Ziggy's corner: Okay this is my first attempt at Sly Cooper, be nice.


"COOPER!" her voice echoed through the cool autumn, Paris air. The Master thief paused for a second to smirk, and turn around on a power wire. Sure enough, Carmelita bounced out of her apartment's window, wearing a loose flowing night gown. The raccoon's eyes scanned her slender body, and he felt his grin grow wider. Carmelita is hot in anything she wears.

"You've done some low things Ringtail, but coming into my apartment when I'm getting ready for bed, is low even for you," she snapped.

"Come on detective," he said, with a chuckle in his voice, "can you really blame me?" Sly leapt into the air, tossing a medium sized bag into the air, as the Interpol officer pulled out her electroshock rifle and fired. The grayish light blue ball raced past the raccoon and snapped a television antenna into multiple little bits.

Sly did a triple flip and into the air, folding his arms to his chest, as time seemed to slow down to a snail's pace, landing on the edge of the next building's edge. The bag dropped smoothly into his awaiting arms, and he swung it over his shoulder, spinning on the tip of his toes as another electric bolt soared in his direction. "Besides, as much as I would love to say so, I didn't come just to see you – that was just a bonus."

"Then what were you doing here?" she asked, firing another blast as she landed on a telephone wire, and slid on it with her bare feet. As soon as she came to the edge of the building where Sly was, she leapt into the air and spun in numerous circles, almost as if she were an ice skater showing off her skills. "What's in the bag, thief? I've never known you to have to use one before?"

"That's because I've never had to carry something so big, as what I had to borrow from you," Sly said, rushing towards the edge of the building and leaping onto a second ledge. "I needed some files in your computer, but unfortunately there was no time for Bentley to hack into it, or for me to print out the files," he said, his chest raising and dropping, as his shoulder protested at the weight. Why is this thing so heavy? He felt sorry for talking the entire thing but time was of the essence.

In her computer was a file about the Ruby of the Tricoli people in Australia. It was rumored to have major destructive powers enough that could take out a city in the wrong hands. And right now it was indeed in the very wrong hands. Charlie the Great, also known as Steel Jaw, was holding the stolen gem in his underwater coral reef mansion, underneath the Australian continent.

Charlie was a card shark, who one millions of dollars using his special deck of cards. Many people fell to his tricks, and many more had worshipped him as the greatest card player of all time. He used his money to buy himself a jaw full of razor sharp; cyber controlled choppers, and intimidated even more players. But one tournament in Vegas caught him using his special cards, and after that, banned him from ever playing the game again. He was even forced to pay back all of his millions to the tournaments for his foul play. Now he was determined to make everyone pay, and with that Ruby, no shipping route, or even smaller islands around Australia would be safe. He could use the Ruby to make Australia itself a weapon! Sly was not about to let that happen, but in order to stop Steel Jaw, he had to get that info from Carmelita's computer.

"You are going to jail Cooper, just make it easy on yourself, and come quietly," she snapped, aiming her rifle once again.

"Come on my curvaceous, little detective," he answered yet again – a tinkle in his eye. "Anything that is easy can't possibly be fun."

"Why don't you try it just once and then decide," she hissed, pulling the trigger. It soared right at the thief, and there was a massive explosion. A moment later, she rushed over to the pile of destruction where Sly had stood and looked around, a gasp coming from her mouth. "Oh my God!" she shrieked. She bent down and began digging through the rubble and gray ash, her eyes began tearing up. "Cooper, Cooper, can you hear me!" I wanted to catch him, not kill him! "Sly, damn it, where are you!" She frowned for a second, Sly?

A moment later she heard an odd sound, kind of like a weak chuckle, and her hands pulled dirt and rumble out of the way even faster. He was alive! But where?

"Thanks for the vote of concern, Detective Fox," Sly's voice floated up to her, and she looked at him, her features transfiguring from horror and sadness, to utter rage. Sly stood next to his gang's get away van, or their second van, as the first one had floated away since the incident in Canada. Over his shoulder he heaved the heavy bag, and winked at her. "I really appreciate it, but I have to be going now, cutie."

Carmelita's body shook with uncontrollable Latin rage. She slowly rose to her feet, and shook her fist, her electroshock rifle taking aim at the Raccoon. "Cooper!" it was like an inhuman roar, like the rumblings of a volcano right before it was going to explode. She took aim, and fired, missing as the van raced off.

From the corner of his eyes Sly could she her shake her fist and launch uncountable swear words in both Spanish and French. Then as he watched, a bonus, a gust of wind swept underneath her, and lifted her skirt just slightly, revealing her 'unmentionables'. Sly felt his jaw drop and his eyes grow wide at the sight. Then he turned and shook his head with a chuckle as the van turned the corner.

"If only I had let Bentley bring his camera like he asked," he said with a laugh.

Carmelita stormed back into her apartment, her eyes wild with fire. Damn that Ringtail! She stroked her light reddish fur on her arms and dropped into her large leather couch. Her head was pounding, and her heart was bashing against her chest in more reasons than one. She looked down at her night dress and shook her head, her raven locks flowing into her chocolate brown eyes. What was wrong with her? Chasing him in her nighties! How many other people, besides that thief, had been watching her?

Carmelita stood up and walked into her kitchen, the only thing in her apartment that was smaller other than her bathroom. Everything else looked like it belonged in a suite. She went to the refrigerator and opened it up. There was a long bottle of wine, but she decided against it. It would calm her nerves, but it would give her one hell of a migraine. That was the last thing she needed. She scanned the fridge and then picked up a container of juice. As she was pouring a glass, the phone rang, and she rushed to pick it up.

"What the hell is it?" she roared.

There was a long pause, and then a strong feminine voice snapped, "Carmelita, it's your mother."

The Interpol Officer felt her jaw drop and swallowed. "Hello momma," she said stammering.

"I just want to see how my little mijos are."

There was another pause, and sweat began to trickle down her forehead. "Mi-mijos?" she asked nervously.

"Yes, Carmelita," her mother said. "My mijos, you know your little brothers? Gabriel and Christian? The two little brothers you promised your father and me that you would watch for the weekend while we went to an important conference in Vienna?"

Carmelita swallowed and felt her blood pressure triple just standing there. "Oh, the twins, right," she said cheerfully. Damn Cooper to hell, how could I forget about the kids? "They're asleep; I just put them down an hour ago. Well, that's partly true; she promised them that if they behaved, and didn't tell their parents, they could play on her . . ., COMPUTER! "Um momma, I've got to go. I've got another call coming in. I'll tell the boys that you called and give them your love, bye." Before her mother could say another word, Carmelita pushed the off button, dropped the phone, and rushed to her computer room.

"Christian, Gabriel?" she called. She swallowed and flipped the switch to turn on the light. Everything seemed to be in its proper place, with the exception of her computer. If she hadn't caught Cooper she would have never known anyone had been in this room. Then her heart skipped a beat. The kids, neither of them had been in the room when she caught that thief, in here.

Carmelita raced through the apartment, screeching her brothers' names, flipping couches over, pulling her clothes out of her closets, cheeked the bathroom, twice. Finally she ran back into her computer room, and sat down. Her apartment definitely looked like it had been ransacked by a thief now. She shook her head and groaned, biting her lips. What was she going to do now?

Then she spied a piece of paper near the computer table, with light red letters written on it. It had looked like it had been brushed to the ground, possibly by Cooper, by accident. She walked to the paper and picked it up, read it, re-read it, and nearly fainted. Holy mother of all fucking SHIT!

"I. Can. Not. Believe. This," she hissed.

The van slowed down as the gang reached the headquarters, and the thief, and his gang rushed into the building. Bentley quickly locked the door as Murray pulled down the shutters, and grabbed a triple large mucha, hungry man's burger.

Sly grinned as wide as the Cheshire cat and rubbed his hands together. "Well, shall we get started on that file now?" he asked Bentley.

The turtle turned and nodded with his own grin. "You know, I hear Detective Fox's computer is state of the art," he said, and then frowned. "Um, we are going to give it back right?" He fidgeted with his fingers, "Once we have the file that it."

"Of course," Sly said with a roll of his eyes, and a chuckle. "Just as soon as we get that file, we'll be one our way."

"On your way to jail, Ringtail," a tiny male voice snapped, seemingly coming from the bag.

"You and your gang are under arrest, Cooper," another tiny little voice snarled, seemingly agreeing with the first.

Sly leapt back with a frown and stared at his friends. Murray's jaw was limp, and his burger fell neatly from his mouth. Bentley was shaking, and scurrying to his cabinet of supernatural protection items.

"O-kay?" Slowly Sly undid the tie that bound the sack together, and it floated to the ground, revealing not only Carmelita's computer, but twin foxes, dressed in makeshift police officer uniforms. One of them had light brown hair, the other reddish black hair with freckles and glasses that slid down his nose.

The larger of the two stepped forward with a determined, yet uneasy grin and pointed a toy gun at Sly, holding toy cuffs in his other hand. "In the name of Interpol, and the Fox family, Mr. Cooper, I place you under arrest."