Author's notes

If you've noticed, the Caitlyn character is a little different then in the original Star Wars Unleashed Story. I had to put in a connection between her, Vader, and Palpatine. For as you'll find out, George Lucas' story is a reflection of what they will become and someone had to fill in the spot of a ruthless Emperor. Three others will join Caitlyn and start a Sith order. The others begin a Jedi order which begins the Galactic Civil War and the War between the Dark Side and Light Side. I hope you have enjoyed my little commentary and expect more in the future. Plus in your reviews you can ask questions and I'll answer them! Exciting eh? Can't wait to reveiw my nexty chapter now huh? It'll be posted up soon, but school and band practice have been getting in the way of writing and nap time.

-Darth Vengeance