Title: Lucky That Way (1/1)

Author: Cyclone

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Rating: Aside from some morbid humor, probably less offensive than in the originals.

Spoilers: Up to Threads.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'm just borrowing the characters for a while. If anyone wants to continue this, let me know.

Summary: After losing Sam, Pete Shanahan gets a transfer.

Author's Note: Just an amusing little one-shot.

"Welcome to San Francisco," the chief said as he led Pete Shanahan through the precinct. "We've only got one inspector left without a partner."

"Not a problem," Pete Shanahan said with a shrug. After Sam broke up with him... well, he'd been expecting it, honestly, but it still hurt.

He'd just wanted to get away. From her. From the Springs.

So here he was, in San Francisco. He'd put in a transfer to anywhere that would take him.

"I gotta warn you, he's got a bad habit of getting his partners killed."

"I'm not worried," Pete grinned. "I'm lucky that way."

"All right," the chief said skeptically. He opened the door, "Meet your new partner."

Pete extended a hand, "Pete Shanahan."

The other man reluctantly shook it, "Harry Callahan."

Author's Postscript:

Well... he is. It's sorta the same logic that makes Xander (of BtVS) the perfect guy for Sam.