Ziggy's corner: The 30th chapter. Here we go! As to the length I have no idea, but I did find my outlines again, so that's a good thing. Okay this thing is actually going to be a short, small chapter, kinda a meeting of the bad guys.

Neyla stalked into the hall and sat down, next to the cult members. "Our glorious leader isn't here today?" she asked, looking around the room. The area was dark, and thin as bone, sunk in as if someone was drinking it through a straw. "He was the one to call the meeting."

"Calm down, Neyla," Emmanuel snapped, his image appearing before them in a hover disk. "There are other matters that needed to be dealt with. Now on to our plans. The dark god, Tsirael is close to his resurrection, and time is of the essence."

"Everything we need," one of the cloth covered fanatics began.

"We do not yet have everything we need," Emmanuel snarled, "what we've done, we have just started. It won't be over until Sly Cooper bleeds."

"Until everyone on this earth rejects him, and accepts our goals," Neyla said acknowledging.

Emmanuel chuckled, a deep, dark, echoing thing that sent shivers up their spines. "Well, not everyone needs to accept our ideals, there is a need for sacrifices." There were a few chuckles at this. "My friends, we are about to become servants to the new god, servants who will live for a thousand millennia. And all that stands in our way are a couple of groups of thieves. I think we can toast to a victory here!"

The dark, isolated room burst into cheers of delight as the members rose their glasses. "Sly Cooper will bleed, and when he does, the world will be covered in darkness. And within that darkness people will discover the ultimate light, one that is far superior to the false one that passes for truth nowadays."

"What is our next mission?" Neyla asked.

"We wait, and bid our time," Emmanuel said. "We already have a few new agents coming into the fold for us, soon Sly Cooper will find himself completely surrounded with no where to go."

"And what about that damn Carmelita Fox?" Neyla asked.

"When the time comes, she will have her blood drained… by you my dear," Emmanuel said with a smile. "My gift to you for doing such a good job."

Neyla looked shocked at first, and then smiled, looking forward to that moment. She relished the idea of seeing her eyes turn into lifeless orbs under her grasp. "Thank you sir," she said, showing respect for the first time. "We are going to be moving to the next stage?"

"Yes my dear, we will most definitely be going to the next stage, but first we have to make sure that Interpol knows where to find that damn Cooper, and once we do that, we'll move into the next stage of planning."

"Sir, we can't possibly wait that long for this to happen, we've waited far too long all these hundreds of years as it is, why not just expose ourselves now? There is no one capable of stopping us from here."

Emmanuel glared at the member, his eyes turning red as the flames of hell. "You are questioning my authority?"

"Sir, I was just saying….," he began.

The platform beneath him opened and he dropped, screaming as he fell into the abyss. Emmanuel looked up at the others and smirked. "Are there any others who would like to question me?" There was a deep silence, dread filled their bodies with the exception of Neyla. "I did not think you'd want to, now is the time we …," he stopped his eyes widening. "Where is she?"

"The woman?" Neyla asked. Emmanuel nodded his head, he wanted her here for this, he wanted to know what was happening. Just to rub it in.

"Where is she," he said slowly, his voice growling. His eyes filled with darker hate.

"She slipped into a coma last night," one of the followers said. "We tried to wake her but…"

"I wasn't told of this?" Emmanuel growled, his voice filling the room like a boom of thunder.

"I've got people on it," Neyla said. "I know how important she is to our cause, and I will say this, those who were fool enough to allow this to happen are already with our dark god," her lips pulled up into a thick, cruel heavy metallic smile.

"Well then there's something to compensate my anger," he said with a dark and wicked smile. "I really wonder how much blood has been spilt?"

"I don't remember," another cult member said, "I lost count at six hundred." The room howled with laughter. Emmanuel looked down at him as if he was some kind of demented Jesus looking down from a demented heaven, approving something that his child had said.

"We still have that idiot Interpol commissioner to deal with," another one chimed in.

Emmanuel narrowed his eyes and thought. "He'll be a useful tool, that damn fool, but even that idiot's time will come."

"All the little puppets doing exactly what the puppet masters want," Neyla said with a smile.

"Put all of them up against the other, and the fools will practically hand us their pretty little necks," a dark gray goat said with a baying laugh.

"For us to slit from ear to ear," a lioness said with a roar of laughter.

Emmanuel waved away the laughter and tapped his foot. "We all have our mission now, our new orders from Tsirael, and now if you follow me," he brought up his wrist, and slashed it, his followers doing the same thing, "its time for us to say our prayers."

The small group of hateful, power hungry fiends lowered their wrists over a bowl and used cup to drink each other's blood, minus of course Emmanuel, who simply drank someone else's blood. Then they spoke in some foreign language and stood up, nearly hypnotized, their eyes glazed over.

"Gentlemen and ladies, to the ascension of Tsirael." Emmanuel said.

"To the Ascension of Tsirael!" they chanted.

Ziggy's notes: Okay I know this was short, and major league dark. But I wanted to show just how evil the bad guys really were. They're down right Demonic! Anyway the next chapter is going to get longer, but it's going to dark, perhaps not this dark, but its going to be dark. Sorry if I scared anyone.