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What do these numbers mean? What does any of this mean? So much was so confusing and so much I didn't understand. Someone knows what they numbers mean, but who?

"Hey Anzu!"

What now? I went into the living room, staring at Ryou and Jeremy playing a game of chess. How long have I been reading this letter for?

"Yeah, you called Jeremy."

"Oh.. right. Your friend is amazing at chess, how come I have never met him before."

Ryou blushed while I smiled. "Anyway," I turned to Ryou "I read the paper and it creates more problems and more questions."

"Let me take a look."

His eyes skimmed from letter to letter, number to number. At the end he sighed, placed the paper on the table, sat back and closed his eyes, thinking of everything he has just read.

Jeremy looked from Ryou to me and picked up the paper. "You don't mind if I look at it, do you?"

We both shook their heads. "Go right ahead. See if you can make any head way."

Jeremy's eyes scanned it over and over and his eyes rested on the numbers. "Do you have some paper and pen?

"Yes, in the top drawer of the desk. I will go get it"

Ryou looked at Jeremy "You understand the numbers."

"A little but not really, but it never hurts to try."

I handed the paper and pen to him and I watched him scrawl the numbers on the paper.

619420; 819450

"You see the semi-colon. It separates the two sets of numbers so the numbers mean two different things. Right? "

"I guess."

"Well, let's take a look at the first set." He wrote the numbers out 6,1,9,4,2,0. "The numbers go in this order and can not be changed I am guessing which means they mean something specifically in this order. You know like the first word in the alphabet is A would equal one so maybe it is a code."

He tried that out. "6F, 1A, 9I, 4D, 2B, 00."

Ryou snorted "Because we know FAIDB is a word." We all laughed.

"It was a good try though."

"Just not good enough." I said sadly. I had really hoped that Jeremy had figured it out but at lest he was on the same path.

"Let me try the second set." He wrote the second numbers out 8,1,9,4,5,0 and he tried the same concept again.

"8H, 1A, 9I, 4D, 5E, 00. Damn it."

Ryou looked over," No word I see unless HAIDE is a word, somewhere."

Ryou looked at the two sets of numbers and then a light bulb burned bright. Ryou had an idea. "Jeremy placed the numbers in two sets of three."

Jeremy did it so now the set read, 619, 420, 819, and 450. "What good is that going to be, Ryou?" I asked.

"Hold on, I'm thinking."

He said the numbers "Six, nineteen." He said the number without saying six hundred, just six. It… sounded like a date or a time. Either way, it was starting to make sense.

He repeated the number again then the next. He stopped where the semi-colon was and tried again.

"Stop Ryou," I hesitated, "Those numbers, 619 are the day that Yugi died. June which is the sixth month on the 19th day which is the 19. How can this be?"

How can this be?