a/n. hora! This is a collection of Sasuke X Sakura short love stories. I took inspiration from various sources: daydreams, sonnets, songs, nightmares, simplicity, lust, complication, tenderness, believing in waiting, in dreaming, in singing, in love. Maybe, there were few— or several instances of OCC and I apologized (smiles) Anyway, this collection is dedicated to people who believes and still believing, hopes and still hoping, and dreams and still dreaming. XD




It was Sasuke's favorite day.


Oh. Scratch the word 'favorite'.

It was, truthfully, Sakura's favorite day. As a matter of fact, it was every girl's favorite day.

Because it was…

A boy stood behind his wood door, glaring a hole on it. After a while, realizing that glaring would not produce a hole, he stopped glaring, exhaled sharply and …glared once again.

Glaring… was his specialty.



Throw confetti. Blow a trumpet. Roll a red carpet. Jump to your death. Foam in the mouth. Claw your eyes out and …scream.

Because dearest Sasuke-kun…

It's February 14.

Valentine's Day.




For a moment, he hesitated to open the front door. He had this hunch that someone— something was lurking behind this stupid big wood.

Stupid door. He thought ominously and pulled it open. And received a fistful of confetti and a blare of trumpets in his ear.


The boy blinked a couple of times, focusing his gaze. He swept the confetti off his bangs and glared.

"You've been voted as the most beautiful boy in Konoha and your grand prize is a DATE WITH ME!"

The Uchiha blinked again. Wow. The nerve of this girl. Really. His frown deepened. Pink hair danced on his vision. Green eyes dazzled him, blinded him for a while. Mentally, he pushed it aside and clenched his jaw.

His female teammate was holding up a megaphone in her hand. Grinning cheekily, Sakura thrust a big bouquet of lilies, sunflowers, daisies and carnations toward his face.

His eyebrow began to twitch.

Blissfully, she smiled even more.

With a sharp, poised twist of his chin, he narrowed his eyes down at her. "Get lost." He snapped with a slight sneer on his face, walked past her after locking his door, unaware he received her flowers and was holding it tightly in his hand.


Hearing this, Sasuke walked faster.

"Ne Sasuke-kun, you're the luckiest boy in the universe! Don't you know why?" her voice was, as usual, girlish.

How trite.

Without turning, he said in a monotone. "I have no idea."

The pink-haired ninja grinned at him cheekily. "Well, let me give you an idea then!"

Sasuke gave her his trademark Talk-to-me-and-you-will-freeze-to-death look. She returned the look with a warm smile. Dark eyes blinked and looked away.

"You're lucky! Why? Well, it's because I CHOSE you to be my DATE!"

Sasuke stopped walking. Sakura blinked and looked up to him as the boy made a slow turn to look down at her.

"You call that luck?"


"Fat chance." He snapped coldly. His lashes lowered, watching her face twist in a mild wince which she didn't bother to suppress. Her face flashed different expressions, filled with emotions. It was funny.

How could a small, pale face flashed with different emotions at the same time?

Truly. This girl was…hilarious.



And persistent.

His irritation reached its peak. And when the Great Domineering Tomato Guy Uchiha Sasuke is irritated, he says the things he wished he hadn't said.


"Why don't you just date Naruto?"


Sakura's reaction was priceless.


He interrupted her.

"He'll like that."

Her stare was very direct. Intense. And Sasuke was uncomfortable.

He fidgeted. Gracefully, with dignified poise and calm superiority.

"You won't…mind?"

"I would not even care." He said carelessly, shrugging.


He snorted.

"You won't get mad or…jealous?'

"I'll be relieved, to tell you frankly."

"Really? You won't hate me if I date someone else?"

"I'll be happy."

Sasuke wanted to gag. Happy?

Drop dead.

"Happy?" she asked, aghast. "You'll—be happy?"


"As in happy HAPPY? You'll be happy if I date someone else?"

He nodded, absent-mindedly. "Aa. Happy."

"Really? You mean…it would be OK with you if I date someone else this Valentine's Day?"

He glared at her. "You are annoying. Go away. Go bother someone else."

She blinked, looking dejected. "You mean I go and ASK someone else?"


He turned his back on her and glared at the ground.




He… stiffened, eyes slightly wide.


Just like that?

"I'll see you around, okay?"

Slowly, Uchiha spun around to face her. The smile on her face was sincere. Suddenly, he felt very stupid as he gawked— yes, gawk— after her. Naruto was running at full speed toward her, a stupid grin on his stupid face.


"Hey, Naruto!"

The grin almost split Naruto's face into halves. "Ne, Sakura-chan, I saw this—"

"Hey, let's go out on a date."


A loud silence followed Sakura's invite. Then, Naruto stumbled backward and whipped a finger. "YOU'RE NOT SAKURA-CHAN! YOU'RE SASUKE-TEME WHO WANTED TO TRICK ME—"

A fist hit his forehead and the blonde ninja fell on his backside.




In the backdrop, Sasuke was gawking— yes, gawking get over it alright— watching the two conversed animatedly.


I thought she'd rather date Kakashi than date that idiot? Sasuke thought blankly.

"She…she…really…really…-" his hand convulsed then fisted. "Damn." He snorted and turned away. Whatever.

He was, cutely, murmuring, "It's just a date, anyway."

Convincing himself.

Trying hard, very, very, hard.

No big deal.

Right, dearest Sasuke?

Fuck, right. Get the fuck out of my head.

Oh. Bye your leave, sweet chocolate pie.

Fuck off.

He did. Walking away, silently, gracefully with chin raised, eyes hard.

No. No. He's not brooding…


Not so brooding at all.


He blinked and turned around quickly. He saw her eyebrow lift at the speed of his turn.

He glared as compensation to put his pride up back to its feet.

"What do you want? I don't want to—"

"Can I have it back?"

He raised his brows, completely taken aback. He WAS so, so, so, sure she'll ask him out AGAIN (even though he was saying over and over again that it was so, so, so, so not—but really…)

"Excuse me?"

"Can I have it back?" she repeated.

"Have what?" he snapped, impatiently and embarrassedly.

The girl flashed a smile. "The bouquet," when he remained uncharacteristically staring she began to frown. "The bouquet, can I have it back?" Sasuke-kun is so strange today…

Sasuke rearranged his expression as quickly (with poise— Uchiha poise) as possible. "Why?"

She smiled again. "I guess Naruto would love those flowers." She motioned at the big bouquet. "I know, you'll just throw them away. It's expensive and the lilies are pretty and it cost so, so much as well as the daisies so, can I have it back instead of chucking it off to a pretty garbage can?"


A frown creased her forehead. "I beg your pardon, ne?"

The grip on the bouquet tightened. "I said, no."




Sasuke looked away, snorting arrogantly. "If you want to give Naruto flowers, do so." He glared at her. "But this is mine."

"Oh." The petal-haired looked confused but she offered a small smile and said, "okay," her small shoulders heaved up in a small shrug as she turned to walk back to Naruto.


The girl stopped abruptly, almost losing her balance. Ungracefully, she twirled around, looking confused.

"What is it, Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke's free hand began to tremble and eventually balled into fist.


Pink eyebrow rose.


It rose higher.


"Don't fall in love with him."

Higher. Until the eyebrow disappeared into the hairline.

She wasn't sure if she heard it correctly. It was…surreal.


"Or else…"

He heaved a very deep, very strained, very shaky sigh.

Inside, his pride was weeping, drowning.

"Or else…I'll…" The wind picked up between them, lifting his black bangs. He glared at her under his long fringes as he shoved his free hand inside his shorts pocket. "I'll rip your stuffed carrot-eating bunny into cotton chunks."

"…oh." Her face scrunched up in a funny expression. "That's cruel."

He made a mental note.

She's hilarious.

Weird. Persistent. Strong…not physically, at least. Hopeful. Naïve. Soft and… everything else that he was not.

His musings were broken as she called his name, sounding curious.


"Er, how did you know that I have a stuffed bunny?"

Oh, the horror.

The horror of THE Great Domineering Tomato Guy Uchiha Sasuke.

You're having a heart attack, aren't you?

Aren't you?


Oh. You're heartbroken.


Yes, yes.

Gritting his teeth, he retorted. "I just…guessed!"

Sakura blinked then giggled. "Wow, you're pretty good at guessing, Sasuke-kun!"

"Shut up, Sakura." He sighed sharply and turned.

Before his eyes, a filmstrip of memories flashed.

A window. Opened to let the wind enter.

Gossamer curtains.

A little girl on her bed, sleeping soundly.

A stuffed bunny, Mr. Carrot.

Pathetic. He thought, almost in despair. He listened to his two teammates behind him ("Naruto, not in Ichiraku, somewhere chic, somewhere nice, somewhere pretty and pink, fabulous and glamorous RAMEN-FREE! That's where you're going to take ME." "But Sakura-chyaaaaan—" "Don't be lame!" "Ichiraku is the love of my life!" "Oh. How about me?" "You're the love of …my stomach?" "YOU'RE LAME!" –bam-)

He stopped.

And listened.


It's just a date.


Throw confetti. Blow a trumpet. Roll a red carpet. Jump to your death. Foam in the mouth. claw your eyes out and …scream.

Next year, maybe… he'd be the one who'd throw confetti.

Ah. Fun.