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Damn it, how did I get here? Obi-Wan pondered this thought as a large flying creature raised the chain connected to his shackles, and secured them to a tall post. He gave a wince, sore from the beating he'd taken earlier and from being suspended arms high for hours upon end. Dust rose up from the ground and filled his lungs. He gave a gasp of choking and pain. He couldn't remember the last time he felt this horrible, and yet all he could seem to think of is Sabe. Was she ok? Was she even alive?

The crowd above gave a new burst of cheers, and Obi-Wan lifted his gaze to their new object of entertainment. Padme? Anakin? Well, this was amusing. According to Anakin, they had come to rescue him. Good job.

Large and cumbersome creatures emerged from the doors along the walls of the stadium. Each bore a look of annoyance and hunger in its eyes. The threesome braced themselves for a fight for their lives. Padme, having transferred a hairpin into her mouth before, had unlocked a cuff and freed one hand. She shimmied up the long wooden pole just as one of the creatures leapt at her.

Anakin had managed to jump on the back of a large tri-horned creature and was riding freestyle like the wild spirit he was. Obi-Wan was having the most difficulty. Having broken the chain but not the shackles, he was struggling along the ground trying not to be crushed by the large claws of the third creature. Things weren't looking too good for him…

As the Viceroy shook in his boots watching his revenge on Padme go up in smoke, a young girl stood cloaked in the shadows. She too shook in fear, but not for the same reasons. Her heart ached as she saw a man she had truly loved for all her life, fight for his. Patience… a small voice with a large presence rang out in her head. Do not make a move or all will be lost. Despite the voice, her soul cried out for the hazel-eyed warrior. She just needed to relax and let the plan be executed as it was supposed to be. Everything would have been alright if he hadn't have come after her! Brave fool…

Just as it looked like it was all over for the trio, the lights of hope sprung up around them. Lightsabers lit up the stadium balconies like a midnight laser show. Hope sprung inside the three and they began to fight for their lives.

The fight was maddening. Droids and Jedi alike were dropping all around, while others struggled to stay alive. During his battle, Obi-Wan kept seeing glimpses of a girl who looked like Sabe. Her eyes.. her hair.. her soft white skin.. he felt like he was going crazy. He pushed his way through the crowd, just in time to see a shot from a blaster pierce Sabe's shoulder. He heard her cry (It is her!), and saw her crumple to the ground.


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