Irresistible Enemy

Summary : Cagalli felt depressed when her fiancée died and her aim is to get the revenge on the man that killed her fiancée, Athrun Zala. But after she met him, will she be able to fulfill the revenge? AU and the setting around 18th century, not a modern life.

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Chapter 12

They reached their destination within four days. The inn was located near the beach, and they went inside.

"Athrun, you are here at last?" The brown guy slapped his back, he was around 30 years old.

He then looked at Milly who stood closer to Dearka.

"Her name is Milly, you can say she is Dearka's girlfriend." Athrun smiled slightly.

"And how about this young lady?" He pointed to Cagalli.

"Her name is Cagalli, Andy, and she is my responsibility," Athrun turned to Cagalli and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"Hello Cagalli and Milly nice to see you, my name is Andrew but you can call me Andy, and this is my wife Aisha." He introduced the girl beside him.

"Cagalli are you tired? Your face seems pale?" Aisha worried.

"I'm fine, only a little tired." Cagalli returned to her with a lazy smile.

"You better take a rest, come I will show you to your room." Aisha said.

Before Cagalli could protest, Athrun lifted her and brought her to the room. He then placed her on the bed and covered her body with the blanket.

"Rest Cagalli, and good night." Gently Athrun bent his head and kissed her forehead.

At midnight Cagalli woke up, she could hear the footstep outside her room.

"Cagalli! Are you awake?"

That voice, Cagalli sat up and shocked. Connile was here and came to her bedroom.

"Why are you here? Athrun told me that you went to PLANT with Kira."

"Well that was his idea not mine, I persuaded Dearka to let me stay here and wait for you all. And I cant wait to see you again," Connile smiled, "So how about you and my brother?"

Cagalli blushed at her question, "Well, I'm so happy Connile, he said that he loves me and - he wanted me to become his wife."

"I can see your very happy and I'm happy for you. It seems Athrun did fulfill my wish, I wanted an older sister." She grinned.

"You will have a sister when I'm married to her Connile," Athrun said leaning in the doorway, Connile was startled to see him and Cagalli blushed at his words. "Connile get to your bed now, we must depart tomorrow morning."

Connile obeyed him and went to her room, Athrun closed the door and went to Cagalli, and he took the glasses from the table and poured the wine.

"Did we celebrate something?" Cagalli asked him as he offered the wine to her, and she drank the wine.

Athrun smiled to her and took the empty glass from her, "We are celebrating our freedom, and also our past. Maybe I will drink all night with Andy and Dearka on the ship. I lost something dearly here, I lost my mother and my house, and yet I don't know when I can come back to this country again."

Cagalli touched his hand and pulled him to her, and kissed him gently. Athrun murmured, "But at least I didn't lose everything, I have my sister and also Dearka and importantly I have you, you are a part of me Cagalli." They kissed again until Cagalli pushed him away, "Go and get drunk then, and tomorrow you must forget about the past." Cagalli smiled at him.

At dawn, Cagalli woke up, she slept peacefully. She could hear the sound of the sea and the birds, she wished that a peaceful time like this will remain eternally, then she changed her dress and went downstairs to meet Aisha. She offered Cagalli breakfast.

"Thank you Miss Aisha but I'm not feeling hungry, maybe I'll wait for the others." She smiled.

"Well if your talking about the men, they won't wake up for the next 3 hours maybe." Aisha informed her.

"Are they drunk that bad?"

"Don't worry about them, men do get drunk once in a while. Well if you don't want to eat I will pack it for the trip."

"Thank you for your kindness Miss Aisha, and how is Connile and Milly? Are they awake yet?"

"They were still sleeping when I saw them 20 minutes ago."

"I think I will wake them up," Cagalli said.

Cagalli went to Milly's room first and woke her up, after that she found Connile's room. She could see Connile sleeping so peacefully, she smiled and woke her up gently.

"Wake up sleepyhead, its morning already and everyone is waiting for us."

"I'm still sleepy," Connile blinked her eyes.

"Come on wake up, you can sleep on the ship." Milly informed her.

Cagalli helped Connile to dress as she watched through the window, she could see the ship at anchor and saw the small boat leave the ship and went towards the inn.

"I think someone is coming to collect us."

"Maybe Athrun," Connile answered.

"Well I doubt about that, Miss Aisha told me that they were drunk and might not be awake for another 3 hours."

"Hmm, maybe he woke up, who knows? Okay Cagalli I'm ready, shall we go down..."

The door was opened suddenly as they went to shock when they saw whom it was. Impossible, he was dead! Cagalli thought. With blood on his shoulder, he pointed the gun at them.

"No Cagalli, I'm not a ghost. And three of you don't move, I will shoot the first one to move." Conrad said coldly.

"If you fire that gun now it will bring a dozen men rushing to this inn," Cagalli spoke.

"Well I already silenced the woman downstairs and I can see the sailor come to us, perhaps he can be useful for me."

"What have you done to Miss Aisha?" Cagalli cried.

"You better worry about your own safety, I locked her in one of the rooms, and don't worry she can't call for the help because I tied her and covered her mouth." he paused then stared at Connile, "Well it seems you could be useful also."

"What are you going to do with me?" Connile shuddered.

"Conrad, let her go, I will do anything you want even marry you as you planned."

He smiled at her evilly, "Yes, Cagalli, it will not change, you will marry me whatever you do. And now Miss Connile, tie Milly tight on the chair and cover her mouth also from blabbering."

With a tremble feeling, Connile did as she was told. Conrad saw the sailor coming toward the inn and spoke, "It seems we have a companion here, you Connile, tell that sailor that Cagalli was sick and she wants Athrun here."

"And you will kill him," Connile said, "I will not do that."

"Don't Connile, don't tell him." Cagalli spoke.

"You shut up woman, do as I say Connile or I will shoot Cagalli first after that Milly and you. Don't you think I can't kill her." He pointed the gun at Cagalli's forehead.

Cagalli shook her head desperately, told her not to do that, but Connile nodded her head and went downstairs.

"Did you come to fetch us?" Connile asked him.

"Yes, mistress, are you ready?"

"I can't come, my friend is ill, tell my brother, Athrun, that Cagalli needs him, and please go quickly..."

Connile was sick with fear as her body was trembling badly, and walked back to the bedroom.

"Thank you for your help lady, but you don't have any use for me," and with those words, he knocked her head with the butt of his gun. She fell on the ground near Milly. Milly saw her in horror, she wanted to scream and help her but she couldn't.

"No! Let me go to her..." Cagalli struggled from him, "You - you didn't kill her right?

"Be quiet!" He gripped her arms tightly as if he wanted to break her bones. He watched through the window and smiled, "It seems your beloved has arrived, shall we greet him?

"Please let me go, I need to help Connile."

He ignored her plea and went outside the inn, bringing her to the beach.

She saw the boat come toward them, oh no! Athrun, has received the message. Cagalli pushed him and both fell on the sand, Cagalli hit her arm on the rock but she stood up immediately. She ran toward the boat and screamed loudly, "Athrun….go back!. It's a trap!"

Then she glanced behind her shoulder to see Conrad coming to her, she continued to run and the boat was almost upon her. She felt tired and she sank down on the sand, choking for air.

She felt some arms supporting her, and she turned to see him.

"Dearka!" Cagalli stared at him strangely.

"Yes I am, now don't look back, Conrad is coming for us which is exactly what I want."

Cagalli tried to gather all her senses, why had Dearka come instead of Athrun?

"Stay still and be quiet," Dearka informed her as he turned his head to Conrad who stood in front of him, he pointed his gun at Dearka, "Where is Athrun?"

"I'm standing directly behind you. And turn around I want to see your face before I kill you." Athrun spoke coldly, his voice as cold as ice.

A moment later, Andy came to them with the gun on his arm. Conrad shocked, "You, how could you know about it?"

"Look behind you at the inn, the piece of red cloth hanging from the window warned me of danger. That is the signal from our family."

"Connile," Cagalli felt a relief, "but she is hurt, Conrad hit her head with the gun."

Athrun's face was ugly, "If you harmed her, I'll swear I will kill you with my hands. Dearka, go back to the inn and see the ladies quickly."

"We better get away from this place immediately, Conrad must have sent for some help and the soldiers will come here shortly." Cagalli tried to stand up.

"Cagalli, your arm! Did he hurt you?" Athrun caught the sight of the blood on her sleeve. He gathered her on his arms and tore away the material.

"It's only a scratch," she whispered, "I fell against a rock. Athrun, thank God you're okay, he wanted to kill you."

"Hush, don't cry I'm okay." He brushed her tears away and helped her to her feet.

"So Athrun what should we do with him?" Andy asked him.

"Kill him, if we don't do this, he'll try to chase us again." Athrun answered him.

Conrad still held his gun but before he could pull the trigger, Andy shot him right in his head. Cagalli trembling to see his dead face, Athrun arms tightened around her trembling shoulder and pressing her against his chest.

"He deserved to die….." Andy spoke to them, "If we don't kill him, he will kill us all."

Cagalli nodded her head and she saw Milly, Aisha and Dearka with Connile in his arms coming toward them. Within the minutes they were all in the ship.

Athrun and Cagalli stood on the deck, she spoke to him, "Athrun are you sad for leaving your hometown?"

Athrun smiled and placed his hand around her waist, "A little bit, but I have you now. And how about you? Do you feel regret for leaving your family and coming with me?"

Cagalli smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder, "Not at all. I don't ever regret my decision to stay with you because you will become my family, is that right?"

Athrun looked at her face gently and smiled as he nestled his head on her, "Yes you are right, you will become my wife and we will have our own family. And don't forget you promised me to give me a son."

Cagalli laughed softly, "Yes Athrun, I promise."


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