Title: Just for You – Chapter 1

Author: Erudit

Pairings: YY/Y

Genre: Romance/Angst

Warnings: a darkish yami, YAOI (That means male/male content!)

Rating: R (just to be safe)

Disclaimer: Sadly I still don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! or any of the characters.

Intro: Yami has turned to the dark side and is now ruling over earth. His hikari has escaped his grasp long ago, and is in hiding with his best friends Joey, Ryou and Malik. They look for a way to get the old Yami back, even though there is almost no hope for that ever happening left.

Blablabla - Thoughts

//blablabla// - Yami and Yugi talking through mind link

"blablabla" - normal talking

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„Run! " Joey yelled, and the four of them tried to get away from Yami's search-troop as fast as possible. It had been a stupid idea from the beginning, Yugi supposed, but he had been so glad to be able to do something, that he had overlooked that fact.

They had been hiding in one of the caves in the forest close to Domino. They had been safe, as Yami either didn't seem to notice that caves existed, or he simply hadn't thought that his hikari would really stay outside of Domino. So, all in all, they had been safe and the pharaoh's search-troops had never bothered them. But now they were in Domino City and they had to make sure that the guards thought they were hiding someplace in the city. Otherwise they wouldn't be staying in their caves for long, instead having to always be on constant look-out and playing hide and seek with Yami's troops.

Yugi ran in one of the side-streets, hoping it wasn't a dead end, as his two friends followed him. They had discovered a long time ago that they didn't have to separate as Yami's only interest had always been Yugi, and all the troops would automatically follow him anyways.

"Dis way!" Joey gasped and they turned in another alley.

"You know where we're running to, right Joey?" Ryou, a white-haired boy, asked hopefully. None of them wanted to get lost in the big city. Ever since Yami had taken control, his shadows had been all over the city, changing it constantly as a defense-mechanism, and to confuse his hikari.

"Maybe I should just give up." Yugi suggested. "I mean, surely they'd let you go."

"Are you crazy, man?! Yami's gonna kill you!" Joey yelled angrily, and kicked a big box out of the way. Yugi stayed quiet after that, saving his energy for the long run that was still in front of them. Since he was the smallest, it was the most difficult for him to keep up with the other three.

There had been a time when Yami would have done everything to make Yugi happy. He'd never even thought about hurting Yugi. And then Tea had come and ruined everything. Yugi had been so happy when she had asked him out. After all, he had always expected that she'd ask Yami. She had always seemed so captivated by him.

It had taken Yugi a month to realize that something was wrong with his Yami. In the time that he had gone out with Tea, the pharaoh had changed drastically. He was always in a bad mood, yelling at everyone who tried to talk to him, after some time even at his own hikari, and summoning his shadows more often.

Yugi had tried to find out the reasons for Yami's behavior but his dark half hadn't told him anything. Then, they had started an argument about Tea and Yugi had been really mad at Yami as the former pharaoh had said terrible things about Tea and as a punishment for Yami's seemingly self-centeredness, Yugi had packed all of his things in the heat of the moment, and simply moved out of the house they shared, not looking back once.

He had told Yami that he would live with Tea just to spite him because his dark half had been so unreasonable, although in reality he hadn't wanted to do so, and had asked Joey if he could move in with him for a few days. In truth, he had had broken up with Tea the day before the argument with Yami, as he had found himself being unable to love Tea and instead being in love with Yami himself. This fact had, of course, only worsened his mood during their heated argument.

If he had been given the choice again, he wouldn't have done something that drastic, as it certainly hadn't been called for and had been absolutely unnecessary, even if he had wanted to teach Yami a lesson. But he was quite aware that, since he had acted like a child back then, he now had to live with the consequences.

Yugi wondered for a second if Yami still believed that he and Tea were together but then he remembered that Tea had been one of Yami's first victims, and his eyes narrowed for a second. He would probably forgive his dark half anything as soon as the pharaoh asked, love unfortunately was like that, but Yami surely had succeeded anything evil that Yugi had ever met. So many innocent people had been killed…

"Damn it, buddy, watch out!" Joey yelled, and pulled him out of the way. He had almost run into a pole.

"Sorry." His voice was somewhat subdued because of the thoughts he had been having, and he tried to pay better attention to the things in front of him from then on. They turned into another street, and then into another one, and suddenly found themselves alone.

"Strange." Ryou Bakura murmured as they looked around, suspecting a surprise-attack any second.

"Where did they end up at?" Malik, their fourth friend, wondered. Malik's skin-color always painfully reminded Yugi of Yami, though he didn't tell anybody. Since both of them came originally from Egypt, their skin-color was much darker than Yugi's or Ryou's for example. Not even Joey, who tanned really fast and spent a lot of time outside, got that brown.

"We should make our move as long as they are still planning." Yugi suggested quietly, and they made their way along the road, always on the look-out for Yami's troops.

"Do you think he called them back?" Malik inquired nervously. None of them was interested in meeting the dark pharaoh.

"Maybe we can put up a shield." Ryou suggested, in hopes of calming everybody, including himself, down.

"It would just attract his attention." Yugi mumbled.

"He knows we are the only ones here who can use magic." He looked around and saw a small passageway to his right. It seemed to be empty. Maybe Yami's troops didn't know of this way.

"Hurry, in here." He told them as quietly as possible, and led the way. When they were half-way through the passageway, he felt a slight pull inside of his mind. Yami was close by!

And then, suddenly a smooth baritone voice resounded inside of his head. //Hello Yugi.// Yami stated it softly, as if they were still the best friends and he was happy to see his light half. But Yugi knew better. He had overheard Yami's most trusted men talking that the pharaoh had to kill his hikari if he wanted to ever truly become invincible. As long as Yugi existed, Yami was still vulnerable to some extent. Yugi was his week point, and kept him mortal.

//Where are you, Yami?// Yugi asked, hoping the pharaoh to give him a clue as to what to do. He knew the pharaoh thought highly of himself, some might have even called it arrogance, and would therefore not mind giving Yugi a hint. Yami liked to play, especially with him, and a hide-and-seek game would surely entice his dark half, even now.

A chuckle could be heard from the other side of the link. //Surely I have to be stupid to tell you that, little one.// Yami was teasing him now. Calling him the names he once used to show his affections. Yugi could feel a rush of anger at Yami, and was quite sure his dark counterpart felt it as well, as the chuckle subsided immediately.

//Are you still mad about Tea?// Yami inquired in a conversational tone, as though they were discussing the weather. //Surely you didn't expect me to let her live after all that she had done, little one. She tried to keep you from me.// A deep rooted anger permeated from Yami's side of the link. //Surely you didn't expect me to let that happen, aibou. Nobody will ever come between us, little one.//

Yugi supposed it was some weird kind of obsession on Yami's part. The pharaoh had always been quite possessive, after all, and Yugi supposed that he too was like a property; an object that Yami possessed and took care of. That's why he knew for sure that his dark half would kill him himself; Yami would never let one of his servants do the job for him.

//I don't belong to you!// Yugi yelled angrily, wanting Yami to respect him as an equal for once. Even though they stood on two opposing sides at the moment, it was still important to him. The pharaoh always called him aibou but they had never been partners.

//Of course you do.// Yami stated in a bored drawl. //You've always belonged to me, little one. Nobody and nothing can change that.//

Yugi angrily closed the mind-link from his side and concentrated once again to escape Yami's grasp.

Nobody knew the pharaoh better than him. Surely he could foresee what his dark half was about to do. He had told the guards to stand back. He wanted to find Yugi himself, and he would be quite mad if anybody else did something. That meant that the troops were a safe distance away. They wouldn't have to worry about Yami's guards. But where was Yami at? Yugi looked up, certain his dark half was on a roof-top. Yami liked to see everything, to be in control of the situation. Surely he was already positioned to watch Yugi intently, amusing himself with his hikari's hopes of escape.

Yugi peered at his friends. It would be safer if they were not with him. First of, he could escape easier without having to worry about his friends, and it was easier to hide when you were alone. And secondly, his dark half had indirectly threatened his friends, should they try anything to keep Yami from Yugi, and the hikari didn't want anything to happen to his friends.

"Go now." He whispered softly. "Don't worry about me. I can hide better when I'm alone. We'll meet at the cave." He hoped that Yami hadn't been able to overhear them but he supposed that not even the great pharaoh was able to do so.

His friends looked unconvinced.

"Please." He begged them. If they didn't leave him alone then they would surely all be caught.

Finally Joey nodded. "O.k., buddy. But take care, little one."

Yugi winced at the pet name. He had heard it drip from Yami's tongue too many times to still find comfort in these words.

They left.

//So you've finally sent them away, aibou.// His yami seemed to be pleased with him. //Do not worry about them. I have no need for them. All I ever wanted is you, after all.// Yami said it as if it was one big secret that he had never told anybody before, and Yugi could suddenly feel anxiousness coming from the other side of the link. What was Yami expecting him to do?

//They will not be harmed?// He asked just to be sure, even though he didn't know if he could trust in his dark half's answer.

Another chuckle could be heard over the link, rippling through his mind like the sweetest honey. He hated the fact that after everything, Yami still had this effect on him. He wished with all his heart he could just stop loving his dark half. But was it even possible to stop loving your complement?

"Of course not, little one." Yami's deep baritone voice drifted to Yugi, and the hikari turned around as fast as possible, for one short moment fearing his other half had heard this private thought, and then stupidly realizing it was the answer to his previous question.

There, in front of him, stood a quite pleased looking pharaoh, as handsome as he had always been.

Dark crimson eyes locked with bright lavender ones.

*to be continued*

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