Because today is Alexx Woods' birthday :D

Birthdays are NOT supposed to be worked on. Its completely overrides the purposes of birthdays! They are special days. Days to have fun with family and friends. Days to maybe drink to much and regret it in the morning. Not for performing an autopsy on a 29 year-old male with multiple gun shot wounds. But, what can you do?

Alexx scrubbed her hands and arms with the special solution and snapped on her latex gloves. Regardless of the day, this young man deserved the right to speak. She picked up the chart on her table, noting that the deceased was in chamber 11. With each step, she cursed herself once more for picking up her phone and telling Horatio she'd be on her way.

She pulled on the handle, hearing the familiar hiss as the air pressure released. Swinging it open, she pulled on the silver tray, dragging it out. The usual strength she used to pull on the slabs was way too much in this case, and she was taken aback a few steps. Looking down, she realised why.

Nobody was on the slab!

Instead, right at the back, a collection of brightly colored bags and ribbon's lay. She flipped over a tag to read

You disappeared yesterday before we could wish you a happy birthday! This was the only way that seemed fun…

Happy Birthday Alexx!

Love, Horatio, Calleigh, Eric and Timmy x

She grinned as she peeked into the bags to find present of all descriptions. Alexx placed the clipboard on the side while she dragged the hoard to the front. Something caught her eye. The 'deceased's name? George Otcha.

Mr. G. Otcha.

"Gotcha" she chuckled.