Title: Time Again

Author: Lady Starlight so kiss my ass

Summary: Harry and Hermione accidentally go back in time 20 years, to the Marauders' Era. How will Harry react to seeing his parents and Sirius as teenagers? People always say love blooms in strange places. How strange is 20 years ago?

Pairings: Sirius/Harry, James/Lily and Remus/Hermione.

Rating: PG-15, though there are times you might consider it higher.

Spoilers: Books One through Five. Sirius did die, but he came back months later.

Warnings: Obviously, there is a SLASH warning, because the main couple, the one I'm mostly focused on, is Sirius and Harry. Also, I should warn you, I really hate Ron and Ginny for some unexplainable reason. I personally think that Ron should be shot by one of Voldie's flunkies and Ginny should be eaten by her Master's snake. So they will NOT be portrayed well in this story. I warned you. There are Time-Travel warnings, and Super-powered Harry warnings (though I keep the power use under wraps) LOTS of 'sibling' love between Hermione and Harry (NOTHING ROMANTIC) and an OMC that comes in later, and plays a relatively important part. I think that covers is. Lord that's a lot.

Disclaimer: I do not own. I do not own. I do not own.

Rambles: This was beta'd! Whoot!! So my undying thanks to cckeimig. Reposted chapters One to Twelve.

Time Again

Lady Starlight so kiss my ass

Chapter One.

The room was dark, lit only with a few well-placed spells. In the center of the room was a large bronze cauldron with three male teenagers surrounding it. Two wore mischievous grins, while the third looked on with mild concern. Stirring the cauldron safely the tallest of the three, James, skimmed his hand down a time-worn piece of parchment that they were following.

"Fish fins," James William Potter said.

"Fish fins," Sirius Orion Black echoed. He handed James the fins and smirked when his friend tossed them carelessly into the bubbling cauldron.

"Salamander eyes," Remus John Lupin muttered. He would never know how he got roped into this.

Actually, he didn't know how he got roped into most things. He just usually ended up doing dangerous things with his three best friends that could get all four of them expelled, or killed. Personally, he thought the first option was worse.

It was midnight, the night before the full moon, and the three boys were standing in the Heads' Common Room, over a boiling and bubbling cauldron.

If they got caught…

"Salamander eyes!" Sirius said in a check-list voice. His dark blue eyes danced as he grinned at his irate best friend. "C'mon, Moony! This is supposed to be an adventure!" Sirius ran a hand through his coal black hair and danced out of the way of the annoyed Werewolf.

"Couldn't you have done this another time? Perhaps when the full moon wasn't the next bloody day?" Remus, the resident Werewolf nicknamed Moony, shook his sandy brown head and glared at his best friends with piercing amber eyes.

"Why would we do that?" James asked. "This way you're too tired to lecture us!"

"And by the time you're out of the Hospital Wing, you'll have forgotten all about it!" Sirius concluded.

James and Sirius had known each other since they were five. They had been best friends almost from the beginning, and after twelve years of friendship they could read each other's minds. Well, that's what is looked like to the uninitiated. Though even to James' and Sirius' best and closest friends it looked the same at times.

James scanned the page with his crystal blue eyes and sighed. "We're waiting for Wormtail now." James ran a hand through his already naturally messy raven black hair and dropped to the floor with a thud.

"Where is he?" Sirius demanded. Sirius was never one to sit still for long, and since he was already very impatient to complete the potion it wasn't a good thing to make him wait.

The door opened and a short, plump teen grinned at the three seventeen-year-olds. "Got it," he whispered; glancing to the door that housed the Head Girl and sighed with relief when he didn't hear anything from James' girlfriend.

"Good, Acid Pops." James grinned at his best friends and troublemakers. Though he and Sirius were without a doubt the worse of the four, the other two could, on occasion, be just as bad. The quartet had been labeled 'Marauders' by several of their Professors and it was a title that stuck.

"Acid Pops," Sirius announced when the suckers were tossed in. Remus stirred the cauldron and glanced at the messy potion instructions. He had a really bad feeling about this.

"Snake tongue," Sirius requested.

"One slimy snake tongue coming right up, mate!" James handed over the ingredient with exaggerated disgust.

"We need Werewolf hair." James said, reading over Sirius' shoulder. The two black-haired teens smirked at each other before eyeing their Werewolf friend.

"What a lovely potion," Remus muttered sarcastically, studying the potion again. He didn't notice the gleam in Sirius' and James' eyes. "It's not the least bit unsafe or anything. Really, who needs titles in English? Or a description of what the potion actually does, again, in English." The sarcasm was coming fast as he looked over the torn page. "Not to mention half of it is water-logged. The ingredients are beyond strange. How on Earth did you get it all?" Remus glanced up at his two friends and the sneer on his face evaporated instantly as worry replaced it.

"Oh, no! No! Padfoot! Prongs! NO!"

"YES!" They both shouted and jumped on their friend. From the sidelines Peter Pettigrew, aka Wormtail, sniggered at the predictability of the situation.

"GOT IT!" James shouted before hushing up again. "Paddy you can let him up now." James grinned at a smirking Sirius and a flustered Remus. "Yes, Pads," James told Sirius. "Moony is looking a little on the pale side. Best to let him up, mate."

"Ahh, Prongsie," Sirius whined. "I want to add the Wolf hair!"

"Too slow, mate!" James added the last of the ingredients and stirred the potion again. "Right then," he said. "It is done. I'll check on it again before Lils wakes up and then it should be cool enough to move." James smirked. "We'll see what it does tomorrow. Now get out, because if Lily finds you sleeping in here again she'll get bloody suspicious and that is never good, or fun."

"Night, Prongs," Padfoot, Moony and Wormtail said as they left the Common Room.

"Night, mates," James locked the portal and with a final glance at the cooling potion, he went into the Head Boy's room and fell asleep.

The potion let off an eerie emerald green glow all night long.

… TBC …

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