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Chapter 2 - Rude awakening

Bel awoke the next morning and practically bounced out of bed. Today was her first day of school at Hogwarts and she wanted to make the most of it. She smirked as she saw that Lily and Anna were both still asleep. Time to have a little fun, she thought wickedly. She headed over to her school trunk and began desperately searching through it. In a matter of seconds, all traces of the house elves' neat folding had disappeared. A few minutes later, Bel straightened up, having finally found the object for which she had been desperately searching. Spello-tape. With an evil grin at her peacefully sleeping dorm mates, Bel set to work.


James frowned. He had wanted to start off the school year with a prank, but being out of spello-tape complicated the problem. He glanced at his watch. 6:45. Bel would probably be awake, he thought, and if not, he would wake her. Still wearing only his boxers, James sprinted downstairs to the common room.

He quickly located the girls staircase (it was right next to the boy's one) and sprinted up it. Big mistake. As soon as his foot hit the bottom stair, the whole staircase transformed into a giant slide, and James fell flat on his face. Moaning, he staggered to his feet and glared at the staircase. It was a challenge, and James Potter wasn't one to turn down a challenge.

He surveyed the staircase sceptically for a few minutes before seeing the answer to his problem. Amazed by his own brilliance, James began to climb the banister.

Unfortunately for him, as he soon discovered, the first year girls dorm was on the top floor, and so by the time he reached it, James was quite puffed.

Panting and swearing, James turned the handle of the girl's dorm and ducked inside. He was greeted by the sight of Bel, still in her silk pyjamas, standing over Lily Evans' bed. Both Lily and Anna were taped to their beds with tape covering their mouth and eyes.


Bel turned at the sound of the door opening. She grinned at the comical sight of her friend panting heavily and wearing nothing but boxers.

'Hey James.'

'Hey Bel. What's this?' he raised an eyebrow and gestured to Anna and Lily. Bel grinned.

'Welcome to Hogwarts wake-up call. Shall we do it together?' James smirked and nodded.

'1, 2, 3...'


Lily and Anna both instantly tried to sit up in bed, but of course, they couldn't. They were both struggling furiously and trying to scream, but their voices were muffled by the tape across their mouths. After a few minutes of watching them struggle, James took pity on them and ripped the tape off their eyes and mouths so they could see and speak.

'You,' hissed Lily as she saw Bel standing above her, 'I am going to rip you limb from – ' she suddenly stopped and blushed as she caught sight of the half-naked James. Her embarrassment soon turned to anger.

'What are you doing in here, Potter? This is a girls' dorm!'

'Yeah, so what are you doing here, Evans?' Bel asked her seriously, fighting desperately to keep a straight face.

'Hey! Leave her alone and untie us right now!' shrieked Anna from the next bed over.

'My pleasure.' Bel ran over to her trunk and returned a few minutes later holding a pocket knife with her initials engraved on the handle. She raised it over Lily as if about to perform some kind of ancient sacrifice ritual.


Lily eyed the knife in terror and shut her eyes, waiting for the blow to come. It didn't come. When Lily opened her eyes again, Bel was cutting through the tape with her knife, but not touching Lily at all. She sighed in relief and glared at Bel.

'Had you scared for a moment, didn't I?' Bel laughed at the defiant glare on Lily's face as she finished cutting through the tape and moved over to free Anna.

'You are so immature!' Lily yelled at James, who was laughing heartily, 'And put some clothes on!' James glanced down at himself and blushed. He was still half naked.

'Uhh… I gotta go. I'll see you at breakfast, Bel!' He grabbed the tape off Bel's bedside table and ran out of the room.

Bel finished freeing Anna and gave both her room mate's pleasant smiles, which they did not return.

'Well, since neither of you seem to be in any kind of hurry, I guess I'll take first shower.' Not wanting to give Lily and Anna time to steal the bathroom, Bel grabbed her entire trunk and dragged it into the bathroom with her.

A few minutes later, Bel heard a distant yell.

'FIRE!' hehe, she thought, looks like the guys just got their wakeup call!


Bel looked up as the post arrived and instantly located her family's black-and-white owl. It flew down to her and landed right in the middle of her toast, and Bel was sure it was just to annoy her. Regius was a creature who lived to irritate people, except for Mr and Mrs Kerrigan (who he constantly sucked up to) and especially Bel and her brothers. Damien and Marcus were Bel's seven year old twin brothers, and she usually got on pretty well with them, except when James was around, because for some strange reason they seemed to idolise him, though Bel could never figure out why.

Bel took the roll of parchment from Regius and was about to read it when she was distracted by the sound of a howler going off. Eager to see who it was being humiliated; Bel craned her neck to see the full extent of the Gryffindor table. Her eyes rested on Sirius Black, who was currently very pale and his hands were shaking, but his face held a defiant expression as he stared at the Howler with utmost loathing.

'-DISGRACE TO THE NAME OF BLACK! YOU WAIT TILL WE GET YOU HOME, BOY! WE ARE GOING TO WHIP YOU RAW! WHY CAN'T YOU BE MORE LIKE YOUR BROTHER! HE IS A MODEL OF WHAT A TRUE BLACK SHOULD BE! I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL WITH ALL YOUR MUDBLOOD FRIENDS!' The Slytherins were jeering and the Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and Gryffindors were showing no sign of being friendly either. Bel shot Sirius a pitying glance before turning back to her own letter.

Dear Annabel,

We commend you on making Gryffindor. You have made your family proud. We will be expecting you home for the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Best wishes,

Nicholas and Madeline Kerrigan

p.s. We have received notice that one of the Black children was also sorted into Gryffindor. We forbid you to come in contact with him or even speak to him unless it is absolutely necessary.

Bel crumpled up the letter in disgust. We commend you on making Gryffindor…

What a way to talk to your eldest child! It sounds as if they're speaking to one of they're stupid work associates, she thought bitterly. A sudden wave of inspiration hit her and Bel un-crumpled the letter and reread the p.s. A grin slowly spread over her face. She jumped out of her seat, unaware of the fact that some sixth year prefect had been half way through saying something to her and had thought she was listening, and bounded over to where Sirius Black was sitting. Needless to say, quite a large space had formed all around him. She sat next to him and stuck out her hand.

'Hi! I'm Bel Kerrigan! You're Sirius Black, right?' He regarded her carefully and then went back to his bacon.

'Come to rub it in?' Bel gave him her brightest smile.

'Not at all. I just thought you'd like some company. You seemed kind of lonely down here.' He looked at her for a long time before blurting out, 'Why are you talking to me?' she regarded him quizzically.

'What do you mean?' he sighed.

'I mean, is this some kind of stupid joke, or something? Because if it is, it's not very funny.'

'It's not a joke I sw – '

'The truth,' he cut her off, 'just tells me: why did you come down here to talk to me?' Bel glared at him for a moment before shoving her hand into her pocket and pulling out the letter from her parents. She handed it to him.

'Read it.'

He quickly scanned the letter and raised an eyebrow at her.

'You came down here to talk to me because your parents told you not to?' she nodded happily. He grinned.

'You're not so bad, Kerrigan.'

'You're not so bad yourself, Black.'

Quite a few people were watching them in interest now. A Kerrigan and a Black being friendly to each other? It was unheard of!

'Uh… Kerrigan?' Sirius started.


'I don't think your boyfriend likes the idea of you being friends with me.' Bel's head shot up.

'What? I don't have a boyf- Oh damn. James.' James Potter was currently storming over to where they were sitting and he didn't look happy.

'Bel!' he hissed as he got closer to them, 'Is he giving you trouble? I'll break his scrawny little neck!' He swung out to try and punch Sirius in the face, but Bel grabbed his arm and stopped him.

'James,' she hissed dangerously, 'Can I speak with you for a moment?' James shot one last look of contempt at Sirius before following Bel out of the hall.

Once they were out of earshot, James exploded.

'WHAT ARE YOU DOING TALKING TO HIM? HE'S A BLACK! HE'LL TRY AND MURDER YOU IN YOUR SLEEP! HE'S A BLACK, ANNABEL, A BLOODY BLACK! DO NOT EVER SPEAK TO HIM AGAIN!' Bel waited patiently while James ranted. When he finally stopped, Bel spoke to him.

'Quite done? Made your point?' He nodded.

'Good. Now I am going to go sit with Sirius and finish my breakfast if you don't mind.'

James stared dumbly after her as she flounced back to the Gryffindor table where she sat down with Sirius. Then he scowled. Sirius Black was going to pay.