Chapter Nine: The Forgotten Tongue

Halloween finally came and that meant a special treat for my classes. Little did I know that this lesson would be my undoing. Why is that you ask? Because of what I spoke and what happened me.

When I was young I never showed any sign of abnormal wizarding activities. Though my parents still feared for me. For a while they tried to keep birds of all kind away from me, as much as possible. After a while they finally broke down and thought of what doors that might have opened for me. Then when I was older I had learned why they had done so, for my younger sister and me.

But the past was nothing now. Or that was what I thought. My first few classes were simple enough. Just find something spooky for them to think about and study on. And I had the 7th year students for my 5th class. Once I had Potter, I knew this was my chance.

I wore black robes laced with gold around the trims of it and thought only of what lay in the trunk in my office. My hair was strait, but wavy in the end. I looked around the room and gazed over the three students of which I knew much about now.

"Class, today we will be learning about something dangerous. But also very strong and powerful. Something that may change the way you see yourself. I speak, of coarse, of Patronus'. And to test on how well you may know on the subject, Mr. Potter, what form does a patronus take?"

"A patronus takes the form of an animal, Professor."

I was almost taken back by his immediate response. "OK. Very well, Mr. Tomas, what color is a patronus?"

"Silver-white, Professor Moon."

Again, it seemed I was asking obvious questions. As if they had already learned this from another teacher. But this lesson was supposed to be for 7th years only. This was a very difficult form of magic, something to help aid them against dementors.

"Very well. Uh, Miss Granger, who in the history of magic had the largest form of a patronus recorded? Surly you can tell us this? Though it is very tricky, sometimes hard to remember."

"The largest patronus recorded was formed by Malice Androgen in the middle evil times. Said to be in the shape of a giant."

"Excellent, ten point to Gryffindor. And as for the purpose, Miss Lovegood?"

"They are used against dementors, Professor. So they won't be able to kiss you. It forms a shield, almost, to protect you."

"Really? Hmm. Ten points to Ravenclaw, as well. You students seem to know quite a bit of this subject. Has someone already taught you this?"

No one answered. My eyes moved from student to student as some looked upon each other. I looked over at Potter and his friends. They seemed to go slightly pale after I had said that. I then shifted over to Neville.

"Mr. Longbottom. A moment? Come here, if you please."

He flinched for a second, and then wasted no moment as to do as I asked. He came, wand at hand, by his side and stood in front of me; waiting for whatever thing I had planed for him.

"Thank you. Now then class, you seem to know it all. But, as I used to say, can you prove it all? Each one of you will be facing a creature that will deal with the subject. And no, it will not be a real dementor. That would be far too dangerous."

I turned away from them and towards my office. "Accio Trunk!" I cried. From my office after a few seconds, a rather large trunk that seemed old with age came flying into the room and landed upon the floor next to me. I turned to Neville, who was behind me.

"Mr. Longbottom, what do you fear the most?" I asked. He waited a moment.

"Uh... Professor Sn-Snape." I smirked and nearly laughed at what his answer was. Knowing this now, it was no surprise. I heard a faint whisper of a girl, and tried my best to ignore it.

"Yes, well, you don't have to worry about, former Professor Snape any longer. But you must face a new fear, the fear of a dementor. Or in this case, a boggart. Now, when I open the chest and step away, I want you to picture a dementor in your mind, and nothing else. Is that plain? Good. Then once you see it, I wish you to think of a very happy, a very powerful memory. When you have that memory, you can then raise you wand and say the incantation. Loud and clear; 'Expecto Patronum!' All right? Good, move along, please, in front of the trunk. On the count of three, then. One, two."

'CLICK'. The sound of the trunk unlocking echoed as everyone stood perfectly still. Nothing happened for the first few seconds then the lid slowly opened up, revealing the one thing I hoped, prayed would not come out of that trunk. It was of coarse, former Professor Snape.

Sighing as to what Neville had done, I stepped forwards towards Longbottom, but stayed behind him.

"Mr. Longbottom? I want you to clear your mind. Clear your mind of everything. And I wish you to focus only on a dementor. I want you to picture it, in your mind, can you do that?"

I had no response, not even a gesture that he heard a word of my instructions. I shook him slightly and waited, and then called his name as the boggart-Snape look alike drew closer to us.

"Mr. Longbottom? Mr. Longbottom. You must stay focused!" I cried as I shook him even harder. Then, from behind us a voice cried out, "Come on, Neville! You can do this! Concentrate!" The voice came from Miss Lovegood, who seemed to be worried about Mr. Longbottom's well being.

"Come on Neville! Remember the D.A.!" She cried out again. Then at last, a dementor came into view for everyone to see. But it was then that Neville tried and failed at his task. What do you mean, you ask? This:
He pointed his wand at his target. "Good." I assured. "Now the memory. Hurry, dear. Steady now." I started to back away next to the remaining group of students.

He curled his lips and spoke the spell. "Expecto Patronum."

"Louder, more feeling!"

"Expecto Patronum!"

"Hurry!" It was drawing closer and I could bet it was about to give him the kiss! Closer and closer it came to us, and Neville wasn't getting any louder.

"Expecto…expecto…" Finally he dropped his wand and fainted. Causing my mind to wonder off the creature that now stood before the class and me. Not even thinking, I started to walk over to Longbottom's body that now lay on my floor. I didn't even stop to form a spell upon the boggart. Nor did I block my mind of any emotions or thoughts. I was left wide open.

I kneeled over Longbottom's body and as about to carry him off. A strange thing to do, I know, but I wasn't thinking. A student came and aided me by lifting up his arms and dragging him over. I thanked him and looked up to locate the wand that was missing from the boy's grip. And as I looked up I saw it. Not the dementor, but the boggart shape shifting into my most hated and darkest fear…

There stood two men: Severus Snape and the Dark Lord, Voldemort! Him, the wizards of which I hated amongst all the rest! That pale skin, and flat nose; like that of a snake muzzle. Those snake yellow-green eyes just glared at me and then at Snape, as he stood right in front of him. It was my last dream, the one I had dreamt a few nights back. But before I thought it was nothing important, though I still grew worried. This was the scene I pictured when and if Snape was really betraying the Dark Lord, and they had finally found out! And that meant one thing…

Gasps and screams of horror came from behind me, and my thoughts only skimped upon the students. My main worry was that of Severus. They both wore brown hooded cloaks, but both with their faces showing. Then, as I knew it would happen, my classroom turned into a battlefield. My eyes widened with horror and fear, as I stood there, frozen in time, just watching them. Voldemort raised his wand at the defenseless Severus and then faced me.

"You should have cooperated more, my dear. Now you shall both parishes in your own ways. Avada Kedavra!" The Dark Lord cried out. A jet of glowing green light came from the tip of his wand at hit Snape right in the heart at his chest. Instantly, Snape was pushed some ways back against the classroom and landed on his back, arms stretched out.

I gave an instant cry of pain and sorrow. I rushed over to the fallen Snape and clung onto his body, attempting him to wake. "Snape, no! Please, don't do this to me! I'm sorry, don't leave me here alone! Not again! PLEASE, SEVERUS! My friend! DON'T LEAVE ME!" A howl slipped through my lips, though I swore that would never happen, even over Snape. A second howl came from me as tears streamed down upon my face, and the painful cry turned into a scream of sorrow and anger. I now held the awful thing I dreaded the most, seeing my best friend die in front of me. Had the students been watching me, running or fetching someone to their aid, I did not care. My dream had become a reality, or at least I thought.

Slow footsteps came from behind me as well as a voice, "I never did think you would be foolish enough to try and fight me, knowing what would happen, but this is no shock either. At least we have both let go of him now, the traitor and fiend! Now we can focus on the child, you and I." He replied as I still wept onto Severus' motionless body. I turned to face him, only moving my waist up, and not my legs. Nor did I attempt to move from my spot, I was too much in shock. But all my feelings of hatred run through my veins now, and I knew it was his entire fault.

"Get away from me! I would rather die then help you accomplish anything. I will never marry nor bore your child, or anything of that matter involving that stupid prophecy!"

"Do you, now?" He asked with an angry look in his eyes and a smirk upon his face. "As you wish. I really don't need you either way, I was planning on killing you after the child was born, had you had given in to me. But I suppose I could save you the trouble, a reward this will be, for your acts upon my requests."

"I DID NOTHING!" I snarled at him, teeth flashing with my eyes filled with hatred.

"You saved my life! Snape, made sure of that. He tricked you into doing my bidding! And now you will DIE!"

"Expelliarmus!" A blinding light came from the tip of a wand, whose, I did not know. At that point I was weak and fearful and upset, but still wanting to fight. Sadly, from the light and my emotions I was knocked out. Yet, I heard that spell, and from the spell, I heard a voice, a male voice.

"Professor Moon? Are you alright?"

"I think she's coming around. That was one great scene, I'll tell you that much!"

"Give her room guys. Professor Moon?"

"I've found him! He's here. Professor Slughorn is here! There she is."

"Oh my! Dear can you hear me? Goodness, what happened? She seems like she's having a hangover! Dear Merlin! What have you been doing in this class!"

My vision improved as the voices continued on, though they did echo loudly in my head as it boomed every other second, causing me to want to kill myself.

"Oh good Merlin! Can you all keep it down? My head is aching so much, I feel like I just got knocked in the head by the hooves of an enraged Centaur!"

I placed my right hand over my head and lifted myself up into a sitting position. I notice that I lay on the floors of my classroom and my face felt red and stained with liquid. My past tears of pain.

"Here, my dear. Drink this, and take a bite out of this. It will help." I heard the old man say. After that, I heard a small 'pop' from some sort of bottle. Hoping it wasn't elf-made wine, I drank it as he held out the bottle for me. Good old Slughorn. After that, I found out it was a piece of chocolate that he offered me to eat. After that, the questions rolled.

"Sasha, what in blue blazes happened? One minute I'm teaching my 5th years, the next I'm rushing off to help you because one of you students told me you had bee killed! By the Dark Lord himself!"

"Seamus! You told him that?" Ron asked hoping his friend wouldn't yell out something like that.

"I was caught up in the moment. It was just that so much was going on. Never before had I seen him!" Seamus replied.

"Whatever happened, you need to rest. I'll go on and request the rest of the day off for you. Not to worry, Sasha, you'll be in bed in no time!" Slughorn replied as he started up the stairs. After Slughorn left, some of the students started to ask questions of their own.

"Professor Moon, what was that all about?"

"Professor, what did he say? What were you two talking about?"

"What were you saying Professor? What langue was that you spoke?"

"WHAT!" I asked more in shock then in curiosity. The last question had come from Harry Potter. And it was then I realized why everyone wasn't asking me the questions that I should have heard, or at least I hoped that wasn't the reason.

I raised my wand and shot out a single purple firecracker. Everyone rested into silence, at last.

"Good. Now that I have your attention, class dismissed. Except, for you three." I said pointed at Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley and Mr. Potter. "I want to speak with you a moment. If you don't mind?" Everyone left the classroom after I had said so, leaving the remaining three with me. I ushered them to take a seat in font of my desk, as I walked around mine and sat. I drew in a deep breath and exhaled, and in doing so, pulled my arms together.

"Now," I started, trying to find out where to start. "What happened?"

"Well, the thing is-" They all started at once. I raised my right hand. "Up, bub, bub! One at a time! Alright? Miss Granger, why don't we start with you, right after the uh… Dark Lord came up to me and pointed his wand at my face."

"Well Professor, as soon as Harry heard what you-know-who was saying he immediately jumped in and saved you from what could have been the most historical event in magical creature history on Boggarts. I mean really! A person's worst fear about to kill the person who conjured up the fear! Its almost hard to say if that creature can kill you, for many people can-"

"Thank you, Miss Granger! That will do. As much as I would like to hear your amusing theories of many other things, I believe I asked about what happened this fine day in my classroom when I was unable to render myself from my darkest fear. Mr. Weasley, what happened after Potter saved me?"

"Alright, you see, after you fainted and the boggart had fled into that trunk of yours, Hermione told everyone to stay calm, then she told somebody to get old Professor Slughorn. I'm guessing Seamus went after him right then and there. A few students were worried about you, and the rest were making sure if Harry was doing alright."

"Then you started waking up, Professor." Harry replied. I nodded, letting him know that I was aware of that.

"Well, no more secretes. You three must have your questions for me. I can only return the favor."

"Actually," Hermione started, "I do have a few questions."

"Like what, my dear?" I asked her.

"What do you mean, 'a few questions' Hermione? After what we saw, I think we should ask every question we can at her!" Ron replied in almost a shocked tone. I raised an eyebrow in his direction.

"Alright, Weasley. You seem to be fired up. Why don't you ask the 1st question?"

"Gladly." He stated. "First of all, you-know-you killed Snape, then you rushed over to Snape's body, what was all that about?"

I took a breath, "A fair question, Weasley, but not the right question, if you wanted details. So lets just say that Mr. Snape and I once had a bond between us. Next?"

"Professor," Hermione said. "Did you and Snape attend school together?" I smiled as she had further investigated, and seeing no harm in this I answered, "Why, yes. As a matter of fact we did. We were both in the same year, him and I."

"But why Snape? I mean, why did you picture him in such a state with you-know-who?" She continued to ask. I sighed and hung my head in partial shame.

"The one thing you must understand, you three, is that Mr. Snape and I had been great friends once, before he- well, joined the Death Eaters. I knew so much about him, and when I heard he turned over to the other side, it made me think about everything I ever knew about that man seem like a lie. And I guess I had a slight fear for him, about being killed. Rest assured that I would never want to help him or any other piece of filth that supports the Dark Lord, but I still worry for him; even if he did kill someone dear to me."

"So that's why you don't want us speaking about him, even if we use his false name."

"Yes, Miss Granger. That's it exactly. Enough information for you?"

Finally Harry spoke up, "Actually, I was wondering Professor what exactly you were trying to say to him. Voldemort, I mean."

"What do you mean, Potter? Was I not speaking English?" I asked jokingly. He shook his head slightly, "No Professor, you weren't. You weren't even speaking parseltongue!"

I then put two and two together. The reason why no one else helped me when I might have died; the reason Hermione only said Harry had heard what Voldemort was saying; the reason he had mentioned parseltongue.

"Ah, yes. I almost forgot you could speak the snake language, Potter. In any case I must ask the two of you to leave. Potter, you may stay. You seem to hold a great detail in my missing memory."

The two rose from their seats while taking one last look at their friend, uttering a good bye. This left only Harry and I in my office, and I could tell he was gripping his wand just in case…

"So, Mr. Potter, do you think it wise for me to ask why you don't trust me?" I asked the boy. He stayed silent as if searching for some kind of way to get out of this.

"You think I don't trust you, Professor?"

"Don't play me like some common dog, Potter. I know you don't trust me. Why is that I may have to find out myself. Unless its because I was once friends with Snape. Is that it, Potter? You never liked Snape, did you? And I'm sure you have good reason to hate him as well. Killing Dumbledore when you thought, since he was with the Order, that he would help him. Yes, Potter, I know all about the Order. Could have been in it myself once, but Dumbledore believe I should be kept in hiding, away from the war! Even though I would have died anyway… But enough about that, I want you to tell me what you heard coming from the Dark Lord's mouth."

He paused for a moment thinking, I suppose, about what I had said. But I think he knew once I asked something about today, there would be no turning back.

"I don't really remember it all, Professor. Just that he mentioned something about a child and that you saved his life. He said Snape tricked you-"

"I KNOW WHAT HE SAID!" I shouted at him. I never wanted to hear that horrid sentence again. It couldn't be true. I knew it wasn't! But in the result of my anger I slammed my fist on the desk, startling Harry. Realizing this, I quickly tried to settle my fury towards him and the Dark Lord.

I took a deep breath and exhaled. "Look," I said more calmly, "wasn't there anything else he said? Aren't you wondering what we meant once we had spoken to each other?"

"I uh, was, but I didn't understand you at all. Its like, you spoke a different language. But, I was hoping you could answer what he meant by-"

"What! What do you mean I spoke a different language? That's impossible! That's absurd! I need you to tell me the truth, not some fantasy that you're giving me! I know what I spoke, and I know I spoke English! Now tell me what you heard!"

"That is what I heard! I am telling you the truth! I heard you speak something, and so did everyone else. The only reason I could understand Voldemort was because he was speaking parseltongue!"

"Get out! I don't need this right now! Just… Leave."

He stood up and walked out of my office, leaving me in disbelief in all I had been taught and all I had thought of myself. I rushed over to my room and flopped down upon my bed. There I rubbed my eyebrows together and thought hard. Far harder then ever before, which is pretty hard. But anyways, I wanted nothing more then for every one just to go away and leave me be. But I knew that was impossible, very impossible.

A nock came from behind my door, "Sasha? Are you in there? Its Slughorn."

I lifted my head, stood up and turned towards the door. "You can come in Slughorn, I'm fine."

"Yes, well, I spoke to the headmistress and she understands what had happened, but thinks that you should be more careful about what you teach the students. Yet, she agrees that you should take the rest of the day off. Just be careful and don't try to do anything that may require any hard work. Heh, heh, unless you count grading papers."

"Thanks Slughorn, don't know what I'd do without you."

He nodded slightly and turned on his heel, exiting out the door. But he then stopped and turned to face me again.

"You are coming to dinner, aren't you? I know you need your rest, but really, you can't go to bed without a meal."

I nodded, "Of coarse! I'll be there, Slughorn, don't worry." 'I'm the one who should.' I thought to myself. 'For I have spoken something I shouldn't have. Something ancient and yet familiar.'

He smiled and left without another word, leaving me with only one question as I walked over and looked outside my window to see more rain pouring down: "How could I have spoken something that no one in my family has for generations?"

End of Chapter Nine

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