looking boy with light brown hair.

'When I call your name, you will come forward and place the sorting hat on your head to be sorted.' Bel watched the first few students get sorted until it came to a name she recognised.

'Black, Sirius.' Bel watched as the dark haired boy strode up to the stool and placed the hat on his head. His face had an expression of complete calm on it, but Bel could see his hands shaking. The hat took a long time to sort Sirius Black, and when it reached its verdict, everyone was shocked.

'GRYFFINDOR.' Bel's jaw dropped. A Black in Gryffindor? It was outrageous! Blacks' were evil, it was one of the lessons she had been taught from a very young age. But here was a Black, in Gryffindor.

'There's a mistake… that's what it is… a mistake…' Bel could here James muttering next to her. Sirius Black removed the hat from over his head and his face was white and his hands were trembling. He dropped the hat on the stool and ran over to the Gryffindor table. After the Black incident, the sorting was fairly boring for Bel, but she did notice with some dissatisfaction that Evans was sorted into Gryffindor.

'Kerrigan, Annabel.' Bel strolled calmly up to the stool. She wasn't worried about the sorting. She knew she'd be in Gryffindor. All of her family had been for generations. It had been hundreds of years since there was a Kerrigan in another house and that was in Ravenclaw, and Ravenclaw wasn't too bad. Bel placed the hat on her head and sat down on the stool.

'Hmmm… Another Kerrigan… I remember sorting your parents… there's only one place for you… GRYFFINDOR!' Bel smiled and ran down to join the Gryffindor table. She grinned as she realised she was getting the loudest cheer yet. Yes, the Kerrigan's were a well respected family. She turned to talk to the boy sitting beside her while she waited for someone interesting to be sorted.

'Soooo… what do think about Black making Gryffindor?' He gave her a weak smile.

'It's sure to cause a bit of commotion. I'm Remus Lupin.'

'I'm – ‚'

'Annabel Kerrigan. You're quite well known.' She grinned.

'Call me Bel.' They both turned their attention back to the sorting when they heard James' name being called. Bel wasn't worried. She knew James would make Gryffindor just as easily as she had. James got his wish. As soon as the hat touched his head it roared out,' GRYFFINDOR!'

Bel smiled. Her world was just about perfect right now. She was at Hogwarts. She was in Gryffindor. Her best friend was in Gryffindor. Sure she'd have to share a dormitory with Evans and Morgan and James would have to share one with Black, but at least he'd have Remus; he seemed nice. Yep, Annabel Rhania Kerrigan's world was pretty much perfect right now.