Title: Surprise, Surprise – Chapter 5

Author: Erudit

Warnings: YAOI, Tea bashing, a lot of fluff!

Intro: Yugi has arrived at home, and realizes that his yami had had prepared an amazing breakfast table before Yugi had blown up on him. Atemu, in the meantime, has gotten his advice from Lisa. Will they finally make up or will Tea end up destroying everything?

Thank you all for wishing me good luck! I think it helped. I haven't gotten all my grades back yet, but those that I've got back, I passed. I hope this makes up for the abrupt ending of the last chapter:


Blablabla- Thoughts

/blablabla/- Yami and Yugi talking through mind link

"blablabla"- normal talking


Yugi sat at the kitchen table, crying silently. It almost seemed as if that was all he was good for anymore: Crying. Right now, the reason for his tears was the beautifully decorated kitchen table. He could see his favorite pancakes, hot coco with marshmallows, fruits and many other delicious things.

It must have taken him a life-time.

Seeing the work that Atemu had put into their breakfast, Yugi felt even guiltier for his sudden outburst of anger at his dark half in the morning. And now that he had finally returned, set on trying to talk to Atemu and finally fixing their friendship, his yami had left their house. He was all alone again.

Yugi sighed, looking somewhat miserable. He knew the longer it took the ex-pharaoh to return, the harder it would be for him to talk to Atemu.

"I'm sorry Yami." Yugi told the table in front of him, and he really meant it. He just hoped he'd still have the courage to tell Atemu once the ex-pharaoh was with him in person.

As Yugi was one of those persons who simply couldn't sit still, especially when waiting for something (or in this specific case: waiting for somebody) Yugi rose from his chair, and began cleaning the table.

He was almost finished, when suddenly someone rang their doorbell. Yugi frowned as he went to open the door. Who could be wanting something from them? They hadn't had any guests for weeks. And the shop was closed for the time grandpa was gone, so it couldn't be a costumer.

He curiously looked outside from the window right next to the door. He wanted to know who their guest was before opening the door. It was a habit he'd still retained from the time he'd been bullied. He wouldn't let anybody in that looked remotely dangerous.

It was Tea. She was standing in front of the door, looking impatient with one of her feet tapping the ground and looking at her watch every other second. Yugi smiled, and finally set to open the door. She was a friend after all and no danger to him. Although, of course, recently she had taken up the habit to try to get to Atemu through him, as the ex-pharaoh wouldn't let her close to him anymore. In that aspect she was probably a danger to him after all. A danger to hurt his soul, as his yami would have put it a long time ago.

"Hello Tea!" Yugi chirped as he opened the door. He tried hard to not let any of his distress show, as he didn't want to face any of Tea's questions. But it seemed the time when Tea had been worried about him was long past, or maybe he had simply become good at hiding his feelings, as the brunette girl didn't mention anything.

"Yugi," She asked instead, "is Yami home? I need to talk to him." She smiled sweetly, and added as an afterthought: "especially after yesterday. It was so beautiful."

Yugi frowned. Yesterday? Atemu had spent the day before with her? It almost seemed as if he'd finally gotten his answer to the question what his yami did all the time when pretending to work for Kaiba. He just didn't like the answer very much. He had spent all this time with Tea? But why then had he lied about it? And why the heck had he pretended to not like her? Why the show?

"Yugi? Are you in there? I need to see my Yami-chan." Tea interrupted his thoughts rather rudely, by poking him in the chest.

Yugi winced at the touch. He was reminded at being pushed like that by some bullies. But that was a long time ago. Tea wouldn't do something like that. He finally remembered the question. "Yami is not here." He even surprised himself at how cold his voice sounded. And to think, I'd have almost told him I loved him. Well, I'm surely not going to tell him anything anymore.

"He's not? But we have a date coming up. He said he'd be at home." Tea said, managing to look really confused, as if she were telling the truth. Yugi, at least, completely believed her, not knowing that everything she told him was either a lie or a bend of the truth. Atemu had, after all, never wanted her to accompany him in the mall the day before.

"Well, I'm sorry. But I'll tell him you came by." Yugi could just see how he'd tell his dark half. It would probably have been better, if he'd said he'd yell it at Atemu. He was probably even angrier at the ex-pharaoh now than he had been in the morning. He lied to me all the time because of her! He didn't want to tell me he was going out with her! And then, while he was thinking about it, a thought hit him hard: What if he knew all the time I loved him, and that's why he didn't tell me he was in love with Tea? Maybe that's the reason for his behavior. He didn't know how to handle a love-sick Yugi. He probably thought I'd be heart-broken the rest of my life!

"Don't worry." Tea smiled at him, thinking his crushed look was because of displeasing her, and then brushed by him to enter the living-room. "I'll just wait for him inside."

"Good." Yugi stated through clinched teeth, as he tentatively rubbed his side, where she had rammed her elbow into as she had passed by. In reality, though, he rather wanted to yell at her and tell her to leave, as what his dark half had probably feared had happened: He was jealous. Why did Atemu have to love her? Why couldn't his yami love him? Weren't they supposed to be one? When he had seen Malik and Marik get together, and a few months later Ryou and Bakura, he'd almost believed that that was what was supposed to happen. He had almost believed Atemu would love him in the same way he loved his dark half. And to think he'd almost confessed to the ex-pharaoh, had he not started acting strange all of a sudden those few weeks ago. That had probably been the time when he had started going out with Tea. She was the reason to all their problems!

He closed the door softly, and went back into the kitchen to clean up the last bit of breakfast. Atemu had probably not prepared the table for him but for his girlfriend, and was now out looking for her, as she had not come on time. He sighed, getting back the old feeling of misery, though he bit back his tears. He'd certainly not cry in front of Tea.

When he was done putting away the last dish, he looked around for an excuse to stay downstairs a little bit longer. He simply needed to see what Atemu would do when seeing Tea. Although he knew it would probably break his heart, he needed to be sure once and for all. Then, not finding anything to do in the kitchen, he went into the living room and turned on the TV. It was his house, after all. He could do what he wanted.

Yugi tensed when he heard the bell chime. Nobody else but Atemu had the key to their house; unless his grandfather had returned early, off course.

"Aibou?" the ex-pharaoh's deep voice questioned softly. "Is that you watching TV?"

"Yes, it's me. But don't worry: your guest is here as well." Yugi answered, trying quite hard not to break out into tears, and to sound as if he didn't care.

"My guest?" Atemu wondered and Yugi could almost see the ex-pharaoh's frown. "Who are you talking about, aibou? I don't expect anybody." Then, as an afterthought, he added: "Is it Joey?" He came into the living room swiftly.

Yugi's fist tightened. How dared he to still pretend not knowing Tea was waiting for him. He rose from his place on the couch angrily, and turned around to glare at the ex-pharaoh. But Atemu was too busy ogling at Tea, to even notice Yugi. It hurt, Yugi decided, as tears welled up in his eyes. It really hurt more than he had expected. He bit back a sob, as he turned around and raced up the flight of stairs.

"Aibou!" Atemu yelled, as he saw his hikari's retreat, but Yugi didn't stop to listen to what his yami had to say. He entered his room in a hurry, and locked the door behind him although it took him three tries to find the keyhole with his key in his distress. Then, he sank onto his bed, and started once again to cry in the form of loud, pitiful sobs.

His sobs were also the reason for him not hearing the loud argument that was going on downstairs. He didn't hear Atemu yell at Tea, nor did he hear how she tried to defend herself by confessing ever-lasting love to the ex-pharaoh. He also didn't hear his yami's annoyed response, or how Atemu, with an angry motion of his hand, sent Tea into the shadow realm. He didn't hear his dark half's harsh breathing when he had finally gotten rid of this nuisance, nor did he see how Atemu looked upstairs to Yugi's closed door sadly.

The next thing Yugi really heard, was a soft knock on his door, which turned into harsh pounding all too soon, when the little light simply ignored it. Finally Yugi yelled in-between his tears: "Leave me the fuck alone, Yami!" If it was because of his choice of words or because of what he had said, he wasn't sure; all he knew was that for once Atemu seemed to really do what he had said.

It got quiet on the other side of his door, and Yugi resumed his crying, though a little bit more hushed. He was quite sure the reason for Atemu's appearance upstairs had been because he had cried to loud. It had probably interrupted the ex-pharaoh's kissing-mood or something. Yugi had, after all, not realized that Tea had disappeared into the shadow realm long ago.

"Did you really think you could lock me out that easily, aibou?" Atemu's baritone voice questioned his light.

Yugi looked up surprised, and through his tear-hazed gaze he could make out the window. He had forgotten to shut the window! His yami had climbed up a tree and had jumped into his room just to tell him to be quiet? He must love her a lot. Yugi stated sadly in his mind, not realizing that Atemu had once again forced open his side of the mind-link, and heard every word he thought. "Why can't you just leave me alone?" Yugi mumbled, as he turned around to hug his pillow, as once again tears rolled down his cheeks. It hurt so much to see to what an extent Atemu loved the brunet girl.

"Because I simply can't, aibou." The ex-pharaoh stated softly, while climbing onto the bed next to Yugi. "I could never leave you alone. I'd always follow you wherever you are going, don't you understand, little one?" His voice was soft, coaxing, and at the same time almost irresistibly husky with emotion. The ex-pharaoh had been talking to Lisa for an hour. It had been quite surprising how well the two of them could get along when having the same goal. Lisa had told him to confess to Yugi, to show Yugi to what an extent he really loved his little one. Well, he had been planning on doing so on the party anyways. The whole party should have shown Yugi how much the ex-pharaoh cared for his light. But, so Lisa had thought, it might be too late to tell his aibou at the party. She had advised him to do it beforehand. He had tried to get out of her if Yugi had told her anything about his feelings for his dark half. He had hoped she would tell him that Yugi felt the same anyways. It would have been much easier if he had known that Yugi loved him; but, alas, Lisa had not told him so. She had, in fact, refused to answer any such questions. So now he sat on Yugi's bed, and was about to confess everything to his little hikari. He didn't want to keep anything a secret from Yugi. And from his light's reaction downstairs, he was fairly sure that Yugi felt at least something for him. Why else would his aibou be crying?

"No, I don't understand!" Yugi stated angrily. He tightened the hold on his pillow once more, and curled around it as if to keep himself from all harm. But no harm would ever befall Yugi, as long as Atemu was around. He'd make sure to never see Yugi cry again. It broke his heart to hear Yugi's soft sobs. "Just leave me alone, Yami. I promise I'll not make much noise."

"Noise? Make noise! You don't really believe that's the reason for me coming upstairs?" He yelled, feeling a little bit desperate because he felt that Yugi really believed such. He looked at the cowering form in front of him, as he felt tears gathering in his eyes as well. It was almost as Lisa had told him. By trying to make everything perfect for his little hikari, he had in fact made everything worse. The pain that Yugi felt almost consumed his entire being, as Atemu was still monitoring his aibou's every thought and feeling. Crimson eyes closed tightly, as he felt his aibou's anguish, and finally understood why he had tried to commit suicide the day before. Then, they opened again, sparkling in the dim light with unsaid determination. He wouldn't let something like that happen again! He quickly closed the distance, and embraced Yugi tightly. At first, the boy tried to get loose by wriggling and kicking around, but Yugi soon gave up and fell limp in the ex-pharaoh's arms.

"Aibou," Atemu sighed softly, as he smelled his hikari's magnificent scent, when burying his head into Yugi's hair. All his favorite scents were mixed to one in the boy in front of him. "How can you ever think something like that? You could make all the noise you wanted to, if it wasn't for how you make the noise. Please stop crying, aibou. I can't bear to see you sad." When Yugi didn't say anything, Atemu softly continued: "And there really is no reason for you sadness, aibou. I'm so sorry for making you believe there was; I really am. Please forgive me, little one. I know I shouldn't have lied to you, and should have spent more time with you, but I wanted so badly for it to be perfect, aibou. Everything you do always comes out perfect; I wanted for once that this would be perfect as well. I wanted that you'd be proud of me, little one. I wanted that you'd be happy. Please forgive me." Atemu buried his head even deeper in his hikari's hair, his arms not loosening around Yugi one bit. "Please forgive me." He mumbled once again.

Yugi had listened to his dark half's short speech, and to say he was confused would have been an understatement. He slowly turned around to look at the ex-pharaoh. Atemu's eyes were closed, and he could make out a few crystalline drops. He had been crying as well? But why? His hand rose to cup his yami's cheek. Crimson eyes opened almost immediately. "What did you want to make perfect?" He asked imploringly, as he gazed deep into crimson eyes.

A soft smile appeared onto Atemu's face. So he still had a chance. And then, he began explaining about the party he had wanted to throw for his hikari. He told him that Yugi's friends had been helping him; that they had been spending all this time setting up things for the party; that he'd only lied to Yugi because he wanted it to be a big surprise, and that he'd hoped Yugi would be proud of him if he said he'd be helping Kaiba, his arch-rival. And he told him that Tea had been bothering him ever since he had mentioned the party; that at one time she had even threatened to tell Yugi; that he didn't like Tea at all, and that he hoped Yugi wouldn't be too mad at him for sending her on a one-way trip to the shadow realm. He also added that Tristan would be coming home for the party; that Malik, Marik and Ishizu had arrived in Domino this morning, and were waiting to see him. And he mentioned that he'd invited Lisa to their party as well, as she seemed to be a really good friend of Yugi's. All the time, while telling his aibou all the little secrets he'd kept, his hand softly stroke Yugi's cheek, as his eyes unconsciously roamed Yugi's face. His little tenshi was simply beautiful. And once he was done explaining, he added that thought as well. "Nobody is more beautiful than you, little one." He stated it in a voice of deep admiration, almost as if he was talking to a deity.

They were quiet for a few minutes after that confession. Atemu's hands still traveling over Yugi's face, a blush on said younger counterpart showing that he was quite aware of this action, even though Yugi's mind was actually a few miles away, thinking about what his yami had told him. When Yugi's eyes finally returned to Atemu's crimson ones, and when his mind finally ventured to the present, Yugi softly smiled at his darkness, his smile lightening up his features, and his eyes sparkling like stars. His arms circled around his dark half's waist, and he squeezed the ex-pharaoh tightly, burying his face into Atemu's chest. "Thank you, Yami-chan."

Atemu felt his heart beat faster at Yugi's action and soft words. He knew that was how he wanted to spend the rest of his life: Yugi in his arms, smiling at him, being happy. As long as his tenshi was happy, he'd be happy as well. And so, in this moment, without really wanting to spill the secret yet, the words that he had been so desperate to hide, flowed over his lips: "I love you, Yugi."


I could finish it here off course, but I've planned on letting them confess everything in this chapter, so I'm going to continue, as a thank you to all who have reviewed my story.


Yugi tensed in Atemu's arms, as his eyes flew open in surprise. Had his yami really said what he thought he had heard? Had Atemu said that he loved him? No, it had probably been just his wishful thinking. It was best just to act as if nothing had happened. If he asked Atemu to repeat what he'd meant, he'd surely have to answer some awkward questions.

Atemu felt his hikari flinch in his arms. His eyes closed as he mentally chided himself. How could he have been so stupid as to tell Yugi his feelings? In his own surprise he had let go of his connection to Yugi, and he could therefore not tell what Yugi thought anymore. Was his aibou disgusted with him? Was his little light thinking about ways to get rid of him now? "I'm sorry." He mumbled into his hikari's hair. "Please forgive me."

Yugi's eyes widened a little bit when he heard his dark half whisper. Then, he turned around to face the ex-pharaoh. "Sorry what for?" Their eyes met slowly, as Yugi searched them for an answer. Maybe he'd not been mistaken at all. Maybe Atemu had really confessed his love for him. Could it be?

Atemu saw his aibou's searching gaze, and knew that now was the time to be completely honest. Lisa had told him not to keep anything from Yugi anymore, and he knew quite well that she was right. If he wanted Yugi to completely trust him, Yugi needed to know everything about him; he needed to know that Atemu kept no secrets from him. And that was why Atemu finally did what he should have done all along: he opened his mind link completely, tore down the walls that he had so carefully erected all those months ago, when he had realized he had fallen in love with his hikari.

Yugi was just about to give up trying to read in his yami's eyes, when he was suddenly overwhelmed by a whole load of feelings and thoughts. He realized, quite surprised, that Atemu had opened his side of their mind-link. After gazing at the ex-pharaoh for a few seconds, he closed his eyes and concentrated completely on his dark half's feelings. Somehow he knew that Atemu had removed all the barriers he had previously used to keep Yugi from finding out too much. It was just a short strain of thought that told him so. Another, this time a bigger strain told him that Atemu had really told him that he loved him; that it hadn't been his overactive imagination.

A feeling of high elation cursed through Yugi's veins when he finally opened his eyes again. Atemu loved him! He flashed his dark half a brilliant smile. One small hand rose to tenderly cup his yami's tanned cheek.

Atemu closed his eyes, relieved that his little one wasn't absolutely disgusted with him. Surely, Yugi wouldn't act like that when being appalled by him, would he? "Yugi." He whispered softly, not knowing what else to say. He wanted to ask his little light what he was feeling for him. Not knowing how Yugi really felt for him was nearly killing him, but how could he force Yugi to tell him something like that? He needed Yugi to think over it, so that his answer was completely heart-felt. He wouldn't want Yugi to tell him that he loved him just because his little light wanted him to be happy. Atemu knew quite well that his aibou was capable of giving up his own happiness for the sake of others. He'd never let Yugi do something like that.

"Yami." Yugi answered softly, all the while affectionately stroking his dark half's cheek. Crimson eyes slowly opened again to look at the younger one. "Aishiteru, Yami." Yugi finally answered his dark half's unspoken question. "I love you." He repeated to emphasize the point. He smiled again, his eyes sparkling like stars in the night, as he in turn tore down his own walls that surrounded his most guarded thoughts, knowing fully well by now that Atemu had never ventured that far into his mind, otherwise his dark half wouldn't have been so oblivious to his feelings.

They lay like that for quite some time, each too engrossed in the other's feelings to think about anything else. Their arms were still around each other, moving slowly up and down. Finally, after hearing his stomach growl, Yugi sat up and looked at his yami questioning. "Are you hungry, Yami-chan?"

It was funny, Atemu thought, how different that name sounded when coming from Yugi. Whenever Tea had called him Yami-chan he could have strangled her, but coming from Yugi it sounded wonderful, as if that was the only thing his little hikari was supposed to call him. He nodded, and rose to join Yugi in his search for something to eat downstairs.

That evening he discovered how sweet eating could be, when having a tenshi like Yugi around. Atemu was quite sure that he had had slaves feeding him grapes and such when he had been pharaoh, but he couldn't imagine that anything could have ever tasted as good as it did when Yugi fed him. The smile on his aibou's face alone was enough to keep his heart soaring and his head spinning.


"So this is the apartment, where you planned on having the party, Yami-chan?" Yugi asked, while tilting his head cutely to observe any kind of movement in front of them. They stood in front of a tall building, and the apartment Yugi was indicating at was supposed to be at the bottom. For a fleeting moment Yugi thought it would be perfect for a club. Joey had probably been ecstatic when seeing this place. It had always been the blonde's dream to open up a club. Up to now, though, he had not been able make his wish come true.

The two of them had gone to bed right after they had eaten supper together, as both of them had been quite tired from the events of the day. For the first time ever since Atemu had gotten his own body, the two of them shared a bed, cuddling into each other, with the ex-pharaoh's arms wrapped tightly around his younger counterpart. Or actually, it had been the second time, as they had been in a similar position the night before. But it was the first time that both of them had been really conscious enough to decide on their own if they wanted to share a bed or not.

After having gone to bed early, both of them had been awake by six o'clock in the morning. Atemu had kissed Yugi on the tip of his nose (he didn't dare to do anything else), and had wished him a happy birthday. Yugi had simply smiled one of his brilliant smiles, and had yawned cutely. Then, he'd kissed his yami's cheek gratefully, and had risen to prepare breakfast. After a few minutes of staring dreamily in space because of Yugi kissing his cheek, the ex-pharaoh had pulled himself together, and had followed his little light in the kitchen. A few seconds later, Yugi had been effectively banished from the kitchen grounds, and had sat sulking in the living room, waiting for his dark half to finish preparing breakfast. Atemu had insisted that Yugi was not to do anything on his birthday. They had fed each other again, or actually all that Yugi could remember was Atemu feeding him… had his dark half even eaten anything this morning? He glanced at the ex-pharaoh worriedly, then turned back to look at the apartment-complex in front of him. He didn't even know why he had insisted on remaining outside a little bit longer. He somehow seemed to be afraid, though he couldn't quite say what he was afraid of. Maybe he was afraid that something did not work out the way his yami had wanted it to? Was that it? He didn't want his dark half to be disappointed?

"Are you ready to go inside now, aibou?" The ex-pharaoh glanced at his hikari worriedly, not really understanding why Yugi hadn't wanted to go inside yet. Usually the little one was quite impatient and couldn't wait to open his presents or see a surprise. He could feel the anxiousness coming from the other side of the link.

"Sure!" Yugi agreed happily, flashing his dark half another smile. He couldn't deny he was looking forward to the party, and to seeing his friends again. He let the ex-pharaoh know of his happiness through their mind-link, then kissed Atemu on his cheek again, and dragged the stunned looking yami in the direction of the apartment-complex.

"Yugi! My little buddy!" Joey yelled, when seeing the hikari and Yugi was soon surrounded by a group of friends. Ryou was offering him some pixy-sticks; Malik and Marik were trying to tell him something in ancient Egyptian; Joey grinned broadly, and padded his shoulder; Tristan was doing the same as Joey on the other side of Yugi; Serenity and Mai were yelling something over Ryou's shoulder; Duke was holding a plate of cookies in front of Yugi's nose, at the same time trying to push Tristan away from Serenity; Ishizu and Shadi were calmly standing behind Marik, smiling at Yugi encouragingly.

Yugi's favorite music played softly in the background. The hikari guessed Atemu had arranged that as well. The ex-pharaoh seemed to have planned even the smallest detail. The tapestry of the apartment was the same as the tapestry in his room. It was his favorite design. Red and purple garlands and balloons decorated the room. They instantly reminded Yugi of his and Atemu's eye-color. On the walls hung pictures of people and duel monsters he liked. He could even make out a picture of him and the gang at the other side of the room. Yugi smiled softly at the realization of how carefully his yami had planned this party. His smile widened when he saw Rebecca, Professor Hawkins and his grandpa in the back of the room, patiently waiting for him. He rushed over to greet them immediately, followed by the rest of his friends.

In all the commotion Yugi didn't see how Atemu stepped up to Seto Kaiba and Bakura, and how the three of them started talking lively. Then, Atemu nodded, and the three of them went to one of the adjoined rooms.

Yugi, in the meantime, was enjoying himself immensely. His friends told him various stories out of their present lives (how Bakura had once again succeeded in blasting apart their closet in a frantic search for his favorite pair of pants; how Seto Kaiba broke off a contract because of the man staring at Joey for a considerate amount of time; the problems Tristan had had with talking French; how Rebecca had won a science-prize in college, and many other things), and he finally forgot that he had, just a few days ago, thought that he had been completely forgotten.

In the end, when the most important things were exchanged, he was dragged and shoved in front of a big pile of presents by Ryou, Malik and Joey.

"Open them!" His friends suggested.

Yugi nodded happily, and began looking around for Atemu. He wanted his dark half close by when opening the presents. He also needed to thank his dark half for preparing all of that. "Where's Yami?"

His friends immediately began looking around for Yugi's dark half, realizing for the first time that their host was indeed gone.

"I'm here, aibou." Atemu stepped out of the shadows and nodded encouragingly. "Go ahead, open your presents, little one. You, most of all, deserve them." The ex-pharaoh joined the crowd of Yugi's friends, and together they watched as Yugi opened one present after the other.


"Thank you, guys!" Yugi smiled brightly at his friends after opening the last present, holding a stack of cards, several kinds of sweets and a Kuriboh-plushy in his hands. The ground around him was littered with pieces of wrappers and clothes, several games and books.

"You're not completely done with opening your presents yet, Yugi." Seto Kaiba announced. The CEO and Bakura came back into the room, and while Seto Kaiba went over to Yugi, Bakura came to a halt next to his hikari, and gave the ex-pharaoh the thumbs up. Nobody else but Atemu saw it, though.

Seto Kaiba carried a small box in his hands. "This present is from Joey and me, although the puppy insisted on giving you some cards as well. But consider this as our real present. It was Yami's idea, so you can give him some credit for it as well, I suppose." The box was softly placed in Yugi's hands, as the small hikari stared at it confusedly. What could be in the box? He shook it softly, listening closely to the sound it made. It sounded broken!

"Come on, buddy open it!" Joey encouraged impatiently. The blonde wanted to see his friend's reaction to the present. "It's not gonna bite you, ya know."

Yugi smiled at Joey's antics. The blonde would probably have jumped up and down like a little child as well, had his boyfriend not embraced him tightly. Therefore, only his head bobbed up and down.

Yugi's gaze went back to the present, and with a few practiced flicks of his hands, another wrapper joined the pieces on the floor, and Yugi held in his hands … a key. He stared at it in wonder. A key? What's that supposed to mean? A key to what?

As if sensing his questions, Seto Kaiba spoke up again. "This is the key to this apartment. It now officially belongs to you; with everything in it, naturally."

"Not including us, of course." Joey piped up, smiling broadly at Yugi's stunned expression. The small light's mouth hung open and his eyes almost seemed to pop out of his skull in his surprise.

Seto Kaiba cleared his throat to get back everybody's attention. "I've got the papers in the back. You'll get them later. We've already put in all the essential details for you. It is paid off already as well, off course. You can do with it whatever you want." There was a hint in this last sentence that Yugi, even though he was still stunned, caught on to. They all knew that he needed no apartment. He planned on living with his grandpa in the Kame game shop. So why had he been given this as a present? Then, as if somebody had turned on a light bulb in his head (in fact, he could've sworn he could hear a click), the real meaning behind this sentence hit him. Off course! Joey had always wanted an apartment like this one to open up his club. It was so simple, really!

"You know, Joey. About that idea of yours…concerning this club…" He stated vaguely, hoping his friend would get the hint.

"You'd really allow me to open up the club here, in your apartment!" The blonde, bounced out of his boyfriend's arms, and embraced Yugi tightly, stars in his eyes and happy tears cursing down his cheeks. "Thank you, thank you so much."

Yugi laughed. "As long as you don't hug me to death, you can use this place for your club. But now, Joey…" The hikari was already turning awfully red in his face, "…I need air to breath!" He coughed out, his voice sounding a bit strained.

"Oh, sorry 'bout that, ol' buddy, ol' pal." Joey released him from his death-grip, and softly padded Yugi's shoulder until the hikari's coughing fit ended. "You alright?"

"Yeah. Thanks Joey." Yugi looked over his friend's shoulder to see Atemu and Seto smile. Then, the CEO dragged Joey away from the hikari, and all fell silent as Yugi's yami stepped forward. Atemu cleared his throat, as his cheeks turned slightly red from embarrassment. Yugi looked at his dark half surprised. Atemu wasn't one to get embarrassed easily. He wondered what all of that was about. He supposed it was because of Atemu's gift for him. He had noticed, when opening the presents, that his dark half's present was not among the others. In fact, there was no present from his yami at all.

"Aibou." The ex-pharaoh cleared his throat again, when realizing how hoarse his voice sounded. It was completely silent around them. Not even Bakura was sniggering.

That's odd, thought Yugi. It must be something really important. "We can go in the other room, if you want to be alone, Yami." He suggested.

Atemu shook his head. "Aibou, I want everybody to hear what I have to say to you now." He sighed while thinking about how to begin. "First off, I want to state how sorry I am about lying to you, and about all the things my lies made you think. Please forgive me, little one." The ex-pharaoh gazed at Yugi intently, his ruby eyes never leaving amethyst ones. Yugi could feel the sincerity through their link. "I've told you yesterday, and I want to tell you today and every day for the rest of my life that I love you with all my heart. Nothing is ever going to change that, little one. My heart is in your hands, for you to do with it whatever you see fit." Atemu stopped again, stepping closer to Yugi, his hands holding something behind his back. Yugi didn't dare to try to see what it was, though; he was mesmerized, his gaze fixed upon his partner.

"I think I've loved you ever since we've met. I just didn't realize it right away, and when I had realized it, I was too afraid of rejection to confess. I'm sorry for my weakness, aibou." Yugi opened his mouth to protest, his yami was not weak at all, but Atemu held up one of his hands, effectively silencing the hikari.

"You're wrong, aibou. I am weak. I just always try to cover it up to make you believe that I'm strong and never wrong. I want you to completely rely on me. I'm quite selfish, aibou. I want to be the only important one in your life. I'm sorry about that as well; you've got so many great friends…" Atemu turned to look at Yugi's friends for a second, then he turned back to his hikari, sighing. "It's in my nature, you know. I was pharaoh once. It is difficult to accept that I'm not the most important person in the world anymore…" Yugi opened his mouth again, and was once again silenced by his yami. "…especially when concerning you. You are the most important person to me, aibou. Nobody will ever hold this place inside of my heart." The ex-pharaoh laughed softly. "Ra, sometimes I think that there is no room left in my heart. It is completely filled with you. Everything seems unimportant compared to you."

Tears gathered at Yugi's eyes at his yami's words. This was simply beautiful. Nobody had ever told him something like that, and he doubted that anybody would ever try. Why me? How could he ever love somebody like me?

Atemu stepped even closer, so that he was now standing right in front of Yugi. They could feel each other's body heat. Gently, the ex-pharaoh wiped away the tears, although one of his hands was still hidden behind Atemu's back. /Don't ever think something like that again, aibou. You're worth much more than I can give you./ Out loud he said: "I wish so badly to still be pharaoh, aibou, so that I could place the world to your feet. Sadly, there's not much I can offer you now, safe the promise to do everything in my powers to see you happy. One word from you, and I'll try to make it come true, one wish and I'll try to fulfill it for you." Atemu's tanned hand softly cupped Yugi's cheeks, while staring into amethyst eyes, shining of love and unshed happy tears. Yugi smiled.

Then, the ex-pharaoh pulled out a golden band from behind his back, and held it up to Yugi. "This will remind you of my promise even when I'm not right by your side, little one. This ring is the promise of my ever-lasting love for you; and also the promise to marry you, once you're ready." He put the ring softly in one of Yugi's hands, and closed the hikari's fingers around it. Then, he turned around and left the room to wait for his light in the adjoined room.

The metal was warm, Yugi noted absent-mindedly. He slowly opened his hand, and gazed at the golden band. He raised it to his eyes and looked at it closely. So intent upon looking at the ring was he, in fact, that he failed to notice his yami leaving the room. Inside of the ring was written Forever yours, Atemu in the ex-pharaoh's handwriting. The small hikari smiled, and then looked up to gaze at his friends in surprise. Where had Atemu disappeared to?

"He's in the back room, waiting for you." Bakura stated, still not showing any sign of disgust because of Atemu's sweet declaration of love. Yugi nodded, gratefully, and went to join his yami. When he was gone, Bakura pulled Ryou into a deep kiss, apparently inspired by the ex-pharaoh's romantic declaration.

"I was just about to do the same." Stated Seto Kaiba, and pulled his puppy in an equally deep kiss. Malik grinned at the happenings, and decided he wanted to be kissed as well. He turned to look at his yami with big puppy dog eyes. The others just happily watched Yugi's retreat.

Suddenly, the door burst open, and Lisa barged into the room, bending over, holding her stomach, and panting for breath. In her left hand she held a pretty wrapped package. "Did I miss something?" She asked Yugi's friends, and was soon told a detailed story of what had happened. A wide grin spread over Lisa's face the further the story advanced.


Yugi closed the door and turned to look around for his yami. He had automatically slipped the golden band on his finger, and was now twirling it nervously. It was so dark. He couldn't make out a thing. Suddenly, he was pulled against a soft form. He squeaked softly in surprise. Atemu chuckled.

/You know, aibou, for a moment I thought I had blown it and you wouldn't come." The ex-pharaoh then stated truthfully.

/Why are you so afraid? I've told you yesterday already that I loved you with all my heart./ Yugi wanted to know. He had never seen his yami that insecure.

/Feelings can change./ Atemu said. /People can pretend./

/Mine won't./ Yugi ensured. /And I don't./


/Really./ Yugi stated firmly. Then, needing to say it out loud: "I love you, Yami." He could feel relief from the other side of the link.

/I'm glad. I don't know what I would've done if you hated me now./

/You baka. I could never hate you, Yami./

They stood in silence for a few seconds, each of them basking in the love the other send through the mind link. Finally, Yugi interrupted the silence. "Are you going to kiss me now, or am I going to have to wait for the rest of my life?" His joke had the wanted response as he felt his dark half chuckle.

/Do you really think I'm only going to kiss you once/ The ex-pharaoh wanted to know.

/Nani/ Yugi wondered. But before he could continue saying anything soft lips descended upon his own, and his mind went blank.

Yugi felt tingly all over. Sparks flew from where his lips touched those of his yami, and spread throughout his entire body. He felt his hands wander into Atemu's hair on their own accord. He had no power over his actions anymore. His body pressed itself against the ex-pharaoh, eliciting a moan from his dark half.

Yugi jumped slightly, when he felt Atemu's tongue tracing his lower lip, begging for entrance. He had never been kissed before in his life, but right at that moment it seemed as if he had been kissing his dark half all the time. It felt right to be doing this. Yugi opened his mouth slowly, and let Atemu's tongue enter. His dark half moaned again, appreciating Yugi's taste. The tongue began to map out Yugi's mouth until Yugi himself grew impatient, and began teasing it with his own tongue. A battle ensued between the two of them. The air around them grew hot; Yugi felt sweat-drops gathering at his temple.

He could feel Atemu shiver next to him, underneath his touch, and began trembling in excitement as well when Atemu's hands wandered underneath his shirt. They moved to his back and began drawing long, slow circles. He sighed in appreciation, and tried to get even closer to the ex-pharaoh.

Atemu pulled away to draw in a ragged breath, and gasped when he felt his hikari's leg touch his groin. His hands tightened around Yugi's waist, as he pulled the little one closer, and he bent his head for yet another kiss.

This time, the kiss was slow and sensual, even though the passion never completely left it. Their tongues performed a dance, as if they'd never done anything else. A warm feeling spread from Yugi's head to toe, and began accumulating around his groin. Yugi pushed himself into his dark half again, hoping to draw out another moan. Yami didn't disappoint him. His hands began to slowly wander down from Atemu's hair over his chest to rest on his hips. He pulled the ex-pharaoh closer, wanting to get that amazing feeling he had gotten the last time he had pushed his groin against Atemu's again. So this is what ecstasy feels like, his mind stated, as stars exploded all around him.

"Y-yugi." Atemu groaned in-between breaths, his hands trying to keep Yugi from moving. "We've got to stop now, little one."

But Yugi didn't want to stop. To emphasize his point, he pushed against his darkness again. He could see the ex-pharaoh's crimson eyes widen at the touch, lust and passion shone clearly in Atemu's gaze. Another moan followed. He responded to it immediately, enjoying the new-found power he seemed to have over his dark half. He rose to plant a soft kiss on Atemu's lips. The kiss grew from soft to another passion-filled war until both of them had to stop because of lack of air.

"Little one, i-it's n-not t-time yet." The ex-pharaoh tried again, his hands shaking from pent-up frustration. /Not here. Not in front of them./ He explained through their mind-link, seemingly having lost the ability to speak out loud.

Yugi resigned, the last bit of reason telling him that it would be extremely uncomfortable to be found in certain conditions by his friends. He stopped his actions, though his mouth rose to Atemu's once again. The ex-pharaoh sighed when their lips met. Yugi closed his eyes again and let himself be lost inside his darkness' mouth. He could smell and taste exotic spices all around him. /Wonderful./ He let his dark half know, sending feelings of love and appreciation through their mind-link. His tongue traced Atemu's teeth carefully to not miss anything. Then, he moved to Atemu's tongue and challenged it again. Another moan, this time his own, was to be heard, when his tongue was softly pushed back into his own mouth, Atemu completely dominating their kiss.

Atemu chuckled pleased, and forced himself to stop kissing his aibou. Their eyes met again, glistening in the darkness, filled with love. Their breathing was still ragged, they held onto each other for support, both of them afraid their legs might give way. Atemu smiled one of his rare smiles. "How about we cut your cake, aibou? And you've got to blow out the candles…and make a wish, too." The smile turned into a mischievous grin as Atemu added: "We don't want Joey to eat the entire cake on his own, do we?"

Yugi slapped his yami's arm playfully, and then let himself be pulled back to his friends, the big, bright smile never leaving his face.


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