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'This world has no place for evil people like you.'

"Day dreaming again?" the familiar sweet voice of Mei's best friend came through the shower room of their apartment. She caught sight of Mei staring blankly by the window.

"Of course not." Mei said as she threw the pillow at her best friend.

"Watch it. I just finished grooming myself. So, who's in your mind?" Karin narrowed her eyes. "Is it still that hot fire shaman or the cool Ainu shaman, Horo? Hmm." Karin giggled as Mei made a funny face.

"I am not thinking about them!"

"Yes you are darling, so what is it?" Karin was now on Mei's back; her hands placed on Mei's shoulder. Both of them are looking in front of the mirror at the desk.

Mei sighed. "Hao"

Karin got up, looking a bit pissed. "So you still like that jerk."

"I do not! Not after what he's done to me." Mei looked at Karin. "But I feel so bad after saying those words to him."

"Huh?" Karin arched a brow.

"This world has no place for evil people like you." Mei repeated it slowly and sadly.

Karin's arched brow raised higher. "So what? It's true anyway."

"Come on, Karin. It's like you don't know me. You're my bestfriend!"

Karin sighed as she took a seat on the corner of the bed. "The problem with you, is that you're too kind. You have to say no sometimes… if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I get what you mean. Anyway, where are the others?" Mei asked, noticing that their room was unusually quiet.

Karin sweat dropped as she desperately tried to think of an excuse. "Uh… out for a little exercise downtown… to Patch Village."

'Actually, they're having a second meeting.' Karin thought as she displayed a fake smile.

"Want to join them? I'm a little bored." Mei said before standing and making her way to the door.

Karin stated to panic. She stood up and pulled Mei by her arms and said, "Want to watch the tournament? I think it's team Ren fighting in the Patch Arena today."

Mei stared at her friend for a few seconds before nodding in agreement.


It's been two hours after the regular lunch time of the village yet the Patch Restaurant is still busy hosting a meeting.

"So, should we start the plan?" a girl with long blue hair said, signaling the start of the meeting.

"Don't you think we should give her some time?" the ice queen said as she took a sip of her tea.

"One already made that move." Mitsumi said.

Pirika snapped her fingers. "I got it!" she said happily.

"What's on your mind?" Tamao asked shyly.

Pirika giggled before continuing on. "We'll use it as a reason to get close to her."

"Uh… isn't that a bit obvious?" Sakura asked sarcastically.

Pirika rolled her eyes. "I mean, while commencing with our plan, he's like getting closer to her and I hope that his brain would make him do… you know… the comforting stuff and all."

"She talks as if the person we're talking about isn't her brother." Mitsumi whispered to Sakura.

"Come on! Let's do it. I'm getting excited." Pirika giggled.

Anna placed her empty cup down loudly. Everyone looked at her intently. "Fine, let's start; but on one condition." She stood up. "I'll give the first dare and Hao should be there." She gave a smug grin.

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"Anyone for popcorn?" Kalim shouted as he walked on the stairs of the arena carrying a dozen of pop corn bags.

Mei and Karin were trying to look for good seats. Luckily, there are two empty seats right in front; a very good view of the Shaman Tournament.

It's like watching a baseball game: the crowds cheer for their favored team, there's an announcer (which is Silva) and one could hear vendors selling various foods and beverages.

"Today's fight is Team Ren vs. Chever Team." Silva announced in the microphone. "Shamans, there are no time limit. Whoever has the most number of Shamans who loses or uses up all their furyoku, loses. May the best team win!" Silva explained. "And now, ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin!"

Mei was spacing out when Karin started a conversation. "Isn't this exciting?" she asked, pretending she was excited.

Mei snapped back to reality and smiled at her friend. "Don't you think the outcome of this battle is too obvious?"

Karin nodded. "True, but at least you get to see other shamans' strategies and fighting styles."

Mei paused before giving her friend an answer. "True, since it's pretty obvious that we're going to face the winning team in battle in the future." Mei smiled as she looked at her friend then to the on going fight.

Horo was too focused on the battle that he didn't notice the familiar girl watching him from the crowd.

It was the third time that he got hit by his opponent which made him grow mad.

"Hey, keep your cool dude. This isn't like you." Chocolove tried to guard his back.

"And keep in mind that there's a certain lady who came here just to watch us, especially you." Ren said in between attacks.

Horo stopped and tried to look in the sea of crowd cheering.

"Hey, stop spacing out and fight me you chicken!" the enemy said as he gave a blow using his sword. Horo ducked just in time.

"Argh! You're getting me pissed off! Cory/Kororo, snow blizzard!" Horo said as he got into his snowboard and a blizzard started inside the arena.

"Ren, Choco, on three." Horo shouted for his teammates to hear.

Ren and Choco was now on his back. "Steady now." Ren said.

"What are they going to do?" Karin stood up to see a clear view while Mei stood up as well.

"Hey dude, how about a booster? Look to your left, at the front line of the crowd, take a glance and attack the enemy with your best shot." Choco chuckled as he jumped on Horo's snow board.

Horo took a glance at Mei as Ren started to count down; and on three, fired his cannon ice together with Ren and Choco's attack at the enemy.

There was a thick smoke which covered the arena after the strong attack Team Ren gave. A few minutes later, just after the smoke cleared, snow was falling. Crowds cheered as Team Ren stood at the center with their furyokus still overflowing.

"And the winner is Team Ren!" Silva announced.

"Hmp." Karin started. "Show offs" Mei finished as they giggled while approaching the team.

Horo was looking up at the falling snow when he heard footsteps coming their way. He looked to see who it was and saw Mei and Karin smiling. Ren and Choco were smiling at them as well.

"Hey there show offs!" Karin greeted with a chuckle.

"Congratulations!" Mei held her right hand to Horo.

"Thanks." Horo said as he took Mei's hand to shake.