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Through the Well

By Miztikal-Dragon

Chapter One: How She Came

It all started on one cloudless night, maybe no later than midnight. A young maiden ran for her life in the streets of Tokyo. Her long silky, black hair fluttered in the wind as the cold air pounded in front of her face, threatening to slow her down. She wore only a long white silk nightgown that cascaded to her feet and was strapless.

Usually it clung to her body, showing off all the curves of her adolescent figure. She wore no shoes, but that wouldn't slow her down. Nothing would until she could hide and get away from her father.

'Where am I going to hide?' She thought. The air stung her face and her sides started to ache from all the running she was doing.

"Can't stop," She whispered to herself, "Keep going, he mustn't catch me!"

Her father was only twenty feet behind her and closing.

"Kagome! You better stop this moment!" Her father yelled. "You're only adding to your punishment by running!"

Kagome's eyes went wide, 'There it is!' she thought. The shrine was only down the street. She used to go there with her mom after they moved out, when her grandfather died. Now it was empty.

'Thank God!' Her mind screamed as she ran faster towards the shrine. Her father saw where she was heading and he pumped his legs harder. He knew there was a lot of hiding spots, because that's where he'd grown up. He began to close in on her. Fifteen feet, ten feet and he smiled yelling,


The young maiden let out a horrified scream, as he closed in the giant gap between them, not even a foot away from the Sunset Shrine stairs, she took a leap, landing only a few stairs up. She quickly ran up the stairs, Kagome had gotten used to running up them, but the fact was that there were way to many and she only grew tired.

"Time to face the inevitable, girl!" Her father said. He was practically breathing down her back.

Kagome ran faster, once she was away from the stairs it was easier for her to run and get away. As she looked around for somewhere to hide, her father grabbed her arm. She let out a loud scream, but was cut shot when her father's large hand swept violently across her face, sending her tumbling to the ground.

"Shoulda never ran from me darling, now your punishment is going to be worse. A lot worse. Shoulda never ran!" He growled, breathing heavily.

He kicked her stomach roughly with his boot and she let a tiny cry of pain slip from her lips. Her father knelt down to where she cowered, his hands gripping her hair as he pulled her to her feet. He drew her face close to his, an expression of rage plastered to his features as her hands hid behind her back. He smiled.

"What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?" He pulled her hair tighter.

She winced at the force he used, holding back her tears. She would never allow anyone to see her cry, especially her father, of all people. Kagome looked at her father with the expression of complete failure written on her face.

"I'm sorry father," she whispered.

His pursed lips grew into a wide, pleasurable grin, "And what for..." it was more like a statement than a question.

'Here's my chance!' She thought. Kagome swung out her hand that concealed her only defense. "FOR THIS!" She screamed as she crushed her only weapon onto her father's unprotected skull. It connected and he let out a startled cry, his grip loosening and she stomped on his foot.

When he completely let go of her she took off running again, thanking God that she had caught her second wind. She remembered what her mother told her the day before she died in the hospital from the "accident".

'The well, dear, if ever you are in trouble, go to the well house and hide. It can keep you safe from him for a short while.'

Those had been the last words her mother had said to Kagome, now she was in great trouble, and she wasn't far from the well house. She turned a corner and she saw it; her escape from hell was so close, yet it seemed so far away. She made it safely inside locking the door, and barricading it shut, and then flung herself onto the lip of the well. She held onto the side, her body hurt so much and she was exhausted. After a while she hid herself away from view, tried to keep her eyes open, but sleep soon claimed her.


He stared off into the sky, it was clear and yet not full of stars. This is how he would spend every night, sitting in the Goshinboku tree, on the sturdiest branch gazing into the night sky. Tonight was unlike most nights, it was unusually windy and his long silver hair blew in the breeze the strands of his mane tickling his face.

His clawed hands were on his lap, fingering the cloth of his haori. He sighed. There was nothing for him to do, and he was all alone if you didn't count the small fox demon that always followed him around.

"Shippo go away!" The young boy yelled from the tree.

The fox demon named Shippo jumped onto the branch where the silver-haired boy sat.

"Hey Inuyasha, I think somebody's inside the well!" Shippo said.

The boy named Inuyasha glared at Shippo, stubbornly crossing his arms over his chest. "Why do you say that, whelp?" He growled.

"Uh…because I think I saw Koga sniffing around the well." Shippo replied uneasily.

Inuyasha grabbed Shippo by the back of his kimono and leapt onto the ground. Quickly the hanyou ran towards the bone eater's well, looking down at the fox demon he growled, "For your sake, you'd better not be lying."

Shippo gulped, watching Inuyasha. 'I'm toast. He's going to kill me!'

As the air swirled around them. Inuyasha sniffed an unfamiliar scent, it was like a field of wild flowers mixed with fear. He grew anxious to see what kind of creature this new scent poured from. Jumping out from the brush he found nothing, not even Koga.

Inuyasha dropped Shippo as he walked towards the well, continuing to sniff the air. 'Well the scent is coming from inside the well, but it's not that strong,' he told himself. Peering inside the well, he still found nothing. He turned back to face Shippo, who was currently inching back into the brush, and ran after the fox demon.

"You stupid fox! Get back here you liar!"

The sun began to rise and Inuyasha growled as he dove, tumbling to the ground as a gigantic boomerang came flying towards him. A girl came out from the brush and caught the flying object, she smiled as she leaned against her weapon.

"You're trapped; you have no place to run," she said.

Inuyasha got to his feet and looked around carefully. He could smell the others close by. "I'm never trapped!" he growled back.

Like always, he spoke too soon. A hand full of arrows came out from behind him. He managed to dodge them all, but was caught from the ones that shot out in front of him. The arrows pinned him to a near by tree buy the fabric from his pants and haori and a rather young man came out from the brush, followed shortly by an elderly woman.

"Good job Miroku, you too Kaede. We've got Inuyasha!" The young girl gloated as she walked towards the hanyou.

"Stay away from me wench!" Inuyasha warned as he struggled to break free, failing miserably.

"Sango my dear, don't get too close. He might have rabies!" Miroku chuckled.

"MONK! When I'm done with you, you're going to wish that you were dead!" Inuyasha threatened.

Miroku walked up next to Sango, looking up at the hanyou who was still pinned to the tree. "You know, for a half demon you're pretty hard to track down."

Inuyasha grunted and closed his eyes; he still was trying to figure a way out. "And if Shippo hadn't told us where to find you, we would've probably never of found you… Until you came back, that is." Sango laughed.

Shippo hid behind Kaede, who stood by the well in deep thought, "I can sense a foreboding presence. It would be wise if we left immediately," Kaede said loudly.

Everyone looked at the old priestess and nodded. Sango jogged up to Kaede and waved to Miroku, "Guard him. I will be back tomorrow!"

"Alright Sango, my love, my dearest!" Miroku sang as he sat down in the grass.

Inuyasha glared at the monk angrily, "Why do you even bother with Sango? She don't like you, you lecher!"

"Oh, Inuyasha you have a lot to learn. She just doesn't see her feelings for me yet, but in time she will. In due time." Miroku said as he gathered sticks and dried grass.

"Yeah, right. She won't if you keep groping her!" The hanyou snorted.

The monk soon started a fire and cooked some food that he'd brought along with him, leaving Inuyasha's mouth watering at the sight of it.

"Stop drooling. You're not getting any!" Miroku told him flatly.

"WHY NOT?" Inuyasha yelled.

"Because I don't like to share. I'm stingy! SO HA!" The monk mused as he started to eat.

'Stupid monk, I'm going to show you!' Inuyasha thought as he grunted, soon falling asleep.


Her eyes fluttered open; it was mid day, and she was still inside the well house. 'I hope he's gone.' She thought as she came out of her hiding spot. She looked around noticing that everything was the same inside the well house. The door was still barricaded. Letting a relieved sigh escape, Kagome glanced down at her nightgown to see that it was covered in dirt.

"Oh man, this was my last nice nightgown!" she whimpered as she tried to brush the dirt off herself.

Kagome started to un-barricade the well house doors and then she stopped. 'What if he didn't go to work today?' she asked herself thinking, for a minute. Then she shook her head, "Nah, he has to go to work or they'll fire him."

Slowly she walked out of the well house and made her way quickly to the main shrine where the Goshinboku tree was. As she reached it, she bowed respectfully and glanced towards her old house. Sprinting to it, she walked through the mysteriously unlocked back door.

As she headed up the stairs to her old room, she noticed a lot of the things that were left behind were now dusty or covered with a white sheet. Boy did she miss this place. When she lived here in this house, she was happy.

At one point and time, Kagome had had a happy family. She always started to cry when she thought about how her family was now; her mom died in the hospital a year ago, Sota was in juvenile detention, and her father became abusive. All this happened after her grandpa grew sickly.

Kagome shivered as she entered her old room. Everything had been as she'd left it. She walked over to her closet and pulled out a dress that was similar to her nightgown. It was a long, silk, white dress that had long sleeves. It reminded her of the old priestess outfit that she used to wear when helping out her grandpa with the shrine and what she had worn for Halloween a few years back.

She pulled out some undergarments from her dresser that wouldn't show through the dress, and then Kagome walked into her bathroom and locked the door. She drew herself a small, cold-watered bath (Luckily the cold water still was running). As she undressed herself, she remembered how life used to be when she was a child.


The young Kagome giggled as she hid from her grandpa; she always loved to hide in the well house because her grandpa always told her old stories. She had climbed on top of the boarded up well and decided to dance. There was a cracking sound and she stopped and looked down.

"Kagome! Get off that right now!" her grandpa yelled at her, gripping the well house door with his old hands.

She turned to face her grandpa and smiled. She took a step forward and the boards cracked, and broke. She screamed as she fell down the well.


Kagome shook her head violently as she scrubbed her arms, 'That didn't really happen, grandpa told me it was a dream!' She scolded herself.


Inuyasha woke up to find himself still pinned to the tree. He had been a sleep for a while and now Miroku was passed out cold a few feet from the hanyou, and he growled.

"Hmmm, Sango will you bare my child?" Miroku whispered in his sleep.

"You lecher! You're going to get us killed if you don--" Inuyasha growled as he smelled humans coming form behind him.

A boomerang came shooting out of the trees and Inuyasha let out a yelp, "WOULD YOU WATCH WHERE YOU'RE AIMING THAT THING PLEASE!" he screamed.

Miroku opened his eyes and yawned, getting to his feet as he brushed himself off, "Welcome back Lady Sango."

Sango laughed as she came out of the trees catching her flying weapon. She looked at Inuyasha and smiled. She turned back to Miroku, suddenly growing serious.

"Okay, Kaede is not coming with me this time. She feels that she is too old to be running around like this. So I get to have Shippo and Kirara on my team," she told the two men.

"WHAT! No way! We get Kirara!" Inuyasha struggled to break free, but it was useless.

The monk laughed at the hanyou, then looked at Sango. "Why not take me instead? I'd love to be on your team."

He moved closer to Sango, his hand traveled down her backside. "AHH! YOU PERVERT!" she screamed as she hit Miroku with her boomerang.

Miroku fell to the ground and laughed, "Sorry but I couldn't help it, Lady Sango."

"You're on Inuyasha's team, and my team is leaving in a few hours. So you'll have fun! BYE!" She seethed as she took off back into the trees.

Inuyasha broke out laughing; the look on Miroku's face was beyond hilarious. Angrily, Miroku walked up to the laughing hanyou and hit him repeatedly with his staff, knocking the poor, momentarily defenseless Inuyasha unconscious.

Miroku sat back down on the ground and began to build another fire. No sooner than when the sun started to go down, he had a blazing fire.


As Kagome finished putting on her clean clothes, she had noticed that it had started to get dark. Quickly, she brushed her almost dried hair and made her way out of the abandoned house. Rushing to the well house, she closed the door. As she turned around, Kagome let out a scream. There stood her father, towering over her with an evil smile growing on his face.

"You're such a stupid girl," he said as he cornered her against the door.

'NO!' Her mind screamed, 'I was so close!' Her eyes were wide with fear, as her father pulled back his hand and shot it towards her face. Kagome was barely able to duck and take off in a safe direction.

Before she could get far, he tackled her and she hit her side on the boarded up well. She let out a gasp as she heard a loud crack. Her father wrapped his hands around her neck and lifted Kagome off of the ground. She gasped and gagged, trying to find air, she clawed at her father's hands, and kicked at him wildly.

'Kick him where it hurts!' her mind screamed. 'Defend yourself! Before he kills you!'

Kagome closed her eyes and kicked her father hard one last time. He let out a cry of pain, and she pulled her feet up onto his chest as she pushed against him. He let his grasp slip from her neck as he collapsed to his knees. She let out a kind of half laugh and half cry of pain as she collided with the top of the well.

She heard another faint cracking sound, but this time slightly louder. 'OH, my God! I'm going to fall!' she thought.

When Kagome tried to move, the wooden boards that were used as a lid for the well gave away, sending her falling into the darkness. Letting out a horrified hair-curling scream as she tried to find something to grab onto before she hit the bottom, but she never did.


Miroku heard the scream of a young maiden, and he rushed into the trees, trying to find out where it had come from. Inuyasha stirred but he didn't awaken.

From down inside the well, Kagome laid on the pieces of wood. It took her a few minutes to adjust to the fact that she'd actually fallen down it. She pulled herself onto her feet and brushed herself off.

'Good, I'm not too dirty.' she told herself as she eyed her surroundings. When she finally reached the top and climbed over the side, a cold breeze and the soft, cold grass greeted her. She looked around, completely dumbfounded by what she was seeing.

'Where am I? And why am I not in the well house with my father?' She shivered as a gust of wind gave her chills, "Thank God I decided to put on something with long sleeves," she sighed.

Kagome walked in the strange place guided only by the light of the moon. After a few moments of aimless walking she saw smoke, meaning a fire. She rushed through the trees and shrubs, until she came across an empty campsite. She was about to leave when a breeze blew by and out of the corer of her eyes Kagome saw something silver.

She looked over and that's when she saw him, what appeared to be a young boy pinned to a tree by his clothing. He had long silver hair and she even noticed the ears on top of his head.

"Wow, his ears look like that of a dog's!" She whispered as she walked towards him.

Inuyasha could smell the wild flower again, it soothed him and he fell into a deeper slumber. A second later could feel something against his body and it over whelmed his senses.

Kagome carefully climbed onto the arrows holding the boy's pant legs. The first arrow broke and the second threatened to break at the slightest movement. She held onto the boy's red jacket and reached up until she held one of his soft ears in her hand and gently began rubbing it. Kagome felt the boy's chest start to vibrate, 'Oh my God, he's purring!' she thought.

She carefully removed one of the arrows holding up his arms, and smiled as she let the arrow drop to the ground. Kagome was about to start rubbing the boy's ear again, when someone yelled from behind her.


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