Irresistible Enemy

Summary: Cagalli felt depressed when her fiancée died and her aim is to get the revenge on the man that killed her fiancée, Athrun Zala. But after she met him, will she be able to fulfill the revenge? AU and Medieval Romance.

AN : The story based on novel I read, maybe some of you know this, the title is "King's Shadow" , and I changed some parts from original. And sorry for the characters OOCness.

Disclaimer : I don't own the story also the characters

And short Bio's

-Cagalli and Kira are not twins

-Cagalli, Kira, Athrun, Milly are 24 years old

-Dearka 25 years old

Chapter 1

The blonde haired girl sitting at the horse drawn, her golden eyes filled with sadness from the pain and misery she had witnessed. Natural and Coordinator, ORB and PLANT, these two countries had been in battlefield for a long times ago. (AN: both ORB and Plant have naturals and coordinators on each country, but ORB tends to naturals and PLANT to coordinator). But 6 months ago the leader of ORB, which was her Father, had won the battle and left the PLANT in chaos. The Ruler of PLANT, King of Kira, had fled and his whereabouts was unknown.

This girl, whose name is Cagalli Yula Athha, took a trip from ORB to Heliopolis (AN: a part of ORB and ORB is the capital) to visit her father. Her father stayed at Helipolis till the situation more stable in there. She was tired with the scenery of young men had been killed and some of them taken as prisoners. What the terrible wasted of life it had been. She tried to persuade her father, told him that was unnecessary to kill innocent men, but her voice couldn't reach him. Ever since the death of her mother which is five years ago, they acted as strangers. She blamed his harsh ways for the death of her gentle mother and she won't forgive him

"I will tell the driver to stop at the next inn, mistress. You haven't had any good sleep in over a week"

A slight smile touched Cagalli's face as she looked at her young maid. She was tired, her hair in mess, her cheek was pale. The last inn they had visited had been full of soldiers and she had been forced to sleep at the couch.

"Yes Milly, please do that. We are not in hurry also", she answered to her brunette maid and spoke again, "and Milly, please call me by name only, we knew each other since we were small and I already considered you as my sister and best friend."

Milly nodded her head and smiled to her. She talked to the driver through the window and spoke to Cagalli "The driver said there is an inn a mile ahead, you will feel better after the night's rest".

Sleep, Cagalli thought. Every time she closed her eyes she saw the figure of her fiancée, sitting and talking to her. Afhmed, he was so gentle and caring to her, and they will married after the battle but, that wont happen, he had been killed without mercy by Kira's armies. She had shed many tears when her fathers told the news, but afterwards the anger filled in her heart. The name that leads the attack, she remembered it clearly and never forgave him. Athrun Zala, King's confidant and protector, he was called as Shadow of Empire. Next to Kira, he is the most wanted man in ORB and she prayed that he will be caught soon. Only when he died, Afhmed could rest in peace.

How she hated his name, Athrun Zala, everytime she heard his name her anger filled her eyes. And rumor said that he was braved and loyal to Kira, and also an excellent fighter. He and his armies had destroyed the person she loved.

After a couple of minutes, she and her maid arrived at inn. The driver stayed at the horse drawn, and they both went inside the inn. Both of them shivered, the weather was so cold as if the breeze cut their skins. They saw the servant cleaning the place, they sat on the chair and ask him. "Will you bring the hot drinks please?"

There was no answer, Milly rised from the chair, caught his arm, demanding, "Didn't you hear us? We are cold and hungry."

A handsome face turned to their direction, looking at two women, then he pulled his arm free and went on with what he was dong. The color flooded at Milly face, she was angry and shouted at him.

"Don't Milly, I believe, this man is deaf and dumb". Cagalli broke in and told her to cool down. When she did that, the man with dark haired, entered the inn, watched them and spoke " Can I be your services, ladies? Forgive me for taking you so long since I need to feed up the chicken. And like you said that man is dumb and deaf, so forgive him."

Cagalli narrowed her eyes to him "Can you provide us with hot meals and two rooms for the night?"

"Definitely, I will prepare it now." And he went on "And while both of you are eating, I will prepare the rooms. Where are you come from miss?"

"From ORB", she answered him.

"Is the situation in there so bad? I heard so many young men had been annihilated."

"Please, drop this topic, I don't want to talk about it, and could you bring us the food now?"

"Certainly miss" and he walked away from her, headed to kitchen.

They ate their meal and headed toward the bedrooms. They were shown to the rooms at the top of stairs.

"The bed is hard and uncomfortable" Milly mumbled. "And only one blanket? You will freeze to death. I will find another."

"No…" She said, "Its okay I can manage it, now go to your room you need sleep also".

Milly went to her room, and Cagalli lit the candles for the light, she moved to the bed and sleep there. But moment later she awoken by the cold air. Milly was right, she needed more blanket for it. She got up from bed and decided to search the landlord. From the top of the stairs, she could see that the fire on the fireplace almost out, and beside sitting the deaf and dumb man at the chair. She wanted to descend the stairs but she stopped when two figures entered the inn. She remained there watching them.

The deaf man no longer deaf and dumb. He got up from the chair, saw the two figures in front of him, he showed a relief expression and said "Thank God you are safe, I thought my cousin had been caught as he delivered the messages to you ."

Cagalli gasped at he saw the man with brown hair. She recognize him, he was Kira. He had been the king of PLANT at age 24, and now he was fleeing for his life. She spaced out until, the brown guy spoke.

"As you can see Athrun, we are safe. Dearka and I came here without any trouble. And have you found the ship?"

"Not here, we still need to travel before the safe passage to PLANT is ours. I need to keep you safe, Kira"

"So once again the Shadow of Empire keeps me away from the danger. My thanks AThrun Zala". Kira chuckled with a mock bow.

Cagalli gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. The King called him Athrun! She looked at him. So he was AThrun Zala, the man who killed her fiancée. He didn't look like a murderer, but then he was expert in disguise, his disguise as a deaf and dumb person already deceived her. He was tall, and his hair was blue as his eyes are green like emerald. Then the landlord came provided them with food and drink.

"Are you not joining us Athrun?" Kira asked.

"No Kira, I will check up for the two new unwelcome guests upstairs" Cagalli almost screamed at horror as he ascending the stairs.

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