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Chapter 1

Vivid dreams kept on repeating… everyday the same dream that had reflected her past; the unforgettable past.

Mei's dream:

Mei's POV

On my way home, I saw this boy who looked a lot like Yoh… only that Yoh always has this lazy expression while the other had strong features and long hair. He lived in the woods with his guardian spirit who raised him, and as unbelievable as it may seem, it is definitely true. He asked me if I could be his friend, and I agreed.

Months passed and we became the best of friends. He would sometimes steal candy or pick some flowers from the villa nearby and give it to me  He's kind, smart, very cute and every time I gaze at his chocolate brown eyes it feels like I'm drawn closer to him just as magnet would attract iron.

That's it… I can't deny this feeling… I fell in love with my best friend, not knowing that he could read my mind.

He just kept quiet about it though, how sweet; he didn't want to embarrass me especially when all I could think about was how handsome and smart he was.

He's different from Yoh, I just know he is.

The time came when I have to leave the Asakura Manor because I got a scholarship in Europe. I had no choice even when all I really wanted was to be with him. The day I was to leave was the day he finally confessed that he loved me and he promised that if we shall ever meet again, we will never part.

I did wait; although my friends kept saying that I was a fool, waiting for absolutely nothing. But I refused to listen convincing myself that it was his promise. And a promise is a promise.

End of dream


And this is the time when she would always wake up from beautiful dreams. However, this time it was from a nightmare.

"The same dream again? This is getting to be a hobby of mine huh!" Mei exclaimed as she sat up. She stayed in the bed for a few minutes to reflect. 'My friends were right' she thought 'I waited for nothing'

Hao's Flashback

'I'm running late!' he thought as he ran towards the south of Patch village. "Man, Angel's going to be mad at me!"

Suddenly he bumped a girl


"I'm so sorry" he said as he held out held out his hand and helped the girl up.

Unbelievable. Even the most evil Hao Asakura knows how to say sorry. AND besides this his girlfriend is named Angel! Well, opposites attract. 

'She's cute! Not to mention, she reminds me of Mei-Mei' Hao thought as he stared at the girl.

Mei-Mei, his 'long-cut' to Mei, his childhood sweet heart who is currently in Europe, is now probably dating some hot but disgusting human boy…

"Not to worry" The girl replied snapping her fingers on Hao's face. But upon actually seeing his face, the girl was surprised.

"Ok… so… um, I should be going now, you see my-" but before he could finish his sentence, the girl suddenly hugged him. "Long time no-see Hao!"

That's the only time when he realized that it was her, his childhood sweet heart: Mei. It's too late now, she'll definitely kill him.

"There you are! I was getting worried sweetie." It was Angel, Hao's fiancée and she was now giving Mei a 'don't-you-dare-touch-him' glare.

"Hao, who is she?" both the girls said and suddenly Hao was caught right in the middle of something complicated.

Hao started to explain slowly, choosing his words carefully. "Mei, this is Angel, she's my um... she's my... she's my fiancée. I'm so sorry; you see… I um…well…"

"Well?" Mei repeated.

"Well, I thought that you'll stay in Europe permanently that's why I-"

"Okay I get it. You lied to me" Mei's voice was shaking but there were no tears in her eyes. She forced herself to be strong.

"No, it's not like that! I didn't-"

"Yes you did and I was stupid enough to believe in you" Mei turned her back to him but looked back again saying "You know my friends were right, I waited for absolutely nothing" She smiled sarcastically to hide the pain she felt then immediately left them.

End of flashback

'I never imagined that she will participate in the shaman tournament! Or did she do it just to see me? Typical Mei, she never ceases to amaze me but, what do I do now?"

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