Foundations of Friendship

Disclaimer: these characters will never be mine, sadly enough, all belongs to Tolkien.

A/N This Double drabble was written for the Teitho contest and is first in a series.

Threat from within

All I wanted was to see elves and I saw them.
But though I will follow mister Frodo, I did not mean to go on a journey with one.
Especially not this one.
I've never wanted that.

He is different from the others.
He isn't smiling half as much.
I have heard he is a dark elf.

Since I came to Rivendell I have learned more of elves than I wanted to know. I have learned that elves killed other elves. I have heard of discrimination of other races, and the more I hear, the more I fear this Legolas.

He is an assassin.
His knives are sharp, his arrows ever ready and he moves with the stealth of a predator.
I have heard he is from a forest so dark the light of the sun never touches the ground.

I have heard that his king locks up dwarves without reason, while he let a villain like Gollum walk free.
I have heard his father cares more about jewellery than he cares about people.

In short, I don't like him one bit.

But I have to be careful in my judgement. After all… I didn't trust Strider at first either.