Harry Potter and the Heir of Ravenclaw

Chapter One: Down Spinner's End Again

Wind blew, lighting struck, and tears fell off my face and flew into the wind, landing upon the streets. I splashed my way down the many roads of hell, or what I thought was. The storm was getting worse, and this time I had no were else to go but to him. He was the last person who was alive; all were dead because of me. It had been seventeen years but I still held hope that he would welcome me with open arms.

I took a sharp turn to the left and tripped. I panted hard while trying to get back on my paws. My heart couldn't keep up. I had to rest, but now was not the time. Yet nobody was following, why I still ran at that speed, I didn't know. I guessed I was still in shock, how could he have done this? He knew that this wasn't the way, yet he chose it…

I climbed up the hill towards the home of where he once lived, and I had hoped in my heart as well that he still did. I was scared, scared that he was dead. Scared that Potter killed him. But he was very strong, despite his unpopularity in school, so Potter couldn't have killed him. But I still worried for his sake.

The doorbell rang a haunting melody, one that made me shiver, partly in fear. The door opened, and he looked at my face with wide-eyes.

"Sasha? Is that really you?" The she-wolf in front of him transfigured back as I once was. I wore dark purple robes that had silver stars and moons sewn on them. I wore no hat, but allowed my hair down as the bangs brushed against my face. Of coarse I was drenched, including my slippers that matched my robes. "What's happened to you?" He asked me as I held my arms in an attempt to warm my self. I nodded and said, "It's been a while. Hasn't it Severus?" Snape was overwhelmed. "My god, come in. It must be horrid out there!" I came into the room and then found my self in Snape's arms after he closed the door. He had embraced me as I stood there cold and wet, and then he felt me embrace back. He heard me sobbing on his shoulder after a few seconds, and he knew what I was crying over.

"I'm alright, Sasha. I'm alright." He whispered into her ear. After I calmed down he lead me into the living room where it had a dash of elegance somewhere I could not place. Books lined the walls, partly and yet it still looked like someone was trying to hide something awful. That was so Snape's style.

"So, how long has it been? Can I get you anything? Your favorite, perhaps?" Snape asked eager to hear my voice once again or at least smile.

My face still frowned as I looked at the floor, but I did reply. "Seventeen years, and yes, thank you." I sat on the sofa opposite of him and was very grateful to be out of the cold. He pulled out his wand and, with a last wave, there flung into his hand was a bottle of wine, along with two wineglasses. He poured me the liquid and gave it to me, though I quickly drank it all it one gulp.

"It's perfect." I stated softly. "Like you." Snape replied in the same tone as mine. I paused and blinked. "What?" I asked in a louder voice. He shook his head to clear things up. "It's strawberry." He said, trying to cover what he said before up. My dark brown, wet hair got into my face as I looked at him again, not sure what to say as he poured more into my glass.

"Severus, I'm sorry it's been so long. But you know why I did this. It was just too much." I took a sip from my glass. My words had escaped me. I blushed once his dark eyes glanced into my same dark brown eyes; we were both looking at the rug now.

"Mind if I sit there?" I asked pointing near the fireplace as flames dance around the wood and ashes. "No, by all means." He responded with a little rush in his voice. "In fact if you don't mind," He started as he pulled his wand out again.

"Thank you." I said nodding. He cased a drying spell upon me, one that warmed my up fast, and then I remembered the fire and slowly walked toward it. Snape followed me down onto the floor. I sat on my hip and sipped my wine, watching the flames dance.

"What happened, Sasha?" He asked finally, as the silence seemed to go on forever. "You tell me." I stated. I pulled out the front page of Daily Prophet from my inner pocket, stating a horrible attack at Hogwarts:

Former Teacher at Hogwarts murders Headmaster Dumbledore! Will there be a next year?

"Congratulations, Snape! You just made the front page." I said to him as I took another sip of the almost finished wine. I set the glass down and waited for his response. His face was shocked at what he saw. It was a picture of the Dark Mark high in the sky above the observation tower. His face held a bit of sorrow, but also annoyance. "I was following orders, Sasha. You now that as well as I. Besides he was dieing. Nobody could have prevented that!" "Yes, but he trusted you Severus. He cared about you, like I did. Besides, it was the boy's orders, not yours." "I took the Unbreakable vow, Sasha! From his mother! Would you rather it be him or me?" He was standing now, looking down at my lovely face with a bit of anger. "Well at least you would have died doing the right thing!" I answered standing up as well, wand ready.

"So now what? Hmm? You don't care for me anymore? Is that it, or were you just saying that as a threat?" Snape asked, thinking of what I had stated before.

I looked to the floor, unsure what to say next. I almost wanted to cry and hold him again, waiting to hear 'I'm sorry'.

"Honestly I don't know anymore. You know my family is gone because of the werewolves, plus my friends can't know about any of this, because they're all muggles! You are my only wizard friend I've ever had, for however long we had together. I came out of hiding the other day. And with me being lost and alone you were the first person I could think of to turn to." Hot tears started to stream down my cheeks now. "And for a split second I thought you were dead once I read this. I cried myself to sleep that night, worried that you might be lying on the street somewhere in an ally. You are part of my heart and soul, and always were once we met. But the fact that you chose a life like this, I couldn't help but think of you as a Double-Crossing Backstabbing Bastard who saw things the way an evil wizard's heir sees. The way were you wouldn't be alive right now had they found out that you were a-a…" I couldn't draw myself to say it. To me it was too much.

"Go on, say it! I know you will enjoy it. You're a pureblood! Besides, I thought you liked Black! He was handsome, smart and popular. Why worry about me when you could have had him? Why didn't you go out with him? Huh?"

"Because, I loved you! Not him!" I clapped my mouth with both hands trembling over. My face turned pink as I quickly sat back down on the couch. 'I did not just say that!' I thought to myself. "Yes, you did." Snape replied to my thoughts out loud in a nerves tone. He had plopped down in the armchair in front of me with a piece of cloth on his forehead, wiping the sweat off.

There was a knock on the door. Both Snape and I jumped at the sound. "Come with me." Snape commanded as he pulled my wrist and dragged me up stairs. He took a right and went two doors down the hall. He opened it and tossed me on the bed. "Wait here. And just incase, take off your top, but leave your bra on! Get under the covers and wait for me. I'll be back, just be quiet!" He closed the door and locked it from the outside.

I did as I was asked. Snape would only say something like that if necessary, so it must have been his fellow Death Eaters at the door.

I looked around once in my position and noticed that the bed I laid on was Snape's! I could tell by the green snake bed polls and the gray painted walls. Plus the elegant, yet dark cherry wood furniture that was in there. But the one thing I spotted was a white gold heart locket on a white gold snake chain, (Get it, snake chain?) lying on his nightstand next to the bed. I recognized it because I had given it to Snape the day I had to go into hiding. Desperately I wanted to pick up and look at it, but then something jiggled the doorknob.

I heard it unlock from the outside and waited. It felt like ten hours instead of ten minutes, and my heart was racing, partly scared. The door opened and Snape came back in alone with a look of aggravation in his face. He came up to me and sat down on the bed with his hands covering his face. I just laid there, not wanting to make him mad I just tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up at me, "What?" He asked in an annoyed tone.

"Well?" I asked curious, "What happened?" He didn't answer but said something else. "How would you like it if you stayed with me for a while. Just until you can pick the pieces up in your live."

I was so overwhelmed I just gasped at his idea. I took hold of his body in an attempt to hug him. "Oh thank you! Thank you, Severus! I couldn't be more ecstatic!" I paused and then realized I was still topless, with the exception of my bra. "Wait. What was this all about?" I asked referring to me being in his bed.

"Nothing it was just a mistake. I thought someone else was at the door and well…" He slid away from the ending as it might have upset me. I slipped my top on again, "I see… So, where do I sleep?" I finally asked him as we both went into silence for a few disturbing seconds. He stood up and opened the door, "Follow me, it's still a big house. Wouldn't want you to get lost, now would we?"

Severus escorted me through a few hallways upstairs and finally came to a stop as he turned to the left. He opened the door and with his wand and stated, "This shall be your room, for the time being. You are to do as you please until you feel it necessary to leave for whatever reason. Are you still in hiding?"

I turned to his face and answered in an unsure way. "Well, does he presume I'm dead?" "I'm not sure. But we can always hope he does. Maybe if you change your name. No, that wouldn't work. They would recognize your face… Don't worry, we'll think of something." He answered. "In the mean time, Spruce and Jasper will get you anything you need."

"Spruce and Jasper?" I asked in an unsure tone. "My recently acquired house-elves. Jasper's the green one and Spruce is the dirty yellow. Just call out there names and they'll come, in less that minute, if they want a home." He explained with a sneer at the end of his sentence. I looked around the room; it was actually more like a fancy hotel then a spare bedroom. The walls were painted a near aqua shade of blue, but were darker. My bed was on a small platform that held it despite it's heavy looking structure. It was made of a dark wood color and the bed poles were shaped of lowered headed ravens, as if they were bowing. The bedspread was silver while the floor was tiled and had a white animal skin rug on the foot of her bed and in front of the platform. Beyond the bed was a small fireplace already set a blaze, and to the right of it was a door, which must have led to a privet bathroom. I smiled at what I saw and turned to him with that same smile. I put my arms around his neck and laid my head on his shoulder in another hug. He stood there in shock for a second, then finally started to hug back.

"Just like home… Thank you Severus, for everything. You were there when I needed you most; I thought you were just being a good friend, but I was wrong." He looked at me with a confused face, but did not speak. "When I say this, I mean you were being a great friend, a true friend. And perhaps if in time this relationship does indeed grow stronger. Well, maybe…thank you." I did not need to continue; we both knew I wasn't really that crazy about him. Snape could tell, by what I thought and felt the last time. Of coarse I wasn't sure if he felt that way. He was the best at Occlumency, not I!

He turned away, I think somewhat embarrassed about what happened. "I ah, trust that everything is to your liking. If you need me, I'll be in my room." He then muttered something else as he walked away toward his room, something about drinking away something. He closed the door I didn't catch all of it, though I hoped it wasn't anything bad. I turned toward my bed and jumped onto its silky feature. I was wishing now for sleep to come to me, yet I had too much on my mind. I closed my eyes, thinking of where to start and how but at the moment I then wished not for sleep to come, it did. And as it did I found my eyes watching the final flames die away as her eyes finally closed.

Nothing, absolutely nothing could make him want to drink so much that he would sometimes actually think and hoped he would die the very next day, except Sasha Moon. Ever since Snape had got to know her he was determined to gain her heart any way he tried. So far, after twenty years, he had yet to do so.

Snape's last remark was really a sign of depression. "Drinking away this horrid moment and problem." He had said. Yet again, no matter how charming he tried to become, there was always this void between them. Causing neither to love the other when the first feel for the second. This was a problem indeed. Especially now that Snape was one of Voldemort's favorite and most trusted Death Eater.

He walked into his room and plopped down in his armchair. Beside him was a bottle of scotch on top of a side table. He took the scotch bottle, uncorked it and drank, without the use of his glass next to him. He sighed and realized that Sasha wouldn't want him to drink himself to sleep. She had always looked out for him, even though she went into hiding she still stuck to his mind and heart like his mother had.

He remembered when they first met; it was after his worst memory occurred. How she had helped him that day. He wanted her now, more than anything. Or should I say, he wanted her heart now, more then anything. Maybe things would look better in the morning. They could talk, relive the past and maybe, just maybe if she really loved him… He pushed those thoughts aside. 'Like that would happen' He thought. She was perfect. Smart, beautiful, gorgeous figure, and she was tough too. Plus she had a great personality that just strung Snape's curiosity.

It was late, and he was rather tired. But before he went to sleep, he peeked inside Sasha's mind, just to check on her, to see if she was comfy. Sadly she was asleep. So he closed his eyes and dreamed of them together, kissing passionately…

End of Chapter One

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