Sakura Yume

By Angelikyte Alexiel (formerly known as TrinForever)

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Chapter One: The Dream

The thunder rumbled outside, a storm passing the big city in Japan. Thus far, it had caused a power outage in one-third of the area. However, there were two people who didn't seem to notice…

A boy and girl were wrapped up in the moment they shared; collapsing on the bed as they stole each others breath with smothering kisses. As the boy's hand moved slowly up the girl's thigh, moving her nightgown out of the way, she moaned softly as she bit her bottom lip. " Oh…" she spoke softly, his touch weakening her.

The boy smiled, and slowly slid her nightgown up past her shoulders, and over her head.

" Sakura…" he said quietly, gazing into her eyes as he felt her hands move to his waistline. " You know I love you more than anything…"

Sakura nodded, fidgeting with his belt eagerly.

" And I love you just as much, my darling…" she replied breathily, as she helped him undress the rest of the way.

He smiled as he felt Sakura free him from his clothing, and he slipped her panties off gently, and lay down on top of her.

'I love you so much…'

- - - - - - - - - - -


Kinomoto Sakura moaned as her alarm brought her back to reality. Stuffing her head under her pillow, she thought to herself; 'Make that damn noise go away!' After a moment, though, she realized that the alarm wouldn't shut itself off, however, it would only grow louder and louder until she obeyed its irritating command, and get up.

" Damnit!" She yelled, slamming her hand down on the slave driver that screamed mercilessly at her. Finally silencing it, she got out of her bed, and walked to her closet to find her uniform.

'Ugh…' she thought, annoyed. 'I can't wait until I'm done with school! I hate having to wake up early almost every day of my life! All I ever do is spend time with Tomoyo and Eriol…'

Sakura sighed. Her best friend, Tomoyo, could help her with anything, be there for her at anytime, and sympathize with her over everything. Unfortunately for Sakura, Tomoyo fell for Eriol a few months ago, and since then, she wasn't quite as close to Sakura as she had been before. Now, Sakura was pretty much a lone wolf at the school. Sure, she was pretty, and there were guys that would come up to her sheepishly, asking her to go out on dates with them. But, none of them interested her. And if, by some chance, one of them interested her even the slightest bit, her brother would always chase them off. Touya was always so protective of her since…

" KAIJUU!" A voice hollered from downstairs. " Do you want to be late for school!"

Sakura growled back down the stairs, " Sakura ne kaijuu, baka!" Walking back into her room, she slammed her door as she changed into her school clothes.

'I wonder…' Sakura thought, pulling her blouse over her head. ' That dream last night…I wish it had been real…that guy was so…UGH!' She shook her head irritably. 'Don't even think about I, you baka…it was only a dream…' Sighing, she ran downstairs, and grabbed her car keys.

" Bye, Touya!" she called through the kitchen, opening the front door.

" Bye, Kaijuu!" He called back, and Sakura cringed.

" FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, TOUYA," she screamed, " SAKURA NE KAIJUU!" With that, she ran out the door, and to her car.

- - - - - - - - - -

Meanwhile, someone else was on their way to school. Walking down the sidewalk, a soft breeze went though the boy's thick, messy brown hair.

'It should be around here somewhere…' he thought to himself, looking around for the address he had written down.

'Last night…was so…' he started to think to himself, but his thoughts were interrupted when he found a driveway surrounded by stone walls. He looked at the address.

" Well, this is it." He said to himself, stuffing the paper in his pocket, and shifting his books slightly, sighing. He began to walk down the driveway, and when he got about halfway down, he heard the roar of a car approaching behind him; fast.

" What the-" he started turning around. He saw a car rushing almost straight at him, and he jumped out of the way, dropping his books in the process.

" WATCH WHERE YOU'RE DRIVING, YOU FUCK HEAD!" he shouted, recovering his dropped items. 'I should bring my bike here…' he thought. 'I could scare the shit outta a good deal of people with that thing, just by revving the engine! I'll show them!'

" God damn…" he mumbled, walking the rest of the way down the driveway, arriving at the school building.

Katakana High was one of the most prestigious High schools in all of Japan ((A/N: Yeah, I know, Katakana :sweat-drop: Don't hurt me…)) The waiting list to get into such a school was well over seven months long. But that did not deter the future leader of the Li clan. Syaoran Li walked up the steps to the school; the school that he had been determined to get into; the school that he moved to Japan all the way from Hong Kong to attend. Xiao Lang Li; Syaoran Li, had finally made it.

But…why had he wanted to get into this school so badly?

Why was Syaoran Li concerned about getting into a prestigious school, when schoolwork and grades were his least concern?

Perhaps because it was a change of heart. Or maybe a change of scenery. Maybe he was trying to escape responsibility; or avoid being held back by his family, or the Li name.

Whatever the reason, here he was, and it seemed nothing would change that.

Smirking, Syaoran walked through the hallways, searching for his first class. This would be an interesting school year.

Sakura drove to school in a hurry. Mr. Tsukishiro would send her to detention if she was late again.

'Shit!' she thought, taking a sharp turn down the driveway.

Speeding toward the parking lot, she noticed someone walking down the drive. Whoever it was panicked and jumped out of the way. She heard a blurred curse shouted at her as she drove by, and shook her head as she ignored it. 'Baka.' She thought. 'It's your fault for being in the way, anyway.' She pulled into a parking space, and made a mad dash for the school building.

"Sakura!" A voice shouted. Sakura turned, and saw a dark haired girl waving at her. Next to her was a dark haired guy, who wrapped his arms around her.

" Tomoyo!" Sakura shouted. " Eriol, hi." She walked over to them.

" So, Sakura," Tomoyo said, " You made it on time for once! Do I sense some maturity?" she teased.

Sakura glared playfully at her friend. " If you don't watch it, you're gonna sense something else!" she replied.

Both were silent for a moment, almost letting the words sink in, then, they both burst into laughter.

Suddenly, the bell rang. " C'mon, Sakura!" Tomoya said. " Maybe with a little luck, you'll get to class before the teacher sends you to detention!"

" Ugh!" Sakura replied. " Damnit!" She hurried to her homeroom, and sat down at her desk before the teacher started the lesson.

" Miss Kinomoto!" Mr. Tsukishiro exclaimed. " How nice of you to decide to join us on time today!"

" Right, Yukito-sensei!" Sakura shouted, and the class laughed as Mr. Tsukishiro huffed, his face slightly red.

" Very well." He said, looking on his desk for his book. " Oh, yes, we have a new student today…where is Mr. Li?"

Everyone in the classroom looked around anxiously, trying to see if they could spot the new kid. After a moment, there was a noise at the door, and a brown-haired boy was practically tossed into the classroom.

" Heh…" he chuckled, rubbing his neck as the door slammed behind him.

" Oh, perfect timing…" Mr. Tsukishiro sighed. 'He obviously just got in trouble…' he thought.

" Class!" he called out, " I'd like to introduce you to our new student…"

" So, what is this dream that your getting all red faced about?" Tomoyo whispered to Sakura.

" Well, it was about this boy…" she started, suddenly looking up. Who she saw made her freeze in her seat, and her heart beat race.

It was the boy from her dream.

"…who transferred here from Hong Kong; Syaoran Li!"

The boy who made her moan.

" Oh, my god…" she mumbled, recovering from shock.

Was it really him?

- - - - - - - - - -

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